Hang loose by Kalen Emsley.


Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Margaret, Katya and Nerida's voices are written like this.


What would you like to know?

Margaret: I don’t really have any questions. I just, I just —

Are there any humans out there without questions?

M: That’s a good point.

[They laugh]

Katya: Not really.

M: I’ve got lots of questions. I don’t know which one to pick.

So, you’ve got trouble with the choice. It’s not about having no questions.

Nerida: Hmm.

If there are no questions left to be answered, my dear, there's no reason for you to come back to this place —

M: I just wanted to talk to you again.

— which is quite a privilege.

N: It’s a privilege to be on this planet, in these bodies?

It’s a privilege, my dear, not having to come back, if you decide so.

[They laugh]

N: He, he, yes.

M: What’s it like where you are, Aedgar, most of the time?

Peaceful. Quiet.

It’s not quite right to say, ‘Where you are, most of the time,’ because you would say, in your language, that you could go wherever you like to.

But your imagination is limited to the area you live in.

We can go further away than you could imagine and yet, could be closer than you think.

We can do, what some of you might call, astral travel. We don’t need these stupid little metal tubes you call advanced technology.

N: You mean airplanes?

We just go where we like to go, or where we are needed.

Yes, you call them airplanes, rockets, all sorts of things. We’d like to still call it poor technology.

Illustration from "The Secret of the Golden Flower," translation by the great Richard Wilhelm.  Wikimedia .

Illustration from "The Secret of the Golden Flower," translation by the great Richard Wilhelm. Wikimedia.

Katya: Aedgar —

Yes, my dear?

K: I astral traveled once.

Good on you.

K: Well, I just don’t know where —

How do you know where you go? I don’t know where I went.

It’s the lack of experience.

K: Is it?

You’ve done it before, my dear. You wanted to go back. But in this lifetime you didn’t remember. So it was an unfamiliar surrounding for you. But you actually went to a place you’ve been before.

K: I was with an old man in white.


Did you enjoy it?

K: I felt really safe. We were walking through a tunnel, in the dark. And at the end of the tunnel, we came into a street. I don’t remember it very well.

But it was a long time ago and it was open and it felt like cobblestones. And it was cold. But he just wore, like a long white shirt. He was older and I was -- I was a girl.

Cobblestone street. Photograph by  Francisco Moreno .

Cobblestone street. Photograph by Francisco Moreno.

Well, my dear, I have to tell you he was not wearing anything.

K: What?

You are trying to remember it that way because this is, what you would call, appropriate.

He was your guide. He used the body. This guide has been with you for several lifetimes. That’s why you went, actually, to a familiar place. Because you have been there with your guide before. It was just new for you in this lifetime.

It was closer than you might think, but further away than you could ever imagine.

It was still this kind of corner of what you call ‘Universe’.

So it was, what you might call, a familiar part, because there is no end to it. It’s not one Universe (as you call it). We think even if you use the term ‘Multiverse’ it would not quite explain it. You live on that tiny little speck of dust in something that’s on a much bigger scale than you could think of.

You could go on these ‘travels’ again whenever you decide to do so. It will always be safe because your guide will come back.

It made you feel safer — because you were a bit more immature then — for them to come in the shape of an old man. But because it is your guide, it could be your favourite pet, it could be a very young lad (you might say) very handsome. Whatever you are attracted to at the time, to feel safe.

Do you understand, my dear?

K: Yes, thank you.

It is very interesting. A lot of people go and do these so-called astral travels. Most of them don’t remember, which is some sort of protection for them at the time, because they couldn’t handle it.

Is there anything else you would like to know about this, my dear?

K: Um, do you know how — or why — the place you go to is chosen, that you travel to?

It’s an agreement that you had with someone before or it’s a wish that comes from deep inside you — your soul, spirit — to go again.

K: Could it be a place where I have a past?

Yes. Could be a place where you have a past, or a present.

A lot of things go on at the same time, you know, my dear. This is what we call this ‘grid’ of what you call time, that makes it possible. A lot of things you think about the past or even the future happen at the same time as we talk, right now.

If you go on that ‘grid’ of time, to a different dimension, you could still roam the planet with dinosaurs.

Margaret: Probably wouldn’t be very safe, with the dinosaurs [laughs].

Yes. It depends where you are, in which position you are. Some of the dinosaurs wouldn’t feel so safe with you, either, my dear. Because you could be out on a hunt. But you’re right in that respect, because some of them could be out on a hunt, as well.

Some of them were, what you call, predators. Some of them were just grazing. So, if you go to a different dimension in that grid, you could watch them grazing right here [in the desert].

There were lots of plants here then. It looked very different. If you were to decide to go to that level, to have a glimpse, you could see it quite green, colourful. Plenty of water.

Nerida: We could go in our spirit bodies, we wouldn’t need to be in our material bodies and be endangered by Tyrannosaurus Rex —


N: We could just go and have a look.

