Photograph of river delta, Poland, by Curioso Photography.


Nerida’s words are written like this.

Bartgrinn’s words look like this.

Is this pressure Mari’s feeling physical or psychological?

Both. You can’t separate these things—not in the life-form you are in.

Yes. Is it about the pressure of the family? That one we feel pressure to care for, perhaps?

[Deep breath] There is quite a power of that, yes. There are some other things coming from further away, geographically further away.

This, all of it, has an impact on her that is so much bigger than you ever imagined. You don’t have the capacity to understand how big it is.


You understand?

I believe you, yes.

You have been on a path. You were meant to be on that path. It took both of you a very long time to get on it. You are, kind of, veering off. You should stick with that path, or at least, get closer.

Yes. Do you have some concrete suggestions of what we should do to stick with the path we’re on?

You know your path and you know what to do. You would both know what to do if you would listen, listen to your intuition, your thoughts, and accept it, even if it might not be the one thing that you’d want to hear.

This is something that applies to both of you.

Turmoil. Painting by Mel Simon.via Pixabay.

Turmoil. Painting by Mel Simon.via Pixabay.

Even if both of you have the best intentions with a decision we are not sure if your linear biological body is up to take all of it.

Because the heart, the spirit, the body, and the soul can’t be separated. It is all one. Unfortunately, in this lifetime, nothing of it really works without the vessel it comes in.

Well, you can try switching on and off lights, moving coins around with a lot of effort. That would be the most you can do if you don’t have the body.

You should take better care of the body: the both of you.

We are not saying that any of you is sick, or have a terrible disease. But wrong decisions, an unhappy spirit, a heavy heart, can do a lot of damage. It can wear hot on a body.

Do you understand, my friend?

Yes, I do, thank you.

We think we told you before: if something is too hard, it is then to be considered that it’s taking you off your path. If you put an awful lot of energy in it, you can get it, sometimes, to go round the corner and back onto the path you’re supposed to be on. But it will take away a lot of energy.

It will give you, of course, different experiences. It broadens your horizon with whatever impact it has on you in this lifetime. It is always a goal you came with to learn as much as possible. But the other thing is, you have chosen a special thing you wanna achieve by being on your path.


You should not see the path as a single line or way, like the way you use with your transportation. It can be as wide as a river delta, that has different kinds of streams. It’s almost like a net: that connects and goes away and connects again. [Shows widening and narrowing with hands].

But the main direction of it is the same. Sometimes it gets wider and then it narrows down again. It would need more power to push through a narrowing, a gap between rocks or mountains.

Powerful water. Pic by  Patrick van Stee.

Powerful water. Pic by Patrick van Stee.

There’s a squeeze through. And then it widens again into something that flows more easily, but slowly. If you focus, you can get much quicker into the direction you want to go.

If you take in all the suggestions and create an easier flow in a much wider area, it will be a lot slower getting to your achievements.

If someone is, in your time—which we consider non-existent—at the beginning of a life, it doesn’t matter how slow it is, at the beginning. You can take in all these impressions, suggestions and learning opportunities from a wide range.

Once you have learned and taken in some of these things, you can go a bit faster. And if you go faster and you narrow it, you’ll have a lot more power.


You understand?

Yes, I do. Thank you.

So, if you widen your horizon at the moment, or your path—it’s actually not a path, it’s just the nearest word we can use, for you to understand—


If you stay on your path and take in more than you should—we can’t say more than you ‘should’ either—but if you take more in because you have that feeling that you need intense learning, it slows you down on your path.

It can make your energy grow faster because if there are some experiences that are not so pleasurable, you will learn faster. But even if you learn all these lessons on the side faster, you still move a lot slower through that whole area (we might call it).

This ‘area’ can be a part of your lifetime.

Aerial view of a wide-ranging river course by  Curioso Photography.

Aerial view of a wide-ranging river course by Curioso Photography.

This river delta is like, in what you call your time, ten years. Maybe ten years, rather than the one year it might take when you narrow it down and go through faster.

This is what your life is made up of, all these wide river deltas narrowing into high speed channeled water—like a canyon, like a mountain gap. With lots of pressure and power it goes through there; whatever’s in the way doesn’t matter. It has so much power.

Some of that power is regained in a canyon after being dispersed while going a lot slower.

‘Go with the flow’ some people say. You can, you know, then you bundle it up again to build up more speed to go to your next station. Or to your next decade of life, for example.

You understand me?

I do. It’s a beautiful image. Thank you. I conclude that we will be saying no to caring for that relative in this life.

We don’t think that this would be what you have to do. It would still be your decision.

But if it appears too hard, if you get too many things attached to something, then that means it widens it, it slows everything down. And if pressure comes from one side only you go in a different direction.

And it will take a lot of energy and effort to go around this corner, to get back to your main direction.

We don’t say you can’t do it.

Yes, I understand.

You can do everything that you put your attention to, and if it’s meant to be, as some say, or if it’s part of your path of learning, of growing your energy: the way it comes to you is easy.

There are some things where you can’t find out whether it’s going to be easy or if it’s going to slow you down so much or push you in one direction so much that you can’t make it back onto your path. It’s hard to say this in advance, to feel it, to know what’s coming.

But sometimes you’ll get a little hint: if things are so difficult that you get problems from all sides attached to it. Some things make you feel all is lost, whatever you do, and then there is suddenly something that makes you feel, ‘Oh my god, it’s so easy.’

We don’t like that ‘g’ word. It’s just an expression that’s used here.

Suddenly it’s all easy. Suddenly, it’s all laid out in front of you and you can see, ‘There is still my path. It might be slower, but there are opportunities to learn, as well. It widens, it slows down. But it’s still there.’

So there is not a one-sided push that pushes everything out of alignment. Do you understand?

I do.

If you have something that’s difficult and there is that ‘ray of light’ coming—


— and it all seems like, ‘Oh wow, it’s all falling into place,’ then there is an option.

Yes. Thank you.

That’s why we would not say, ‘It’s just a ’No.’

You’ll have to wait for that. If this is not happening and there are more and more things getting attached to it and it all comes from one side and you feel like you’re pushed to the other side then you might consider changing your thoughts about it.

With your energy, we think you might be at a point now where you could see what’s coming and what’s not.

Okay, so we should each try to listen to our own intuition.

Listen to your intuition. Listen to how you feel. We are talking about you right now. Wait for that ray of light, my friend.

‘Wait for that ray of light, my friend.’ Photo courtesy  Melissa Askew .

‘Wait for that ray of light, my friend.’ Photo courtesy Melissa Askew.