Puppet photo by Jared C. Benedict.

Aedgar's voice

The problem is that the people you have there on top levels, well, we could not call them intelligent. We love to call them the few ones of low intelligence. But they are the ones that you all think make the rules. You should all stick together and get them out of there.
They are not intelligent enough. Most of them are put in front and operated by a few power-hungry people, who themselves operate from the background. You would not imagine who they are because they are so unimportant. You feel like it can’t be, that this one is pushing that one of low intelligence so far. They are like puppets, put in front. They have to say what the others want them to say.
There is one person nobody really likes because he’s of very, very low intelligence. Some people like that because there is obviously no one in the background. They don’t take that one seriously because they think he’s obviously so dumb. He doesn’t act like a puppet. It’s his own ideas. These ideas are not very good but he’s all by himself and of low intelligence. He appeals to some people on this planet because he’s obviously not influenced by others.
It doesn’t mean that’s right.
But a lot of people feel like they have had enough, all over the place on this planet, of people of very low intelligence being the puppets of some greedy people in the background who haven’t got much intelligence either.
He is not the right guy. But people feel attracted to him because they can see what is actually wrong with all the others. He’s just there to give the world a hint of what the problem is. People should not believe him. He’s just there as an example. He’s got the wrong ideas — very wrong. But he does it all by himself, he thinks. And people think, they get the feeling, it is right.
It would be right if he was intelligent.
You should have a lot of these people starting to talk intelligently, not as puppets with someone operating them from the background.
You should not have this one, but he should give you an idea. That’s why some people, even some intelligent people, feel that he could make a difference. It’s not like that. They get the basic feeling of how it should be done. But it should be done by intelligent people.
Western hemisphere of the planet. Photo by  NASA .

Western hemisphere of the planet. Photo by NASA.

And all these countries on this planet have the same problems. There should be something like a wake-up call. It has nothing to do with religions, because, as we tend to say, all religions are man-made.
If someone gives you rules that this is how life should be, it’s probably wrong. Because everybody’s got a different path. You see groups that have the same interest: it could be a sports club, it could be a religious group. It doesn’t matter. They tend to go to their meetings — if it’s in a sports arena or if it’s in a church it doesn’t matter. They all look for the same thing. They all talk about the same solution. And they all can’t find answers or real success (without bribery) because they are stuck. If they don’t mix with others it won’t work.
They go to a group, they talk about the same things. They are stuck because they all have the same answers. That’s why they come together in the first place. They’re all looking for the same thing and they won’t get it where they are looking. All the solutions they are offered come from people that think the same way they do. You need variety.
If you play a game unsuccessfully and you play it for years and you all have the same ideas, you will never get anywhere. So you get some others from different areas and you start playing differently and you will get further. Because you start learning from others. Others have different experiences.
If you sit in the Catholic Church, they all have the same ideas, they’re all looking for the same thing, they all have the same path to a solution. It can’t work. And they have all the rules that have been made by humans. They were made to control large groups — to stop them from having their own ideas.
This is still the case. That’s still what they tell people in church, for example. And we don’t say it’s wrong if you believe in God, in Allah, in Mohammad. We don’t care. Nothing wrong with it. Everybody gives it a different name. Everybody looks for the divine thing — that come out of themselves actually. It’s nothing that comes from the outside.
Fish vehicle and temple at Burning Man 2012. Photo by  Steve Jurvetson .

Fish vehicle and temple at Burning Man 2012. Photo by Steve Jurvetson.

If you are on your path, if you are growing your energy, you are like a god yourself, you know? We know it’s very difficult to say this in some areas and I would restrain myself from saying it directly, as I did right now. But you are you own god or whatever you call it, if you follow your path and you grow your energy — because that’s what you’re here for. You need more knowledge to evolve to a different level.
You should start making your very own decisions. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and what you can’t do — maybe including myself.
I am just trying to give you some guidance. I’m not trying to tell you what you can do and what you can’t.