Bismuth crystal complex, credit Wikipedia


We needed your help on an airplane. Thank you.

Oh. Did you?

Indeed. Thank you for that. Was that you? Did you have your first flight on a plane or did you get someone to help us?

It was me.

It was beautiful what you did. Thank you.

It was a very — how can I put it? You know we don’t get shocked any more. We’ve seen it all.

Help offered on a jolting jet. Pic by  Daniela Avila

Help offered on a jolting jet. Pic by Daniela Avila


But you would call it a little shocking to experience of how bad your technology actually really is. Very crude.

It did occur to me that somehow it was so typical of you that your first experience flying —

Typical of me?

Uh-huh, happened to be —

Are you trying to put me into a drawer?

I hope not.


But it still seemed to me, it was so beautiful that you came to help us because there was so much fear in that little metal tube in the sky, and the way that you smoothed the air for us was so superb, it showed such finesse.

There was a lot of fear going on which created more fear. Which led people to make that decision.

Indeed. It aggravated the situation.

People got into it. Everybody got into it. Even if they didn’t know about things that were going on. It was like a collective kind of feeling of fear.

People couldn’t explain where it came from in the first place. It was like everybody felt, something is wrong. Most of the people didn’t know what it was but they could feel it. And if you have this collective feeling of fear you can create a very bad experience.

That’s right.

So we had to intervene a little bit. Because we have lots of work to do.

Yes. And several people from that plane explicitly or with their body language, spoken or unspoken, thanked Marie for being on that flight as if they were expressing some --

Oh, our friend got all the credit.

They were, they had some awareness that she had helped. Even though they couldn’t see her they must have felt your energy.

She had a different energy than most of the people.


She could feel the whole energy on the plane. That’s what made her ask me for help. And we were happy to do so.

It was easy because it was all about the energy levels created. It wasn’t what you would call a poor technical issue with your poor, poor, poor kind of technology.

Very sad.

[Laughing] Indeed.

It’s using so much energy.

Mmm. For so little result.

Yes indeed. I guess some of your species thought it was a brilliant discovery at some stage.

Mmm, I have to say I thought it was, myself.

But it’s so poorly engineered. They should have thought more about it.

They literally went for the first one that worked.

Mmm, it’s true.

You create something that works. Once it works you start to make it better. That would have been the way to go.

So they are satisfied, they get greedy, they try to get something out of it. And they use these technologies for years and years and years and years without trying to make it better.

They change little things here and little things there, just to keep their greediness on the tips of their toes, because for them it’s about saving the paper with the numbers on it.

That’s right.

Otherwise they would try to improve it. Sometimes it’s not even about improving it, it’s just about making more paper with numbers on it. Creating wealth and power.

They’re hungry for power. So it’s not about making something better for the good of all of the people. It’s just for themselves.

That’s why this technology -- it’s very hard for me to call it technology because it’s all in their own little interests, in their own little world. If they would look a little bit further, think a little bit longer, taking more information in, they could have done so much better.

They still would be able to do so.

But it’s like, ‘Why should we stop it now? It’s still working.’ They only start trying to change things if they have catastrophes happening, because then they are forced to work on it by their peers and by the people.

Otherwise they would just keep it going without thinking about anything.

Well, not only do they do that Aedgar, but they actually as you know, actively obstruct other knowledge which could be a better use of resources, by suppressing the knowledge, by using money or even weapons sometimes to stop ideas coming out or being used.

Because it’s not their idea.

The main fear that they have is losing wealth while switching from one, what they call, technology, to something that’s different and maybe better.

Because someone else might have this idea and might try to exclude them so you’d better stop them in the beginning, so they won’t come and overtake what you have.

It’s all about greed in the end. Greed and fear.

Yes. It occurs to me to ask about the rulers: 'Is it so fantastic to have so much wealth and power on a planet that’s being desecrated anyway?'

They don’t think about it like that. They are of low intelligence. I think I’ve told you before many times, there are some levels of very low intelligence.

Some of them start to rethink things. Once they feel that they can’t grow energy and wisdom and these things by gaining more of the paper with the numbers on it, and more power, and more, they feel like they don’t get anywhere.

That’s when they start what they call ‘giving back’.

Most of them will always make sure they don’t give back too much because that would set themselves back. That’s not what they want to do. Some of them give more generously than others, so to say.

Because some of the others just throw little crumbs there, it makes them look better. And it makes them feel a little bit better—they look better officially. It doesn’t grow them more knowledge or energy because it’s a cover-up.

There’s quite a bit of that sort of energy and vibration around this place.

