If you are able to change your own energy, you almost always — with other individuals — change the energy of a place.
Changing the energy of a place, you can change the energy of a whole area.
So, the ones who learn and gain energy through the understanding of what they have done can change the planet.
If it all comes together, the ones that do grow energy and wisdom have the potential to change the planet. If you change a planet, you change the Universe. If you change one Universe, you can change all of them.
There is a lot to do, because it’s infinite.
— Aedgar 13 September 2013

The leading edge just got edgier. No pastel unicorns here.

This is the New Age with brains, wit, iconoclasm and urgency.

We live many lifetimes and learn and grow from each. Those who refuse to evolve despite efforts to teach them over and over and over again, mired in greed, obstruct the flourishing of humanity. They will eventually stop coming back. They are said to "fall off the grid".

If that idea intrigues or consoles you, this site is for you. The planet is crying for love and healing. We will inspire and empower you on the quest for knowledge, meaning and growth.



About Us

Dr Janelle Trees is a medical doctor who has worked most of her career in remote Australia. Among her formal qualifications, she has a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, a Bachelor of Medicine, Master of Surgery (Honours) and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice. Her wife works as an underwater and landscape photographer.

Dr Trees writes and maintains the stories on this website as if they came from a channel of spirit beings. These beings are characters in her upcoming novel, which will include more comprehensive conversations between the beings and major characters in the book.

The beings express distinct personalities and histories from different times, places and cultures. They have in common a sense of urgency regarding the changes to this planet, care for the sensitive and intelligent souls here and no artificial respect for stupidity or false religion. They are a source of ideas in the realm of new technologies, historical (and current) methods of healing and interpersonal relationships.

They give insight into the nature of reality, the purpose of existence, past or concurrent lives and physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Some of the profound material here consists of the beings memories of other times as humans on this planet: meeting a secret lover in a private English forest picnic; traveling in an Indian clan along the big American river; a child who left this world too soon; dancing by moonlight in a temple in Africa.

These words and the stories they allude to will energise, enrich and delight you, for learning and healing.

The upcoming book also takes the reader into the world of the humans the spirit beings talk to, and the trouble this causes in their lives.