The voice of Isis is written like this

Nerida's voice is indicated like this

You think about love.

You know the principles of love?

It’s an energy that’s conveyed, that makes people feel good, makes them feel they belong.

If the feeling you convey is not real, it doesn’t work. Surprise, isn’t it?

There are individuals using a feeling towards someone or something and pretending it’s love — it’s similar, it’s not the same. It’s on a different vibration. It vibrates on different levels with the other individuals.

What you send there is what you get back. You send something on a vibrational level that says, ‘I love this, I want to have it’ — you’ll get the same vibrational energy back.

Then, the receiver wants something from the one that has sent it out originally; which wasn’t their intention. They thought: Send out the thought as ‘I want this from you’ and it will be translated by the receiver as ‘This is love’.

But the energetic levels are more sensitive to vibrations than the individuals are. There is no misunderstanding. You just get back what you ask for.

If you send out unconditional love (as you call it), that’s what vibrates back to you.

So if someone says to someone else, ‘I love you’, and it’s not true, the other person can feel it.

Sometimes there is a delay in this translation of the vibration coming back. Because there is a difference in what one receives and what they want to receive. So there is a feeling kept up for a while, that’s not true to the meaning, and then it will break down.

If one lies to people, it’s lies they get back. Because they ask for it.

The answer to having a better life on this planet is spreading the love.

But the real thing, not whatever you want to have or own covered in something made to look like love. Because then you’ll get something back that you don’t expect: they know what you asked for.

This world can change, if the population starts telling the truth. If you don’t love something or someone, you’d better say nothing than pretend you do love it.

The kind of love you give out is the same love you get reflected back. Photo by  Imani Clovis

The kind of love you give out is the same love you get reflected back. Photo by Imani Clovis

Because it reflects back at you. And the trouble with that it, everybody else can feel it too.

It is always worth it, fighting for the truth. Not fighting with weapons, fighting with — truth.

To bring out the truth, because that’s what you asked for. I shouldn’t call it fighting. I hate this word because the energy and actions it describes are bad.

How about striving for the truth? Revealing the truth?

That's always an important aspect. Even if you can't reach it immediately, at least you try to go for it.

To do so in a loving way is a challenge sometimes.

It is a sign of respect.

You try to teach someone about truth, you show respect to this individual (or even an object) by thinking that this individual or object is able to learn.

It's a form of respect.

If there is an untruth around and you protect it by supporting it, not trying to reveal the reality of the truth, it's a sign of disrespect. If you support a lie you make the energy of it grow and you won't like the direction of the growth.

So, you either support the truth or you don't say anything.

We live in a time of lots of deception, Isis.

It's always been the case. We need the good energies to come back and take over. And we need to make them grow, by sending true love, unconditional love.