"A lot of misguided spirits around. A lot of false hopes. But very good opportunities to learn quickly, so to say," Aedgar on Las Vegas. Pic by  Scott Webb

"A lot of misguided spirits around. A lot of false hopes. But very good opportunities to learn quickly, so to say," Aedgar on Las Vegas. Pic by Scott Webb

A lot. It’s a place for the misguided or the ones that seek rapid growth of wisdom and energy.

I’ve thought a bit about how intercept people with an interest in science.

It’s not about intercepting people. It’s about intercepting the energy of these people.

Sometimes you can gain a lot by blending energy. So it’s not about intercepting as you put it, this person, because he’s a wonderful handsome man with wonderful long, blonde hair for example.

It’s about the energy of that person and what you would be able to achieve by blending it a little bit. Because that could grow knowledge and energy for both individuals. That’s what it’s all about. If you blend or add to other energies in the right way, you will eventually be able to save this planet.


It’s a very big task. There is a lot of work to do. And it won’t be easy. So time has to be used wisely. We are not so much about private lives and how to intercept them.

If it grows the knowledge and the energy of these individuals and we have bigger groups of people knowing their path, and eventually have the opportunity to grow wisdom and energy, it’s not a bad thing to do. But that’s not our general approach.

We are just trying to do it on a different level. It doesn’t have to be misunderstood as a higher level. It is a different level. Trying to do the right thing doesn’t mean that some thing, someone, or whatever you call it, works on a ‘higher’ level. We need to work on a good level.

And we all work on different levels. All of us beings have different approaches and a different, as you would call it, specialty. But as I mentioned before I’m a bit hesitant to use the word ‘specialist’ on this planet. Because —

You don’t like the company you keep. [Laughing] Yes, we’ve talked about specialists.

Being a 'specialist' is about knowing a little bit of one thing, concentrating on one thing.

And it’s not about feeling it, trying to grow the knowledge. It’s about copying what someone else thought they found out about this issue. They try to copy, because he got that thought about it, or she. It has to be right because they put it in a book.

So they all learn the same thing that originates from one or two people. Sometimes, most of the time, it’s only one. And it doesn’t mean it’s right because that person did this thing and got it done, and it worked at that moment.

Because the planet is changing constantly so are the theories. That’s how they should change.

If they stay the same all the time, it’s just wrong. Because it doesn’t work anymore.

Energy fields — everything — changes, because it’s constantly moving, evolving, expanding, shrinking again, expanding again. If you have one formula that worked at that specific, as you call it, time, that doesn’t mean it still works the same way 20 years later. If you don’t adapt it, if you don’t constantly work on it, it’s not right any more.

So that’s the problem of your education system which is not an education anyway.

It’s more like an indoctrination.

Yeah. It’s like someone trying to imprint what they think is right on all these young ones so they can carry it on.

Mmm. I’ve thought about science quite a lot over the last 20 years or so. Part of what I’ve thought about science, over this time, is that the framework of science, as it currently is understood to be science, means that a lot of my experiences and observations have been excluded from what’s considered scientific study.

And there are these parts of knowledge that are considered to be acceptable areas for scientific study because you can measure them with numbers. And if you can’t measure it with numbers, broadly speaking it’s not considered to be part of scientific knowledge and it’s not considered to be real.

Yeah. That’s the approach.

That’s how it goes.

The thing is, if they — and I have to say this — have an intelligence level that’s too low you could just call it dumb. Too dumb to figure out how to understand something without measuring it with a tool, because they’re not intelligent enough in the first place to make a tool that would be able to measure it.

So they say it doesn’t exist.

They’re just too dumb. And they’re trying to hide it. Of course.

University life. Pic by  Spurkait

University life. Pic by Spurkait

They have a very limited way of understanding things and trying to teach them.

They can’t go to the left or to the right to expand their wisdom because they will get lost. So they stay on that path and everybody else has to agree with them.

When they say, 'We can’t measure it, you are wrong', it means they don’t understand. They have this fear that everybody else will find out that they don’t understand enough to consider it a fact, as they call it, I think. ‘So this is a fact, we can measure it and this is right’.

But if they don’t have the intelligence to create things, to have different facts, so to say, and expand the whole of knowledge, what can you do with these people?

Yes. I guess that’s part of my question. So for example, in chemistry —

You have to work on different levels.


Can I give you my example?


In chemistry there’s an understanding that, there’s something called the periodic table where we have different, they call them elements, and each element, please go on —

What you call these elements, that’s only the elements you know about.

This table would be too big to put it on what you have, a wall, if you would know about all of them.

