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Birds in the Tibetan Mountains, China photograph by  和 平

Birds in the Tibetan Mountains, China photograph by 和 平


Selected Encouragement.


When I listen to Aedgar, I fall into a kind of trance myself. I can only listen word by word. I get an understanding of our ancient world. I feel like my whole self goes up into that world and I come from that world. It excites me for hours and days afterwards, as everything he says becomes real and true              -- Molamola.

Thank you so much! This is wonderful. I love the clarity of your channelling and that of Aedgar. This has made my day! Good wishes and blessings to you         -- Sandra Woods

Thank you.
Continue to feed our spirits with the truth.
-- Mologadi Kekana

Wow! Thanks! I'm always trying to advance in love -- and only now I'm starting to understand this is a process of millions of years!
-- Ingrid Escobedo

Thank you I love reading your posts on facebook, I appreciate all your work. You're a beautiful soul x
-- Andy Boon

Salaam Alaikum. Thank you for the ebook. Have you studied sufism? There is sufism in every "true" part of a "religion" and I notice a lot of the same things in a lot of what you say.
-- Andrew Smith

I love your conversations Aedgar ❤️
-- Moana Maaka

Interesting reading -- Rosemary Scotson

Good energy! May it spread lots.
-- Heidi Adam

Thoughtful young man. Photo by  Matthew Payne

Thoughtful young man. Photo by Matthew Payne

Brilliant — Muiris Breathnach

Awesome — Dallas Durack

A breath of fresh air to read this😊 very true thank you
-- Michelle Brownjohn

How goes the Earth will go the people -- T.I. Winbush

God bless you — Larry Howard

Very cool — Clem Williams

Humanity has lost reverence for the sacred. It happens when you put a price on everything you see. You diminish its value in your eyes.
-- Denis Martel

Thoroughly enjoyed that. Hills and spirals will also depend on where you have walked before. Especially with all the changes that are here. It would be nice if we all have a gentle attitude at peace with the world. I stop short of general tree hugging. I'd be exhausted in my walks round the park. But like all the other natural living things I'm sure they know I'm there.
-- Arthur Govan

The awaited RESURRECTION of aboriginal TRUTH!
-- Mujahid Malikulmuk

Yes, I believe I am not alone, even though it may feel like it sometimes. I know someone is holding my hand and guiding me.
-- Charlene Davidson

Graceful hands. Photo by  Ian Espinosa .

Graceful hands. Photo by Ian Espinosa.

each one of us ...are on our own journey ... each one of us .. are here for a reason in this time .... what is meant to come into our lives ... will come to pass .... no one is ever truly alone ... we are part of some thing much bigger    you matter more than you know ..... we do not always get what we want in life .... stay humble ..... we do get what we need.
-- John Laing

So many here just don't get it. All land is sacred, once it is poisoned there is no more. The effects of oil production, transportation and usage is having a huge, negative impact on land globally. No water means no life. Not just lifestyle as we currently have, no life. No life of any sort, plants, trees, birds, animals, humans. The protest at Standing Rock is not just about tribal land, there are a whole lot of other issues at stake. Don't think it'll never affect you - one way or another it will.
-- Isabel Jamison

It's about respecting the only place in the universe you have to live, you get one chance at this. The Earth will continue to exist without you, it will take some time to repair the damage with or without you. 7.5 billion people are more than the planet can afford. You can no longer act like the planet is limitless, like you can do anything you like and everything will be just fine, we are way past that.
-- William Miller

The American Indians have been treated badly from early times. Their sacred ground should be honored and not desecrated by selfish oil barons.
-- Barbara Shaffer France

This is wise. — William Esselman

Sparkly ball photo by  Pablo Orcaray .

Sparkly ball photo by Pablo Orcaray.