The kind that you just mentioned did not live in this area.

N: Good.

There have been others with big teeth.

But not that one.

M: Would you go always as a human body? Or could you go as a dinosaur as well? Or would that have to be in the human form?

Whatever you choose to be, my dear.

Very quiet dinosaurs, Paris France. Pic by  Anthony Delanoix.

Very quiet dinosaurs, Paris France. Pic by Anthony Delanoix.

Nerida: Hmm. Be good to be a dinosaur, with the dinosaurs.

Sometimes it’s just good to come back and just sit inside a rock.

You watch things go by. You can observe. I know that’s very theoretical, for you. Not so much for us.

N: Well, nobody’s going to eat you, if you’re in a rock.

Oh, some of them used to swallow these rocks for their digestion.

N: [Laughing] Oh no!

I don’t think you would want to be in that position. So you should have chosen a rock that was big enough.

It’s about the, what you call, chemistry. Very unpleasant.

[They laugh]

Margaret: Good to come out the other end, though.

You would be glad to come out the other end.

[More laughter]

I had a friend or two who experienced these kinds of things.

They needed to learn that. They wanted to have this experience. Because every thing that you learn, even bad things, is able to grow your energy, because you gain more knowledge.

Growing your energy is all it is about.

If you grow your own energy, you grow the energy surrounding you, making it a better place.

Some humans call it ‘raising the vibration.’ Vibration is not always the right term to use.

Vibrations can be very violent, to the point that they would almost shake you off wherever you are.

Raising energy means something that happens more gently.

You could translate what you call an earthquake into vibration. It’s the planet vibrating in one area in reaction to something that happened, sometimes on the opposite side, to shake something off.

You try, sometimes, you have these nasty little itchy things on you, you just sweep them off like that [gestures as if sweeping mosquitoes from Marie’s shoulder]. That’s what the planet does at times.

N: Hmm.

These little creatures: humans, animals, what you call machinery or technology — that cause that itch or burn -- it’s just shaking those off.

And then you call it a tragedy. It’s not really for the planet. It’s more of a relief. But it’s not always good to talk about this in the way we do.

N: Mhmm.

People at this time, as you call it, don’t understand so well why something they call tragedy could be something very good on the other hand.

What you call tragedy is actually something very pleasant for the planet. It tries to shake things off, trying to breathe.

You call it tragedy because people might lose their lives, might lose whatever they’ve acquired.

But the point of having a life, on this planet at least (there are places where this span that you have available to learn lasts much, much longer) — but here, there is this span that you’ve got to learn, that can actually be quite short.

It’s about the reason you come. You stay as long as you need to learn.

You know, you come back, you make a decision because you want to learn that specific thing, so you don’t have to do it again. Or you might decide you want to learn a few different things.You might want to go back to a different place afterwards. You might need experience here first.

So you come. As soon as you have it, you might take (what we call) an exit.

Do you understand, my dear?

M: Yes.

It’s sometimes not so easy to grasp, because people think, ‘I am here. I want to have a long, prosperous, happy life. I will squeeze in everything I can.’

You made a decision to come to learn specific things.

You might not remember, exactly, the specific things that you came to learn. But, as soon as you have learnt them, there will be (what we call) an exit offered to you. Which might not coincide with whatever you thought you were going to do at this time. Do you understand?

M: Hmm. Does that mean I am about to have an exit offered to me?


Death Valley Exit in Flash Flood. Photo by  Tuxyso.

Death Valley Exit in Flash Flood. Photo by Tuxyso.

M: Okay.

Katya: Not yet.

Well, my dear, you’ve got some more things to learn. You have to have a few more experiences to learn from.

M: Okay.

And most of them are not quick learning experiences. So you won’t get away that easily.

M: That’s good. Oh, I don’t know, is it?

[They laugh]

N: Sounds pretty good to me.

You would consider it good, because it translates to what you call a longer lifetime here. For us, it would translate to: ‘Haven’t quite got it. Have to stay longer. Can’t go off to that beautiful other place.’

But, as long as you enjoy it.

And sometimes you have to help others to learn as well. Which means, you might have learned your path, you’re on your path, everything is fine. You could ask for an exit, or create one. But the ones you’ve chosen to teach are not quite there. This could be another reason you would have to stay longer than you want.

I’m not talking about you, personally.

M: Hmm.

I’m talking about the more general idea of it all. Sometimes it is a bit hard to understand.

Sometimes little humans come into this world and, you know, they’re made so the older ones can love them: with these big eyes and clumsy ways, so they can be loved. So that everybody here on this planet, well, most, would consider them cute.

They have to stay because they’re so cute. But maybe they just came to teach one little lesson.

Maybe they came to have the experience of being born in a different place. And once they’ve had that experience, they can create an exit for themselves, which would mean nothing in this world could stop them from doing so.

That would translate to: every single one of you stays as long as you need to.

Do you understand?

M: Yes.