So they limit it, they have these things, and they think that’s it. Some of them think, ‘Oh, there might be something else. I might find it. I might be the one who discovers it’.

Yes. I can name it after myself. [Laughing]

Indeed. That’s for some of them the only thought.

The good thing about it is that they might find an additional one at some stage.

The bad thing is, most of them are searching in the wrong direction.

Well, there’s a connection between the elements because each one has just a slightly, slightly different, there’s just one tiny proton of difference between them.


Or their electrons are arranged in a different shell.

And it makes it a totally different substance with totally different characteristics, different colour, different ability to conduct electricity, different taste, different smell, different way of burning, all these sorts of things just by one tiny difference.


Now, that’s what interested me most about chemistry when I was studying chemistry at university but I didn’t really meet anybody else who was interested in that, in the chemistry department. I thought the connection —

They think they know it all.

Well, they did.

They don’t.

But the connections between these things and the dynamic relationship between them is surely much more interesting than just knowing about this particular one thing and when it burns or when it melts or when it freezes or what colour it is.

Well, you have understood that sometimes it’s just a tiny thing that’s different, and that it’s all related. Why does the world think that this little table they created is all there is?

It’s kind of unlimited. You change another little thing, you get a new thing. Some of them have such tiny, tiny, tiny differences that you don’t have the tools to measure them, so there won’t be a fact in the end that you can put in a book, name it after yourself and say 'I am the biggest scientist that this planet has ever seen'. The level of intelligence doesn’t allow them to look further to the left, further to the right, further up or further down. And there are different dimensions that no one talks about.

Bismuth crystal, atomic number 83 on the Periodic Table. Pic from  Wikipedia

Bismuth crystal, atomic number 83 on the Periodic Table. Pic from Wikipedia

Surely the dynamic —

It’s like a grid. That’s the closest we could explain it but it’s still different because there are more dimensions than these people think there are. That’s why it doesn’t work or only in a very, very limited way.

But there must be people thinking about these things on the planet.

There are.

And surely these are the ones that you would like to talk to.

I would love to. The thing is, they are -- how should I put it? -- kept small. So they can work down there, where no one’s interested in what they do, and the others can get all the credit for things they steal from them without understanding what it’s about.

Yes and one of my reservations about our work is that the type, the type of knowledge, the means of receiving the knowledge that I get from you, the way that we gain wisdom and expand knowledge, is considered to be outside of the parameters of science. I understand this is because the parameters of science are very limited by those of low intelligence.

If they would stay true to the name and potential meaning of science, they would try to understand.

That’s right.

But they need to protect themselves. It’s about fear. So I said before, there are things that will be discovered by children. It’s not easy for someone who calls him or herself a specialist, scientist, to be proven wrong by a 10 year old.

Mmm, but it’s a wonderful thing for the rest of us.

Well, sooner or later it’s going to happen. But they try to stop these kind of things. It would prove them wrong in any, every, possible way, so to say, and they would feel like they have wasted their whole life. And this would be the biggest, biggest knowledge they could gain in his lifetime, “I’ve been wrong all the way”. It takes courage to come to this insight, to get over this fear and realise, “I’ve been wrong all my life”.

Yes. Sometimes that’s their main purpose.

And there is this 10 year old that got it just like that.


So there are some, yeah, pretty low intelligence individuals around that try really hard to protect their status quo. That’s what it’s all about. I mean, even if you have students, for example, that might look in a different way, in a different direction, they give them bad marks to shut them up. If they can’t shut them up, you know they are too dangerous to work in leading positions because they might change it all, so they will be lured into companies. They pay them lots of paper with numbers on it.

So these companies are sure: they work at our place and we will make sure that not everything that this person finds out gets out there.

And some of them will never make it in that profession. They have to do something else. Because they are too advanced.

Some of their bosses or teachers, they don’t understand it because they have this different approach. They learned all these things that someone else put in a book, or they themselves put in a book, about being on the same life, same path. And there is this person having a different approach. 'This doesn’t work in this field. You better change your career'. Or the others that, you know, keep going, they will be locked up into companies to make sure the word doesn’t get out. Or some of these so-called scientists use them as assistants so they have control. That’s what it’s all about. Controlling. To protect themselves.

It starts, some changes are starting now. Different groups of people with different opinions start to fight what you would call the old establishment. It will take time. It’s very hard to break into the pattern. They will succeed in the end. It’s probably not easy for people calling themselves scientists sitting in these positions to learn about this but people with a different approach will take over. Well, it won’t happen tomorrow. And it won’t happen next year. But it will happen.

And we will play a role in that.

This planet needs help.