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M'Hoq Toq's voice is written like this.

Nerida and Erin's voices are written like this.


Nerida: Is there somebody close to you that you would like to understand better? He only needs a first name.
Erin: [To M’Hoq Toq] The name’s Kerry.

One of the distractions — not in a bad way, but a bit of a distraction. You will be able to handle it, once you have a clearer mind. You did have a previous life that you spent with that person — siblings.
Not far from here, actually.
It didn’t go, then, the way that both of you planned. You try to block out a lot of past experiences that could be helpful -- because you learned a lot back then — because you didn’t like the outcome. It was planned to be in a different way. It didn’t last as long as it could have.
So you will have a new chance now.

"You will be able to handle it, once you have a clearer mind." Photo by  Volkan Olmez.

"You will be able to handle it, once you have a clearer mind." Photo by Volkan Olmez.

You have a new attempt with that person to make up for other things that happened. You felt like your support for your sibling in that previous life was not good enough.
It’s not true. Your sibling just decided to do something different — which was not the way you had planned it when you came back to meet up with this person again, to be your sibling.
Sometimes it changes, what people have to learn.
Sometimes people don’t have to stay around that long because they have already learned what they had to learn or what they came back for. Do you understand, my friend?

Erin: [Tearful] Yep.

So this — I might call it encounter, for now — you both still have to learn a lot. This would translate to the idea that you have more time. We don’t believe in time. None of us here does. But, in your world, it would translate to having more time to work things out.
You should forgive that one, that — when you were siblings — changed their mind and went down a different path. Because he had learned already, back then. It was not your lack of support that made this happen. It was a change of plans. These things happen a lot. They can be disturbing, especially if someone chooses to have a very fast experience in learning to get out of something.
So, there is something different to learn now.
Coming back in a different body, as a different gender this time, might help too.
You would have quite a way to go to — we would call it — educate each other.
Gain more wisdom.
You should not be too distressed if that person now decides to go a different path again in the future. It has nothing to do with you personally. Nothing that happens is your fault. It’s always (we call it) the personal decision of an individual to have a different speed or way or style of gaining knowledge.
It can turn out to be dramatic, hurtful — all these sorts of things — for the person they have been interacting with. But these things are personal decisions on someone else’s path.
So, you have probably chosen, in a previous life, to go together on a similar path again.

E: [Sniffs, dries her tears]

It might be, of course it will be, different than the last time, but there could still be some disappointment that comes out of misunderstanding on both sides at the end. But nothing of it — whoever decides something -- is made to hurt the other one. It’s a very personal path. You chose to share that path for a while. We are not very good at time. In your environment, that could be years or it could be months. But it would be longer than days or weeks. Do you understand, my friend?

E: [Choking a little] Yes.

You are at a point, in this lifetime, where you are very close to finding out what you are here for. You just need to do some exercises to clear that part of your mind that wants to go off into different realms.
You could be a healer, you know that. You have been one before. We are not talking bone-setting here. We are talking on a different level — healing on a different level, on a spiritual level. You have the ability to do this. But it will be your choice to go down that path, because there have been quite a few distractions around.
You have been a little bit, like — hmm — in a sense like that little bee that goes from one flower to the next to collect things. And then, after collecting things always going the same path home to revive and feel safe.

"You don't have to be that bee." Photo by  Pedro Lastra.

"You don't have to be that bee." Photo by Pedro Lastra.

You could go a little bit further than that. You don’t have to be that bee. I know it’s overused in your society, with the bees and the flowers, for other things.
But you can go off. There is no requirement to come back to the place where you started off, every time. You can take it to that step you go to and take it further from there. There is no need, always, to go back to where you started off.
You can make the place that you reach after a day (I’m talking in pictures) — you do a trip of one day — and where you end up, that will be your new starting point.
And then you can go off somewhere else and make this your new starting point. No need for you to go back to that same spot again, because you’ve done that all before, my friend. You don’t need to do this anymore.
But you do need to find clarity. Do these little drawing exercises, it will help you.
Is there any other way I could be of service for you, my friend?

E: No.
Nerida: Erin’s been very sad.


