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What was that about, losing my wedding ring? Learning to let go of gold? Learning to let go of superstition, perhaps, as well?

Partly. It’s about not believing in symbols. It’s about looking for real things of true value.
Even so, the ring might come back.
It’s, as well, about valuing things, taking care of things. It’s all about learning. 
You shouldn’t be too attached to these kind of symbols, but you should be able to still value things, because it has a different kind of value to other people. You have to learn to consider other peoples’ thoughts, beliefs and values. 
You still have the true value though.

Yes, that’s right. Still married to my Claudia.

Indeed, you are.
It’s interesting to think of marriage in that way. It would have been unthinkable, back then. We would have lost it all, everything. There were people who didn’t have anything to lose, so they didn’t have to hide so much. 
This love has been around, all the time. It’s nothing new.

Do you know that marriage between same-sex partners is becoming legal or has become legal in Britain, this week?


It was passed through the parliament.

What does the King say?

Aah, the Queen says nothing.

The Queen, I see.

She’s not really considered to have an important opinion, I think, on such a question.

The Archbishop of Canterbury opposes it.

That’s nothing new either. These are, kind of, stubborn people; sticking to the rules that like-minded people put up a long time ago. They were tricky, these people. Tricky, but still of low intelligence, who would have thought that?
They were not so much different to us. They enjoyed beautiful clothing, golden rings and who knows what else.
Saint Sir Thomas Moore, who condemned heretics to death. Portrait by  Hans Holbein the Younger .

Saint Sir Thomas Moore, who condemned heretics to death. Portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Well, one of my friends said about the popes and prelates that they could have the best sex that money can buy.  I’m sure that’s often been the case.

Of course. Even if they don’t think so, they are still human beings. They can’t escape. They all went through it, all of them, every single person, all of them.

They all went through sex, you mean.

Of course.
While they were still alive of course. Some of them, they just sat there for years, doing nothing. You couldn’t consider them to be still alive.

[Laughs] Yes, that’s true.

This wasn’t a part of their lives where they had a weakness, so to say, because they were already dead. They didn’t have to fight desire any more. 
Well, they didn’t fight too hard. It was an open secret. No one was allowed to talk about it or to mention it. You would’ve lost your head about it.
But everybody knew it. 

There was another event that may interest you in England this week. The remains of Richard, the king, the last of the Plantagenets were found underneath a car park.

A car park?

A car park is a sad piece of land —

That’s right where he belongs: to a sad piece of earth.

Really? Not a good man then?

Well he was disfigured, kind of. So he had to be worse than others to prove he was still king. He was a very violent man. He had to make up for his disfigured body, to make sure no one would laugh about it behind his back. 

Well, he’s being buried with honours now, sadly. You think he could have been left in the car park?

The world doesn’t care anymore.

No, most of the world doesn’t. 

If they think it’s something good and it makes people happy, there is not much happiness around in this place.

[Laughs] You are droll.