Cloud Formations Pic by Arto Marttinen


Aedgar's voice is written like this

Amy and Nerida's voices are written like this.


Amy: Aedgar, do you have any advice for me at my job? I get very weary at times. Is there any advice that you can give me to keep my energy up while I'm still at this job, here?

Try, while you are here, to get rest whenever you can. Try to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, without getting too carried away with groups and political kinds of things.

Amy: That’s true.

Look at the stars at night, the formation of clouds, colours.

A: Hmm.

These are things that will give you energy back.

A: Okay. Thank you.

You always had this — how should I put it it? — tendency to love these things. Some people like, hmm, big, fast cars… Big buffets where everything’s for free.

[Amy and Nerida laugh]

You do like to look at these things. You try it sometimes. But you get bored quickly. But, as a child, you had this tendency. You could never get bored looking at formation of clouds —

A: Yeah.

—seeing animals, buildings, people in them.

A: [Whispers] Wow! I did!

Enjoy these kinds of things. Remember it. This will give you energy. You always loved it. But there are times when you forget about it —

A: Yeah.

— because there is too much going on around you. Stay out of these things.
Learn about nature, simplicity. You might get ideas, when you look at these things, about how you can simplify (they might call it) work-flow or something.

Beauty in simplicity. Photograph by  David Marcu .

Beauty in simplicity. Photograph by David Marcu.

Amy: Yeah, probably.

Which is stupid. Doesn’t flow.

[Amy and Nerida laugh]

Waters flow, rivers flow. Work doesn’t flow. Most of the time it gets in the way of people’s lives, you know? It’s just a necessity to make the paper with the numbers on it, which is ridiculous.
But that’s the times you live in, even if it doesn’t really exist, the time…
But you need to refer to it, at the moment, to make sure that other people know what you are talking about. They need these measurements and references.
You can learn a lot from nature and you know it. You’re very good at observing, once you come down from this height of being carried away by all the things going on around you, that you should not pay attention to. Because that does not take you any further.
All this knowledge, all these ideas, will come from you.
It won’t come from copying someone else.
You do have quite a few people around you that try to copy others.
‘Copy this part from that person, copy the other part from this person. And then, I will be perfect.’
Nah, you’re not. You’re just a copy. And not even a good one.
You know what I mean?

A: Yeah, yeah, I do.

You’ve got it in yourself.
(And I wasn’t talking about you personally when I said these ‘copying’ things.)
But these are some of the examples you have around you.
If you observe them a little bit, it’s very easy to see. ‘Oh, this person! She’s just too nice for this world! Too friendly, too open-minded, open-hearted. Maybe I could steal a little bit from that person, to cover up for my bad sides.’

'All this knowledge, all these ideas, will come from you.' Pic by  Jonathan Simcoe .

'All this knowledge, all these ideas, will come from you.' Pic by Jonathan Simcoe.

[Amy and Nerida laugh with recognition]

Does not work!

Amy: Yeah.

Makes them a very cheap copy and it’s just on the surface.
And if you just blow at it, it’s gonna fall off.
Because they can’t hide the true self.
So just ignore it.
You can intervene if you can see that something or someone is in danger. But not too much, because you might stop them from having a learning experience.

A: Yeah, okay.

So if there is something going on over there, we would say, let them have it. If someone comes to you, personally, seeking help or relief from something, that’s different.
It’s about staying out of, almost fights, that have nothing to do with you. Understand?

A: Yeah.


[Sound of a helicopter flying overhead]

Noisy place.

Nerida: Yes.
They’re off in their flying machine to see the sunset.

Oh well. You wouldn’t be able to see over the edge, would you?
[Nerida and Amy laugh]
Doesn’t sound like it would be able to go high enough for that.

N: No. Not at all.
We’re happy to be on our lovely planet. I’m happy to have my feet on the ground, right now.

'Nothing wrong with a new experience.' Pic by  Patrick Tomasso .

'Nothing wrong with a new experience.' Pic by Patrick Tomasso.

Amy: Mmm.

But there is nothing wrong with changing this, now and then, for new experiences —

Nerida: That’s right.

— because that means you’re expanding your horizons to gain knowledge, which makes you grow energy for yourself and your surrounding. That’s what it’s all about.

N: That’s why we’re here.


N: So we’re not here to struggle with our bodies and try to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us?

[A small sigh] It’s kind of a necessity —

[Nel and Amy laugh]

— just a necessity in this time and space to get around, to have these experiences. You would need that body on this planet.

N: Right.

We can go wherever we like.

N: You don’t need it.

We need to use a body to be able to talk to you!

N: And we thank Marie for that.

A: Hmm.

We are pleased!
But if we wanna travel, we don’t need any of your backward machines, my dear.

N: Not even a body.

And we are very grateful for that.

N: Mmm. [Sigh] We’ll get there when we grow up.

[Softly] Yeah. Few more lifetimes.

[Nerida and Amy laugh]
N: Yeah, thank you for the encouragement.
[They laugh some more]

You’re welcome, my dear.