'Trapper Boy', mining a mile underground, West Virginia 1908, US Library of Congress.


Aedgar's words are written this way.

Nerida's voice is written like this.

They are trying to dig, big holes, about half a day's travel away from here. They are very close. And they are trying to extend it, because in their opinion, it will be very successful. But it’s just another opportunity, that they think of, to deprive the Earth.


So we may be involved in some protests, demonstrations? However people can express themselves?

It will take a major disaster, unfortunately.

To stop them?


I’m sorry to hear that.


It will hit the right people.

There will be protests, but it won’t help. It’s going to be too ‘successful’ in the beginning. They’re going to unleash the powers of the Earth.

And they will pay for it.

Are they mining uranium, is that what you mean?

They will try to dig something out that they should never touch.

It’s yellow stuff?

'Glory Hole' mining. Photo by  Ludowingischer .

'Glory Hole' mining. Photo by Ludowingischer.

No. Bluish colour.


It has no smell.

It will have powers that they will recognise too late. Far more dangerous than anybody could think of.

It’s like a different kind of radiation, a kind that’s unknown so far.

It sounds very dangerous for this place in particular.

It’s not dangerous if you don’t touch it. If you leave it where it is, it’s not dangerous. It’s something that was created during that kind of ‘volcanic’ event. It’s not known, so far. It will change when it comes up to the air. They have the idea that they just dig it out and then they will find out what they can use it for. Which is a very bad idea.

Long pause.

It’s about half a day travel, to the south west.

Near the community Marie and I have visited?

I don’t know this place.

[Thoughtfully] South west.

There are no people there at the moment. I don’t think there is a settlement around. They will start one of this artificial kind, but it won’t last.

What do you think about the mining that’s happening on this continent already, with these artificial towns and large open pits in the Earth, or deep holes into the Earth?

Well, it’s depriving the Earth, but, it’s an opportunity for people to use large areas of this island. They should try irrigation systems to change the area, not depriving the Earth and taking everything out.

The abundance of minerals is there for a reason; it’s about balance. It’s not stored.

It was never stored for future generations of humans to take it out and use it to 'save time'.

Open pit copper mine in New Mexico, USA. Photo by  Eric Guinther.

Open pit copper mine in New Mexico, USA. Photo by Eric Guinther.

It was never meant to make some people very rich, in taking the land off the owners.

It was never meant to be that way.

Is it true that the Earth is created by human intention and human desire?

[Slowly] It’s partly — a similar thing to that.
People think it’s very complex. It’s not.

The way the planet is created is not complex?

It wasn’t in the beginning. It has evolved. Cooling down, heating up again: oxygen was generated.

Plants and animals arose in the way that science sees it — simpler organisms evolved into more complex organisms?

They have an idea. It’s not exactly how it went, but they have an idea. It’s not all that wrong. But they think they know it all.

Well, the best scientists know they don’t know it all.

But it’s never the best ones that get listened to. It’s always the ones that think they are the best — they have to make up for lesser knowledge by making more noise.