N: She’s very sensitive. She looks after a lot of people.

Yeah, we know she’s very sensitive. She’s always been that way. She’s that healer on that different level.
You need to be very sensitive, if you get to that level, to be a healer. It gets in the way, that — what you call — sensitivity. We call it understanding and seeing things. In that, what you call, ordinary life, it gets in the way.

N: It can.

Some people might think you’re weak. Some people might think you are — hmm — out of your place, which is not true. You need to be more firm about what you wanna do, where you wanna go, what way and how you want to help people and try to heal them. They will be very grateful.
You’ve got a gift that not many people here have. You can be of great help, on a different level. It’s not bone-setting. It has to do with the mind, the way people think.
You can change how they react to things. Once you change the way they think — sometimes they need to change the way they think to open a new path for themselves and to be able to understand. You could do this for people.

"Sometimes they need to change the way they think to open a new path for themselves." Pic by  Christopher Windus .

"Sometimes they need to change the way they think to open a new path for themselves." Pic by Christopher Windus.

Erin: Yes.

Good. You don’t need books. You just need the clarity of your mind, to remember.
The direction you’ve chosen is a good one. Sometimes you feel like you’re out of place. You’re not. You’re just trying to re-orient yourself, to be able to go from where you are now, out there to the next position where you should go, without going back to where you have been previously. You don’t need to go back there again, my dear.
Do you understand?

E: Yep.

Good. We thought you would because your level of intelligence is much higher than the average level of intelligence. You should always keep that in your mind: not the distracted part, in the real part of your mind.

N: So Erin and Kerry were brothers, not far from here, in another lifetime?


N: Aboriginal people, the original people.

You would call it that now.

N: And the one that is now Kerry left suddenly in that lifetime, which was traumatic for Erin.


N: Was it at the time of the invasion of the Europeans?

Yes. He was trying to tell these new arrivals that they shouldn’t come here because there was a birth going on.

N: Oh.

He just got shot, because they were scared. He looked different, not familiar. He had something in his hand. They didn’t understand what it was. It was actually a bag that had herbs in it. He was working with herbs, like medicine.

"He was working with herbs, like medicine." Pic by  Allie Dearie .

"He was working with herbs, like medicine." Pic by Allie Dearie.

N: Mhm.

They were prepared to smoke, to smoke the area — to help the spirit of that child coming. So they thought he had, probably, a weapon to hurt them. He was just trying to keep them away.
[To Erin] The mother who was giving birth at that time was your mother as well and his mother. You were about to have another sibling.
It was in the body of a little boy. Didn’t last very long because it couldn’t, the spirit couldn’t get into it — because that medicine was missing. You thought it was your fault because you let him go to talk to them. It was not.
You felt the responsibility for it. It was not your responsibility. He made his own decision.
East of here. Halfway between here and the big water to the east.

N: Ah. So, desert people?

Was not desert at the time — green, rivers, flowing rivers.

N: The place of many rivers?

Yes, very fertile area, talking of plants and animals. Plenty of water around. Little bit too much when it was wet season. Still enough when it was, what they call, the dry season.
They had six seasons back then.

A Place of Flowing Rivers. Pic from The Gambia by  Daniel Roizer.

A Place of Flowing Rivers. Pic from The Gambia by Daniel Roizer.

Nerida: Sounds beautiful.
Erin: It does.
N: But you had a day when you lost two brothers. No wonder you were born a bit sad.

One was just that little brother’s shell, because the spirit never made it into the body. Was not your fault. Different decision on a different path — very personal decisions.
Is there anything else you would like to know, my friend?

E: I don’t think so.
I don’t think I can take any more today.
N: Okay. You’ve had as much as you can handle today?
It’s been very delightful to see you M’Hoq Toq. It’s always a great honour to be in your company.

Thank you. I appreciate it too, my dear.

N: Many people learn from your wise words. They go far in the world.

Maybe not far enough.

N: We do our best.
E: [To M'Hoq Toq] Thank you.

You’re welcome, my friend.

N: Talk to you another time.

See you another time, in spirit.
Farewell, my friend.

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