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Aedgar's words are written this way.

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It’s a big problem nowadays, people eating too many sweet things. It harms their health.

I told you before. Don’t take too much of things. Everything that is out of balance is not good for you.

Mmm, well.

Everything. It applies to everything. If you have too much of something it is not good for you.

It’s about balancing things.

Yes. Too much wealth, very bad.

Tell me more about that.

It changes things. It changes the view of a lot of people. It changes their view of the world around. It makes them, one would almost say, mad about things they are surrounded by. It changes their focus.

They only care about their wealth: to make more or to maintain it. Grow it bigger.

And if they want to grow it bigger or maintain it, they will fight.

Unexpected wealth will change people dramatically. Photo by  PublicDomainPictures .

Unexpected wealth will change people dramatically. Photo by PublicDomainPictures.

Perfectly peaceful people, if you give them unexpected wealth, it will change them dramatically. They start fighting. Just to maintain it.

If they lose some of it, they try to get it back off someone else. That’s why too much wealth is not good for people.

Imbalance is the main problem of everything. The body, your surroundings, everything.

You put too much nutrient in the soil, it’s going to spoil your plants. They might grow bigger than ever, you use them, it will make you sick because the body can’t handle it. You get too much of some things. Because the plants get out of balance as well. It is not better to have more of something.

Even the animals that we eat, we feed them food that’s too rich and then if we eat them --


 -- it becomes harmful.

Yes. You feed them things that make them more fat, or less fat, it doesn’t matter. You feed it and it gets out of balance, you will get out of balance using it.

Because you make it that way, you eat it, you have to have the consequences.

We have this practice of intensively farming animals, keeping them in cages to fatten them. Does the fact that the animals don’t get to move around make the meat harmful to us to eat?

It’s not about harmful. It’s not healthy. If animals are not healthy, you eat them, you are not healthy.

If you have too much of something it is not good for you. You need to have balance. Balance is everything.

It's all about balance. Photo by  Myles Tan .

It's all about balance. Photo by Myles Tan.

People say 'You eat too much meat'. Or 'I only eat vegetables.' Or that one only eats grains.

It’s not balanced. It’s bad. Because by having too much of something you have a lack of something else. You need to keep it in balance.

Too much of something makes you sick. Too little of something makes you sick.

So some have a choice in what kind of disease they want to have. 'I love this sugar, these sweet things, I’ll have a lot of it. It makes me happy in the beginning, I want to have more. Because I had too much I don’t feel happy any more. If I take it next time, so I need to have more of it because I want to feel as happy as I was the first time.'

It is not going to happen. You need to keep it in balance.

If people say, this is not good for you, for example, meat, then you think 'Oh, it’s not good for me, I won’t have it at all.' You’re out of balance. You can have less of it to keep the balance.

But if you go to another thought that could be considered extreme, you’re getting out of balance. The body is missing something.

Every one of you is different. Some, to have the balance, need have more, it’s just an example, meat. Less vegetables.

Some, grains keeps them healthy, full of energy. You take the meat away, you give them less grains and the same amount of vegetables, they won’t be healthy any more. There is that part missing that this type of body needs to be maintained on a healthy level.

Others can work on a balanced level having, for example, less meat, more grain, less vegetables. It depends on the area you live in, the way you live, the way you move.

These things influence how your body can work with nutrition. It needs to be in balance to stay healthy.

So some people do different things than others, live in different areas — they are more likely to have a better balance with less meat, less grain, more vegetables.

You go to a another area: here they need less vegetables, more grain and even more meat. There is no recipe that is right for everybody. The world needs to understand that.

Someone gets up and says, if you eat this, this is going to cause a very bad disease. Yes it might to this person, or to the people that person knows because they all live in the same area. If you take it somewhere else, it’s not the truth any more.

This could be someone that, as you would say, operates on a high level. Many people think this person knows it all. But this person is working with a pattern that only works in a particular area.

Do you understand?

I do.

Good. I used the example, you know, of nutrition. But it’s true with everything.

And listening to our body and spirit will help to guide us to find the middle way.

Yes. That’s why tribes used to have a certain culture. It applied to this group of people and the area they lived in. It was harmonious. It was in balance.

When people started to copy others they got out of balance.

'It was harmonious'. Pic of Native American dancer's beadwork and bells by  cindysmixingbowl .

'It was harmonious'. Pic of Native American dancer's beadwork and bells by cindysmixingbowl.

If other people come in from somewhere else and say to them, 'This is how you have to live, this is what you have to do!' they get out of balance, they get unhealthy, they get upset. Even angry. They start fighting each other.

Because these ones live with their rules, that work for them. They try to impose everything they have and use it on this other group, and it doesn’t work for them.

So they start fighting each other. Things are out of balance.

When some people try to get power over others they deprive them of what they need.

