Ringed hands clasped. Photo by Désirée Fawn


Aedgar's voice is written this way.

Emilia's voice is written like this.


Can you tell me about Stefan? Am I wasting my time?

The name is?




Mmm. We think he might have been waiting for someone like you. We think he has played around quite a bit -- which made (what they would call here), the good girls, try to stay away.

He was trying to keep himself free for that special person that comes along. We are not, as you would say, a hundred per cent sure it is you. But maybe ninety-seven and a half.


He’s very excited that he’s met some related free spirit, sort of.

Sort of? Related free spirit?


You mean he feels a connection?


Even if I'm a free spirit?

Free spirits. Photograph by  Seth Doyle.

Free spirits. Photograph by Seth Doyle.

Because he has been the same. He was trying to stay available for that special one. Even if he had some distracting detours: up and down, sideways.

I would say he’s on one of these at the minute.

We think he’s got family business to do. Things that he’s expected to do. His heart is here. It’s not where he is.

Would his family be supportive of us?

They would be eventually. It would take a little bit of getting used to -- because they had this picture in their heads of how a perfect other half should look, and act.

They are a bit scared of you.

Scared of me?

Yes. The male family members are a bit scared of you because you would do things that they can’t even think about.

If you don’t know much because you’re shutting yourself off, imagination can run wild. This would be an issue. They’re kind of scared of you because they made up a wrong picture. It’s their fantasies, their imagination.

If they knew that you have these four other, very free, spirits around you, [her children], if they tried, if they would just try to understand, they might get a picture that’s more true.

Photograph by Joshua Munoz

Photograph by Joshua Munoz

How does his brother Tiny feel about it?

Name was Tiny?

Tiny. Or Anthony, is his real name.

Rather supportive. Quite fond in some ways. He likes that there is someone who would help you fight. And would be with you in very happy and exciting times, or if times might not be as good.

Humanity learns from these fights. They learn from disagreement. The more intelligent ones do.

Some just want to go through with a plan and they don’t understand why no one else supports them with their plan. They can’t see or sense stupidity -- which is quite widespread, if we talk about the old world.

It can be widespread in this area as well, particularly if someone tends to listen too much to religious rituals.

Because all religions are man-made. They are there to keep people down, keep them controlled, while exploiting them.

Some people just follow blindly, and they have this idea in their head that they are doing the real thing and a good thing. But actually, it’s some rules that a person may have made recently, or hundreds of years ago. If you would look in this book of collected stories that they think are the rules, there were truthfully stories that happened.

Nice stories?

Yeah, they were mainly stories. But they were told from one to the next and everybody who heard it thought ‘Oh, it’s interesting -- but it could be a bit boring as well. Maybe I’ll add some other things.’

So the longer it went along with people conveying this message the more excited they got about what the story had turned into.

Colourful stories. Painted hands, probably at Holi -- A Hindu Spring festival. Photo  Lenny Miles .

Colourful stories. Painted hands, probably at Holi -- A Hindu Spring festival. Photo Lenny Miles.

If you take this story, this very colourful thing, that has nothing to do with how it started in the first place any more, and then you try to translate it into different languages, things get edited, some things are lost: that’s what they call their book of rules and stories that they follow.

No one in their right mind -- if you would explain it to them like this -- would think these are good rules to follow.

There were times when many people could not read and write. So they all listened to someone talking about these stories, adding their own rules to it, like any different religion has done.

It was different then. People couldn’t prove whether what that person was talking about was actually written in that book, because they could not read.

Church congregation. Photo by  Josh Applegate .

Church congregation. Photo by Josh Applegate.

This can blind a whole population. If you have something or someone who says, ‘This is very bad, you’ll get punished. You didn’t follow this rule!’ they don’t think about the whole thing much, because they are scared. That’s what controls them.

That gives the people of religion control over the population.

So some of the family of the one you asked about, before, they believe in this.

They’re working hard, so they don’t have the time to have a closer look or to think properly about it, like, ‘How could this be, why is it that way?’

They just haven’t got the time. So they go there, a lot of them, to be seen to be there, and follow everything.

There are some of them who will go there just to have a break.

Some of them will go there just to be able to sing as loud as they want.

Some of them just want to eat. That’s all there is.

Yeah, that’s right.


You’ve got the full support of the other two you asked about.

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