'Kakashi' by Zilvinas Kempinas. Pic by Manu Schwendener. Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark 2015.


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Some people believe that humans have been created by extraterrestrials or they have been mixed with the DNA of other beings. Is that true?

Well, you are spirit. Spirit can take any form it decides to — would be the quick answer. Because you are all spirit you can choose this human body. You might make a good choice with the body. You might make a bad choice. Next time, you say, “I’m not using that form again.”

[Nerida and Shada laugh]

And, “I’m going somewhere else as well, because there was not a chance to get on the right path and gain knowledge and insights, to grow energy.”

So you go, take a different form, on a different planet.

The problem is that a lot of your scientists, whatever faculty they’re working in, think that there needs to be a point where it all started. That’s one of the biggest mistakes. That’s because you use a wrong system of what you call time. Everybody thinks there needs to be a starting point. Why?

There is no starting point. There is no end point. The whole thing is in motion. It’s got consciousness. It’s — you call it — alive.

And you have chosen this planet. There are plenty more of these sorts of planets: some very far away, some quite close. You just haven’t got the means to find them.

So, there is no starting point. It’s a very foreign concept, we know, and thus very difficult to explain to the society here. Everybody here needs, “This is the point where it started! And that’s the way it started. And these cells or chemicals have been mixing that way.” It’s not like that.

You think someone made sculptures out of dirt? Not really.

Sculptures out of dirt. Photo by  The Digital Marketing Collaboration , South Africa.

Sculptures out of dirt. Photo by The Digital Marketing Collaboration, South Africa.

Given that everything has consciousness, you can put a spirit into a pile of dirt. That’s possible. Maybe that was what someone, a long time ago, tried to explain -- about all the spirits coming in. You can put spirit in a pile of dirt and it will have consciousness.

Doesn’t mean there was a sculpture of what you see as a human being, that came to life. It was through all these translations and tellings, from one to the next, that the meaning of what was said got lost.

It’s a spirit, going around, looking for somewhere else to go.

Spirit comes in to something: animal, plant, rock…pile of dirt, human body. Or what you call alien body. There is no start point. There is no ending point.

I know some are really trying hard to get to that ending point. But there is none. There might be an ending point to what you’ve chosen to do with this place. It doesn’t mean there is an ending point to everything.

Do you understand?

Yes. Very interesting, Aedgar.

We are just trying to give some glimpses of insight. We’re not even attempting to rock your little world here —

[Nerida laughs heartily]

— on this planet. We don’t even hint. We could, if we wanted to, but no one would understand. Because everything here needs a start and an ending point, which is one of your major mistakes, I’m sorry to tell you.

You might have had an idea about this. If you did, you are very advanced on this planet, we have to say.


Is there anything else? Or did we silence you, with that?

[Laughs] No.

I can see at least another one.

At least another one…[clears her throat]. Last one, then, for this time.

For now, you mean?

For now, yes.


So, maybe it’s in the same direction. Why do so many souls come to this planet at the moment? So many are incarnating here. We are so many people now. Why do they choose the Earth, these spirits?

They come for this experience. They have been in this environment before.

For some of them it did not work out the way they planned, so they have (as you would say) another go at it. Some of them were very successful, so they come back and try to continue.

But, it’s not that so many spirits are coming back to this place. It might seem like it.

If you were able to see the whole thing, you’d see it’s not specifically this place. It’s in all the other places, too, because there is this motion going. You go for different experiences. You try to find a path that you’ve lost and have another try at getting that specific kind of knowledge that you need to raise that energy that bit more, so next time you’re able to go somewhere else or do something else.

Because this is just that tiny little speck in the whole thing. There are plenty of these tiny little specks.

And there are plenty of much bigger places, too. And it depends.

Someone might have been in a form that you might call ‘alien’. They think it’s quite funny, by the way. It’s a cute little name.

A thoughtful gargoyle, not an alien. Photo by  Javier M.

A thoughtful gargoyle, not an alien. Photo by Javier M.

So, they have been there and they just wanna try being on this planet, in this environment: to see if this can raise their energy because they gain new knowledge and insights here, if they find the right path.

They might find out, “This is not for me. I did not achieve what I wanted," or "I didn’t get enough of that energy, that I want to create.” So, they go somewhere else.

It’s a continuum of movement. You go here, you go there, you go somewhere else. And it happens in all the places, not just here. You don’t want to lift that tiny speck out and say, “Why do all the souls and spirits come here?” Because it’s as little or as much as it is in other areas. It’s not confined space. It’s really big. It’s not a Universe, because it’s not one. There is no end to it.

People talk about eternity, and they think they know what it is when they talk about eternity or something being endless.

But most of them think it’s scary and they actually don’t have any idea what it means when they talk about it.

It means endless possibilities for some. For some, endless threats.

Endless pain. Endless happiness, as well. Endless knowledge to gain. Maximum energy to grow.

It is scary for a lot of people in this area, because they like to think about one confined space that’s got an end after a beginning, at a specific time. Which is not how it is.

So, it’s not so many coming here, it’s the same. Some choose a human body. They might have been in an animal before, in a tree, in a rock. And they thought, “Oh, interesting. I have been sitting in this rock for quite awhile. It was interesting. I wanna try something different.” So they come. Spirit chooses a body — animal, human — to roam this planet again.

Clearcut felling of old growth forest, Bugaboo Creek, British Colombia. Photo by  TJ Watt .

Clearcut felling of old growth forest, Bugaboo Creek, British Colombia. Photo by TJ Watt.

Given how many trees don’t exist anymore on this planet, there is less possibility of sending the spirit into a tree, because there are less of them available. That doesn’t mean there are less spirits coming. They just choose a different kind of vehicle, because there are not many trees there.

The variety of animals is not as big as it was before, so they have to choose what’s available.

Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

Good. This can be a little bit disappointing, if you think that lots of spirits would have come back into a tree, into a plant in these huge forests and they can’t do it anymore. They might have have lots of achievements, a happy, what you call, life time. (There it is again, this unlucky, unhappy word).

But they have to choose something else.

If they choose this place, they have to choose a human body. If they could, they might have had to choose concrete. Except concrete is mixed together of a lot of things — it hasn’t got consciousness.

Did this answer your question?

Yes, thank you very much.

It’s just a glimpse of it.


Nerida: Very rich and wonderful material, thank you, Aedgar.

It’s just normal material, my dear.

N: Every time it’s so good.

You haven’t got the tiniest of insights into the whole picture!

N: [Laughing] I know.
I’m loving it though.

You’re getting closer in tiny, tiny steps.

N: Thank you.

You’re welcome. Is there anything else?

N: I still have questions, but I think they can wait until another time.

Well, it’s your choice. So, nothing else?
You’ve got enough to chew on.

N: We give you our love and appreciation.

Thank you, my dearest friends.

Shada: Thank you, Aedgar.

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