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Aedgar's voice is indicated like this

Nerida's voice is indicated like this

We are going soon to see the whales.

Good. It is a pleasant experience. Treasure it, don't be afraid. It is a rare opportunity.

Have you ever swum with the whales?

No. It is cold in Britain.

Yes. You never lived in a place where the water is warm, on Earth?

No. I know about them, but I haven't lived there.

I traveled to these places, but not in a physical form.

But I can feel the energy of the whales. It is a good energy. Treasure it as a very good and rare experience and it will be a very good experience. Don't be scared – you might get a scary experience if you are scared. They won't harm you. They are quite sensitive.

People don't think they are very sensitive, because they are quite big.

But we know they are exquisitely sensitive.

They are – which could be part of their demise, unfortunately. They are too sensitive. They are not violent. They just take whatever is thrown at them, as you would say, which many of them don't survive.

Aspects of your so-called technology kill them.

It interferes with their brain waves. They, you would describe it as: they can't think clearly and it affects the actions they take. They are confused. It's a painful kind of confusion.

This would be the easiest way to describe it: painful, very painful confusion. That's how 'advanced' your technology is.

Yes. Brutal.

This kind of technology can't be self-centred, but it's 'self-centred', so to say, to its inventor. I know that doesn't sound very intelligent, but I have to find ways to explain.

Is there any one thing we can do to help most immediately, for the whales? What would be the best one thing we could do? If we could shut something down immediately, what would help them?

It has a lot do with your means of transportation, which is not very progressive - not on land and not on the water. It creates waves, currents, in the physical way… It's the motion, creates waves and currents, so does the sound of it. The sound is the more aggressive thing.

So these big warships…

All big ships – it's the kind of sonar they use. If you can feel this kind of sound – I'm not talking about hearing it in your sense I'm talking about feeling it on an energy level - there is an awful lot of it around and it never stops.

It's increasing all the time, because there are more and more of these means of transportation around. It's growing numbers and it never stops. There is no day or night or other cycle where you could say: "Okay, it goes from here to there and then there is a break. Then it goes from here to there and then there is another break".

Oil supertanker  Ab Qaiq . US Navy photo via  Wikimedia .

Oil supertanker Ab Qaiq. US Navy photo via Wikimedia.

It doesn't happen, it never stops.

If you have beings that are very sensitive to these waves on an energetic level, they can't survive.

You are not optimistic about the possibility of the whales surviving.

They've survived for quite a while now, under these circumstances.

And they will still survive if someone comes up with a fantastic idea – which is a very easy one, by the way – to change the energy that's required for transportation.

You have water, use the power of the water. If you're on land, you're in air, use the power of the air.
Use the energy you're surrounded with.

Are you talking about movement of protons?

[With a nod] For example…

Yeah, use what you're surrounded with and use the differences in the particles you're surrounded with, to create different energy.

Use the gradient?

The different levels of energy these things have. This will make great energy and it works in water, in the air, everywhere.

Possible Higgs boson signature from simulated proton-proton collision from  LHC at CERN .

Possible Higgs boson signature from simulated proton-proton collision from LHC at CERN.

Does it need to be a gradient between different currents, different streams of air and water? Or is it a gradient within the material itself?

It's both and you can use both aspects of it. And if you combine it, it will even be stronger. You use the gradient of the energy and you use the movement of the particles themselves. You combine these two – you have a great source of energy.


And so easy.

Now we only have to get the message to the right ears.

[Pause] I'm pretty sure there are people with open ears in the military. They are always interested in these kinds of things.

[Slow building laugh] In the military? Aah, it's going to be a very interesting time, I think Aedgar.

I'm certain about that. We will have a lot of pleasure, or fun – as you used to say. 'S gonna be hilarious. That's what Aiden would say.

Yes, it is indeed.

I think I might leave for now.

Thank you for your great effort.

You are always most welcome.

Thank you.

Talk to you another time.