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Seems like the heat is increasing -- in the place we are here.

It’s because the cooling machine has been turned off to allow us to hear each other. 

So you need a cooling machine to be able to live here that makes so much noise that you can’t hear each other? That’s poor technology.
What energy is used for this machine? 


Electricity like in lightning?

Still generated by fossil fuels, oil and coal from the earth, even if it’s not necessary to do so. We could generate it from the sun here.

You’ve got plenty of it. 
You could transform the radiation. It’s very powerful. It’s radiation coming from the earth, the Rock reflects it to protect itself. It doesn’t come from the Rock, just reflects it. I told you so. 

That might make this a particularly good place to capture the radiation from the earth.

You should just put something up that reflects it, doesn’t have to be here. But it can be as easy as putting rocks there to reflect the earth’s radiation. Doesn’t need a high level of technology. 

Is that what Stonehenge was about?

Yes, it’s a ceremonial site. It’s a place with strong energy. So it had the strongest energy in the centre because energy was reflected to the centre from all sides. And it was protected from other energy, because that was reflected as well, to keep it out .

Hmm. By the stones?


A special kind of stone.

Not very. It’s a common kind of stone for the area.

But people say it came from a long way from the area, that it’s not accessible in that area.

How do they know?
It wasn’t from that far away. It was quite a bit of work to get it out and transport it there. Wasn’t that far. But putting them in the desired positions was a tricky thing.
I used to work with energy. Everybody who worked with energy knew about it.

So you visited that place during your lifetimes in Britain? 

I did.
You could gain energy and balance energy within the circle at a certain time of the year, a certain moment. You could use the power of the moon, the power of the earth -- and the rocks and stones reflected it to the centre. 
Stonehenge, Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument in Wiltshire, England. Pic  Julie Anne Workman .

Stonehenge, Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument in Wiltshire, England. Pic Julie Anne Workman.

People still try.

It’s not the same anymore as it was. The energy has shifted away from the place. You could have it again if one would put a similar arrangement up at another place. 
It’s like in the Americas, in the southern part. They built these big things to collect energy. When the energy shifted and moved, these big things didn’t work anymore. So they left and went somewhere else. Happens all the time. 
Energy is not a static thing. It moves. It needs to move to keep alive and powerful. So if you try the stones in England now, it doesn’t work. If you try the big stone monuments in the Americas, it doesn’t work. It did back then. You need a sensitive soul to find the new energy spots. 
It doesn’t need these huge things that they had in the Americas. It can be smaller, because the energy is very strong. You can collect and bundle it at these places. 
But only for a certain amount of so-called time. And then the energy has to move. People here knew, in this area. I can sense people wandering around, following energy and avoiding places where there was this other energy that got too strong, because you always have to aim for the balance.