Having been influenced by Teilhard de Chardin in my youth, I'm trying to imagine how the biosphere (Chardin called it the noosphere) experiences being sick. Considering she doesn't have anybody else with her degree of consciousness to help resolve the disruptions from below, I imagine her turning to the sun for a cure. Then I think about Global Warming in a new way. :)
-- Robert S. Powell

Smoke to the Grand Mother. Blessings, Smoke, love to all of you and to the Grand Madre — Benoit Vidal

Please read it's so true and amazing — Sandy Michling Bemben

Excellent. A lot to read but worth it — Maria Venturi

The Elementals are angry — Chery Eresman

Thank you — Edu Medardo

And when the last old growth tree, rainforest plants, clean river, whale, barrier reef, endangered animal or breath of clean air is gone.....there will be no going back!
-- Ricci Misener Eschtruth

When the magnetic poles switch it will be enough. — Pat Kennedy

I'm on your side — Patrick J. Guilfoyle

Deep inside a mine. Photograph by  Vincent Erhart .

Deep inside a mine. Photograph by Vincent Erhart.

Thank you — Rena Haley

I just came from the copper mining region in Arizona. How do these fools think they are going to rebuild crushed mountains to their original state?
-- Candyce Paul

Mother Earth will heal herself if we give her time. She may never be as she once was but none the less she has the power to heal. The generation they speak of is here and now...we must teach our children to listen with their hearts and connect again to what they are born with as part of the whole…
-- Sharon Cinnamon

Folks, this not "fake" news! — David Hege

Excellent — Tyger Eye

Beautiful — Jean Neau

Everything happens for a reason. No coincidences — George Janovich

Claudia is here understated as merely a "channel". Actually Claudia is a true full body open deep trance channel of very rare abilities.

Aedgar is an advanced nonphysical entity, charming in person and of exquisite knowledge on many subjects, and willing to share same with sincere and intelligent question-asking incarnates.

There are only a few in the world like this one.

Go for a personal interaction... If you can... And if you are ready for the real deal... And if you are interested in truth.

-- Allen Crawford

Beautiful. Thank you!!!! — Joy Scudder.

Intriguing. Good points but until the rest of us wise up and stand together, nothing will change — Duane Elliott

Wow, very interesting — Femi Adeniyi-Omotoso

Stuck in the middle with you, as the lyrics go, yeah nice read — David Hayes

Your work inspires me to ask — Noah Rodrigue

Wow, I love this... makes sense. Thankyou — Janelle First Rider

Blue aurora. Photograph by  HB Mertz .

Blue aurora. Photograph by HB Mertz.

Thank you, Rainbow Blessings.. — Jayne FitzGerald

This is so true — Donald Lester

"Some kind of druid dude, lifting the veil” -- Thomas Allen Look

Love it — Michael Zortea

Very interesting-- MJ Marques

This resonates with me. I have had 3 near death experiences. I spent what seemed like hours there discussing purpose and why it was important I returned.

We're all a piece of this one amazing thing. No fear, no shame, no hiding. Our thoughts become one.

Even at that stage we still have many questions needing answered. And that is why we come here. To struggle with a question we cannot carry with us.

I too had to choose to come back.

-- Mike Savoy

Coloured lights. Photography by  Matthew Payne .

Coloured lights. Photography by Matthew Payne.

This is so true — Alice Jones

Makes you think about the beautiful planet we had and the awful things we have done to it — Estelle Livesey

Exactly. The ruling elite make it difficult for a person and mankind as a whole to reach its full potential — Russell Smith

This breaks it down and is uplifting --  Mohava Rossi

Thank you. I am a healer of the spirit. Once you awaken one soul everyone that in your journey or life unfolds. I just never thought about the plants and universes now I am enlightened -- Shavonia Koga

Never too late to start the healing process -- Bernard Loyer

Very interesting and Beautiful!! -- Marcela Soare

Amazing concept — Tammy Taylor

Soon a transition will begin -- James Winchell

Deep — Cindy Bell

Lessons to learn from — Winifred Bella Rose

Very informative and influential!! Love it….    -- Sera Tuicakau


Rainbow Valley, Central Australia. Photo by  Janelle Trees.

Rainbow Valley, Central Australia. Photo by Janelle Trees.