Because somehow they know that this group of people, you know, won’t be happy with what they put onto them: This is how you live, this is how you eat, you drink, you move. And they already know, or at least have the feeling, it won’t work. Because they are different.

People live in different areas and this is how it applies: There's completely flat land, coastline, for example. Then these other people, they live in the mountains.

They climb around in the mountains because this is what they do. They go hunting, gathering or that’s what they did, hunting and gathering. That’s their life, they could handle it. Someone says: He has been climbing this mountain, he’s a true hero.

So now with this weird technology that you have, someone on this flat area on the coast gets the message: If you want to be a true hero you go and climb that mountain. Well, this person would be lucky to survive.

It won’t necessarily make them a hero because that’s not what this person was made for, or what is healthy and in balance for this person.

They try to copy others. If they do succeed, they will still need the help of the ones that live there and are used to it.

'They'll need the help of others that live there and are used to it'. Photo courtesy  Anton Murygin .

'They'll need the help of others that live there and are used to it'. Photo courtesy Anton Murygin.

Then if the ones from the mountains come down to the coastline, they are not used to that either. So if someone says, 'This one can swim and hold the breath, go underwater, and get that fish out there, he’s a real hero.'

Then that other one who comes down from his or her mountain and tries to do the same thing will be lucky to survive. They would need the help of the ones that live there. And will never be a real hero. Because they do things that are out of balance.

We choose our bodies and the place that we’re born.


So we choose the body we have and the place we’re born into for a reason, to learn about that particular circumstance.

You want to have a different experience, because that's how you’ve grown all your energy -- by learning and gaining more knowledge.

But the person who comes down from the mountains to learn, to swim and dive in the water, might be trying to grow their energy by gaining knowledge that way.

Well, they might have a fast learning experience, as we call it.

Nerida laughs.

Because what they have chosen to learn from in the first place was to be there.

In the mountains with those mountain people.

Yes. They would get back with some of them. Otherwise they are misplaced.


Marie and I have chosen lifetimes this time where we travel all over the world.


And that was our choice.

That was your choice. You wanted to have, how should I put it, so that you will understand?

You wanted to have a glimpse - because that’s all you’ll get -- of everything, of as much as possible. You want to be able to go deeper into some of the knowledge, but you’ll get something like an overview.

'This is where I’m standing, that’s what I’ve learned, I could learn more if I go there, I could learn more about this if I go there. I could learn more about something else if I go out there. So what do I need to learn next to get to a different level, to grow even more energy?'


It gives you more of a choice, if you decide to come for another time.

Yes. And allows us to spread the word, so to say.

Yes. Because you can have a little bit of access to bigger areas. Because you have glimpses from all of these areas.

A little door into each one.

Yes. It’s more like these doors that they use for their pets, little doors in the doors.

Too small a dog door. Pic by  StockSnap .

Too small a dog door. Pic by StockSnap.

Nerida laughs.

So don’t get too excited.

Oh you keep me humble, I can see that. [Laughs] Thanks.

But you’ll still have a better idea than many others. If that makes you happier.

[Laughing] Thank you, Aedgar.

You’re welcome my dear. Is there anything else we could help you with?

I looked after a lady who didn’t have enough salt, this past week. She was in a critical condition for a few hours. I appreciate what I learned from looking after her.

The one that’s learnt most out of it is herself. She’s another one that came from one area, but wanted to live exactly, do exactly, what the people here do. Trying to get an intense experience. Wanted to get the maximum out of it.

She did.

Yes. Well, she has learned that you need to keep things in balance and that too much of something will get you out of balance.

She drank too much water.

Yes. No matter what it is, if you have too much of something it gets you out of balance. Some people have the idea, you can never have too much water, especially in an environment like this.

They have to learn to keep balance.

And it’s not necessarily true that you can extend the time you stay out there in a very harsh environment by having too much water. It won’t help. It won’t make you able to stay out longer and have more of it.

In a place where you shouldn’t have been anyway --


 -- at that time.

Wrong time. Wrong place. If someone’s not used to this environment they shouldn't go for what they think is the full experience. You are not ready to have it.

You can have a little glimpse of it. You want more than a little glimpse? You’ll get out of balance. And sometimes you learn a lot very fast. So she has learned quite a bit.

Did Spirit beings or guides have anything to do with her learning experience?

More or less. We are always happy to help, if you know what I mean.

You want this experience? You ask for it? We’ll give it to you. They are very helpful that way.

Well, I guess we’d better let our friend come back now. Even though I enjoy your company very much.

We are very pleased to hear that and we are very happy to talk to you, as always. You know that, don’t you?

I hope you’ll come back again soon.

And as I say, we are never far away. In your understanding.

Thank you dear Aedgar.

You’re welcome my dear. Talk to you another time.