Sunrise in Iceland by Paul Morris.


M'Hoq Toq's voice is written like this.

Nerida's voice is written this way.


 Somehow I’ve been a bit stuck. Maybe my energy is a bit low.

Try and get more sleep, my friend.


You have the energy of, you would call it, an almost depleted aura. You need sleep.


You need to be able to switch off, whatever it takes. Switch off that brain that keeps running and running and running. Make sure your body can catch up with your brain.

If it’s not rested, unless you take every little bit out of your rest, it won’t happen. You’re putting yourself at risk, you know.


So you get rest, you get sleep, as much as possible. Concentrate on what you are doing for short periods of time. Don’t extend what your biological clock should feel like.

We would like to call it your biological circle rather than ‘clock’ because we all don’t believe in time.

It’s a circle: a circle that goes from sunrise to sunset. Try to fit in with sunrise to sunset, at the place you live.

Indian Ocean Sunset Photograph © Claudia Luise 2016

Indian Ocean Sunset Photograph © Claudia Luise 2016


If you go somewhere else for a longer period of time, your main focus is fitting in, in with sunset and sunrise. Do you understand?

I do, that’s helpful.

And you need to get to rest in between.

There’s a kind of a supplement that I take sometimes.


It’s a larger dose of a substance that the body produces by itself called melatonin.

Yeah, you might have a lack of it.

Is it okay to take it?

Yes, take it at the right time, to make sure you do fit in with that circle between sunrise and sunset. Do you understand?

Yes I do, that's helpful.

You don’t take it after sunrise.


But you take it around sunset. Do you understand?

So early then?

Because it does not kick in like this [clicks fingers], it should not.

At the moment it does, it kicks in quite soon for me.

So, you try to get the nutrition you need, try to hydrate, try to wind down with whatever you need. Make sure that winding down is not something that wakes some part of your brain up again. Wind down.

Look out at stars, look out at clouds, do something like this, look at the landscape, wind down. Take it, go to bed, sleep. You understand?

Sleep in the city. Photo by  Hernan Sanchez .

Sleep in the city. Photo by Hernan Sanchez.

I do. Thank you.

So you need, your brain needs to have enough time to make sure it has used that substance, for you to be able to sleep and have more sleep, but so that it does not go over into the time after sunrise.

Wake up at sunrise. Okay.

You stay out of extreme things. Extreme climate, I’m talking. Stay out of it.


Live with what you recommend to people who come and see you.


Live up to your own standards that you give out, all the advice that you give out to the other people who come to see you, because you are special, don’t ignore it for yourself. Please, my friend.


I’ve previously had a problem with my breathing at night.

You still have.

 I still have that problem?

Yes. It is not as strong as it was before. It is still there. You should try to change the position you sleep in.

I should lift up my head and chest higher?

It’s hidden. It’s not about the chest I think. It is this area here. You have to make sure that this area here between, like, the shoulders and the top end of the lower jaw -- that needs to be straight [uses the hand to make a line along the side of the neck].

It’s not about your chest. It could be that it’s something that you would need to keep your neck stable.

Could I put like a towel under my neck or something perhaps?

Pillow photo by  Annie Spratt .

Pillow photo by Annie Spratt.

Yes, or something. I don’t know. A round cylindrical shaped thing will do.

Thank you. That’s very helpful.

You’re welcome. Is there anything else?

One of my totem – a special black and white bird -- passed away in front of us yesterday. His partner, the other bird, was there to talk. He sang beautifully.


And I buried that dead one. I felt that his partner was telling me that he could still contact that spirit.

Yeah, in some ways.

Magpie and its shadow. Photo by  Darius K .

Magpie and its shadow. Photo by Darius K.

Can you help me to understand what happened? I know life will reveal things to me.


I guess there’s a death coming in another part of --

It is likely.

-- in another part of my life, yeah.

Yes. Well, it is not you or our friend. It could be close.


It could be very close but not necessarily within your direct family. But it could be close with some people you interact with.


Yeah, it’s just so you are prepared.

I see. I thanked my totem for that.

It was a preparation to think about things in a different way.


You are too distracted. Both of you are too distracted.


Is there anything else my friend?

Thank you for coming M’Hoq Toq. Always a pleasure to see you.

You are very welcome, my friend.

We’re honoured to sit at your feet.

You’re not really sitting at my feet. We can see your energy a bit depleted.


You can build it up again, so to say.

Thank you.

So you don’t have to sit at the feet of anyone.


You should rise above others. You need to pull yourself up.


You can do it. And you deserve to sit above others, because you will not use it against them.

That’s true. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

[Pause. Next comments are very quiet.]

So there is nothing else?

I think I need to let you go, sadly.

… I’ll talk to you another time. I can come to see your energy …

Thank you.



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