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Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Nerida's voice is like this.

We're going traveling.

It’s always a good idea to give one some perspective.

Sometimes it can help people to find perspective in their own lifetime. It gives people a chance to sense a horizon in front -- can make them see clearer.

Some people get this when, for example, they climb a mountain. Only the ones that don’t do it as a physical exercise, of course: they might miss out on that part because they’re too busy and so much distracted by all these physical things going on.

Many people can’t see that there is a horizon. They can’t see beyond the reach of their hands [reaches Marie’s hands out before him], which makes them narrow-minded, to say the least.

You could call it dumb, if you wanted to.

But for some it’s enough. They don’t put any effort in to see further, because of fear. They don’t want to know what’s beyond the reach of their hands.

That’s why when people talk, for example, about a career that is out of their reach — they sense that it’s out there, but they can’t see it. Because they see only from here [the face] to there [the hands]. They know there’s something out there and they’re afraid of it.

It’s the fear that holds them back: the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of feeling not entitled to go there.

That’s why some people spend a very limited lifetime, sadly.

For some it’s chosen to have a limited lifetime. They try to observe what’s very close around them and that’s enough.

Sometimes they are stopped in their path before they set out to reach their goals -- because they need many little steps -- to get there eventually in a different lifetime.

So they go a little bit further every time, but it would be too fearful for them to see the whole path unfolding in front of them. So they try it a little bit, every so often when they come back.

But being born again and growing up from a baby is a big effort.

[Sighs] It’s what they know how to do, because that’s the thing they experience most.

And then they take it a little bit further, as they go, they get too fearful, they leave, they come back. Next time they might go a tiny, a tiny step further. Sometimes they go to that same point whenever they come back, just to make sure of something familiar.

They are the very slow ones. It’s the way they feel comfortable with. It’s their chosen way.

It gets a bit disturbing if you realise: “Oh, this person is witnessing things close by, looking at things, knows a lot of things (but only basic things), knows it very well, but only to a very basic extent,” when others consider them a specialist of some sort.

And then they put them in a different position, where they are literally out of depth.

They sit there and they do stupid things. You can’t blame them, because they don’t know.

They never experienced it before, because they have a specialty that’s very limited. They never planned to go beyond. Someone else put them in the position.

And then they end up doing stupid things, because they’ve never been there.

And they don’t know what they’re doing.

No. They are considered specialists. You get them in all walks of life. They are chosen as specialists (funny that, specially) by the greedy ones. Specially chosen specialists — it’s never a good thing.

Too much ‘special’ in it. Because people think it is special. A misuse of words, but that is the minor problem with it.

The major problem is the actions they take. Because they’ve got no idea what they’re doing.

"A refined, confined area they can reign over", Vegetable market photo by  Siamak Djamei

"A refined, confined area they can reign over", Vegetable market photo by Siamak Djamei

Someone, for example, might be a specialist in growing vegetables in their backyard, because that’s what they like to do. A refined, confined area they can reign over.

They’ve got everything under control, because that’s how far their hand reaches [outstretches Marie’s hand].

Someone thinks, watches it, thinks, “Wow, this person grows the biggest vegetables I’ve ever seen.

‘This person is a specialist. I will put this person in a much more interesting position and then they can work for me, growing the biggest things I’ve ever seen in a different field, so to say. So they can satisfy my greed and the greed of my friends, because they’re obviously born to grow huge things”.

But they’ve been taken out of their secure backyard. They will never achieve the result everybody is hoping for, because they don’t have the knowledge in that ‘field’.

It is a field where people grow vegetables normally, but a different kind of field. And just mixing up one field with another field doesn’t help in that case.

They can’t, as they say, live up to what they’re expected to do. ‘Living up’ would have meant having grown, not the vegetables, but themselves.

And then they just go away, saying, “Oh my god, I have to come back. This wasn’t what I wanted to do. Someone else made a decision for me. I was pushed into the path. I never wanted to be there in the first place”.

Sad stories.

So the motivation of those that put them in a greater field and give them more power, their motivation is to make money? Is that the problem?

The greed —

Is that intention the problem?

It’s a problem that the greedy ones don’t understand that the person they’ve chosen to promote is not capable of doing it. They watch this person do one great thing, which is what they’re meant to do. (I used this vegetable story as an example, you know?)

So, they are chosen because it’s thought they can achieve the same result wherever they are put — which doesn’t work.

They try to collect all these people who have achieved outstanding results in very tiny areas. They collect them, they put them out there to work for them, because they understand (for some reason) “It would take more for myself to get where I want to be, to satisfy my greed,” for whatever — paper with numbers on it, power mainly. Because paper almost always, paper with numbers on it, follows power. The main thing they want is power.

Somehow they have a tiny insight, “I can’t achieve it myself — by myself or my self at all, because I’m not capable of doing it.”

So they choose specialists from all around and they put them together. They think, I’ve got the greatest team on this planet. Except that all the ones they have chosen are out of touch. Remember that one? [Reaching Marie’s hands out in front] Out of touch with their field of expertise.

Because they’re the ones that don’t see beyond their fingertips?

Yes. And they have chosen not to be able to.

They chose to learn to be really good at one thing. And then, once they think they’re good enough, when they come back, they build a little bit more onto that one.

It takes them many lifetimes on one that little step, to become good enough to go one step further another time.

Some fear to go beyond the reach of their hands. Photograph by  Annie Spratt

Some fear to go beyond the reach of their hands. Photograph by Annie Spratt

The thing about it is that it’s not only sad for the individual — it can be dangerous for everyone on the planet — depending on where they have been put.

In your profession, for example, you’ve seen a specialist.

Let’s just choose the ends that are very far away from each other—this specialist is very good in aligning toes, so people can walk better if there is a problem.

If you get them to work on a person’s eyes or even the brain, this is not gonna work. This is a set up for failure, even though you have chosen a specialist in the first place. It’s never gonna work.

Growing the biggest vegetables in the backyard, doesn’t make you a great politician, does it?


These are simple examples. I’m trying to make it easy to understand.