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Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Aibhlinn's voice is written like this



I guess it’s good to see things in terms of energy rather than time. Because, of course, there need not be an end to energy; whereas time is limited. I mean, time continues on without you, so to speak, so it’s limiting, I guess.

I told our friends about this several times, but you are a different person, my dear, so I might repeat myself. Time is not what you think. It does not exist in a linear way from here to there [indicates a line with Claudia’s hands]. That’s not how it is.

You have to think of a multi-dimensional grid. You can’t even say three or four dimensions. It’s more than that.

Humankind, at the moment, is at a stage where they are not ready to imagine what we talk about. It’s very limiting to think in that linear way —

"Time is not what you think. It does not exist in a linear way." Photo by  Sven van der Pluijm .

"Time is not what you think. It does not exist in a linear way." Photo by Sven van der Pluijm.


— because, actually, if you use the word time in the right circumstances, in the right mind (almost) there is no end to it. It just continues.

In the way it was put here by someone as a ‘fact’, it goes from here to there.
But time, as well as everything, is constantly in motion. The time you have now is not the same anymore as it was when they said that from here to here [demonstrates two linear points with the hands] is one hour; ’til here [moves a hand further along] is one day.

Because it’s constantly moving. This span from here to here is not an hour anymore. This is not a day anymore. And, in the end, a year is not the same anymore, either.

It’s true.

You might realise that the seasons change with it as well. People say, “Oh, it’s that kind of month. It’s supposed to be Summer.” And they realise, it’s not quite like it was. It does not mean there is no summer. It’s just in a different slot. You would call it a different time.


Because what you call time has moved on and it’s not the same anymore. That’s why a lot of ‘scientific’ tests and — hmm, how can I put it?


It’s not the same anymore if you do a calculation of, for example, very basic things. People roll a ball down a slope from here to here and that’s the time it takes. That’s very basic. But this is not the same anymore. And if you take these experiments further, that’s why a lot of them don’t turn out right.

We always say: You try to travel to other planets? You can’t take care of this one. So, as we told our friends many times, we’ll always make sure that just this tiny bit of information is missing.

They should take care of this planet. Otherwise they’ll just leave it as it is, go and do the same things elsewhere all over again. They won’t find a better place. This is quite suitable for human beings.

They’re just not treating it the way they should.

"They won't find a better place. This is quite suitable for human beings." Pic by  NASA

"They won't find a better place. This is quite suitable for human beings." Pic by NASA

You take the little bits [gestures as if taking something out] as you need it. You leave the rest alone. You don’t take huge amounts of something and send it to the other side of the world, for the money, as you call it. We call it the paper with the numbers on it, because it’s not relevant, in the end.

We understand you might need a bit of it, to get around, so to say, but it’s not of importance.
Important is: you find your path. And you try to get the best out of this lifetime, to be as close as you can get to the path you have chosen to be on.

This is what we would call a successful life: You’ve learned lots of things. You have grown energy through that. You’ve raised the energy around you, as well. And then, you can come back — if you decide so — choose a different path and grow some more energy in a different field.

If you don’t learn enough, you veer off your path, you get too distracted. It’s like repeating a class in school. You come back and just do the same thing over and over again until you learn —


— get some insight.

Many people think, “We can wreck this plant because we only live once.”

If they would understand that they will have to come back and deal with what they’ve done before, they might have an approach to it all that could be a little bit different, we think. Actually, quite a bit different.

But they don’t understand these kinds of concepts. They have other ‘facts’ or ‘plans’ that distract them from doing what feels right.

Many people try to please their greed, getting more and more paper with numbers on it. For a lot of them, the more of these papers with numbers they get, the less accomplished they feel. It does not make them happy.

Many people who’ve made a lot of it get to a certain age and think, “I’m still not happy.”
So they give some of it away. People think they are philanthropists. They’re not. They’re still trying to please themselves.

"Instilling some sort of greed in others, as they do, is not a solution." Pic by  Angelo Lucas .

"Instilling some sort of greed in others, as they do, is not a solution." Pic by Angelo Lucas.

And instilling some sort of greed in others, as they do, is not a solution. If you do it that way you still don’t grow energy. You try to please yourself because you wanted to be conceived by others in a different way, which means you still haven’t learned.

Some people are on their path. They do have a lot of paper with numbers on it. Some people would say it just fell into their laps. They were happy to share it around. There is nothing wrong with having it. It’s about how they get it, that can make it very wrong.

If it’s to please your greed, that’s not the way to go.

If you get it, (because it’s considered to be a kind of reward in these times), then you might have gotten it because you’ve learned, you’ve grown your energy. It will help you to do kind things for others, to grow their energy, as well.

If you try to please other people’s greed, as well, this not how it works.

It’s about being able to be kind to a much bigger group of others. You need to provide something to them that’s not pleasing the greed.

If it helps them to find their path — then it is a good thing to do. But it is a very fine line. Once you’re off that fine line you are on the wrong side. It’s always the wrong side if you’re veering off your path. Then you’re not growing energy anymore.

It’s about the purpose with which you use the paper with the numbers on it and the way you feel about it.

Being on your path must have a certain sense to it, then, so that you can gauge you’re on the path.

Yes. It does. It makes you feel good.

As I said, some people who please their greed have plenty of paper with numbers on it. But they are not happy. They could get all these things they ever dreamt of — which is not what they came for. That’s why they are not happy.

It’s like with the technology. A real experience can’t be beaten by reading about someone else’s experience on the other side of the planet.

We always say, if it’s too difficult, if it feels like it is (what you’d call) too hard over a long period of time, it’s not your path.

Your path feels like it’s the natural way to go, makes you feel good and it feels like you get all of these perks and presents falling into your lap without doing too much to achieve it.

That does not necessarily mean you’re up for some quick learning experiences. Because it can grow the energy quickly to be on your path.

There can be bad experiences that turn into a quick learning experiences. If you go down that path to have what we call a quick learning experience, if it goes on for too long, well, it’s not a quick experience anymore, is it?

So you have to go back. Trust the way to feel about things. If it feels too hard, if it feels too bad, maybe you should go off in a slightly different direction.

"If it's too hard maybe you should go off in a slightly different direction." Pic  Nick Scheerbart.

"If it's too hard maybe you should go off in a slightly different direction." Pic Nick Scheerbart.

All this means everybody who is on the path will have some kind of quick learning experience at some stage, because it grows your energy quicker and it makes you take a leap ahead, rather than little steps.

It’s then a bit more pleasant, to go in the right direction. For some people if feels like, “Oh, I’m very happy in what I’m doing, but I don’t seem to get anywhere.”

So then they have this bad experience happening like this! [Claps hands] And you can take a leap ahead.

From the new vantage point they see different things. They have a different perspective. So, they can learn, “Oh, I’ve still been on my path. I just had to learn something really quickly.”

The point is that if it goes too long, it’s not a quick one any more.

So, go back with a slightly different direction to be back on the path you’re supposed to be on.

Do you understand?

Mhmm. Yep.