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Aedgar's words are written this way

Nerida's voice is like this.

Thank you for your advice.

It wasn’t advice, it was trying to explain some things.

Advice means being given a clear direction on how to go with things, which we do at times, but it’s rather rare. Mostly we try to give explanation, so people can find their own path. Makes them happier, because then it’s their own choice and their own idea.

It’s a learning experience, all the time.

Giving a clear direction, called ‘advice’ — is telling someone exactly what to do, without having their own experience in between. It deprives them from learning things.

Well, that’s bad.

We still give advice. On rare occasions.

I need to restrain myself from giving advice.

How come?

Well, I’m in a job where the role is mainly giving advice to people. It’s encouraged all day.

People need encouragement to go on the path of learning. So they can learn through experience. If you encourage them to do things that won’t hurt them, they will do it again. And so they learn that if they act or move or behave that way, it’s less painful. That makes it a learning experience.

People need encouragement to learn. Photo by  Free Photos .

People need encouragement to learn. Photo by Free Photos.

If you say, “That’s the only way to do it,” — won’t work.

If you say, “You do it exactly this way”, they have no chance to think, “Oh, I could try this,” and then learn about it. Then they could try that way some more and they learn about it.

But telling them, “That’s how you do it and nothing else”, makes them rebellious about it. So they won’t learn. The nature of people is having learning experiences, trying out things to find their path.

And rebelling against those who would tell them what to do.

Yes, because it deprives them from learning.

Mmm. No wonder you think so little of our education system, which presently consists (mostly) of a teacher telling children what to do, all day.

It’s about helping them to find the way to do things, gaining wisdom and building on it.

If you tell someone, “This is the way you do it,” but this person has to be on a different path and needs the experience, even of failure, of course — this person might still try other things.

This person is supposed to go on a different path than the teacher is.

The distance between what someone else tells them to do and what they’re supposed to do — the gap — is getting bigger. And then they get lost at some point. Because they are too far away from the path they’re supposed to be on, which means they’re continuing on someone else’s path.

They’re being misdirected?


Teaching is about giving ideas of how things work. And then they can find out that it works in a different way for them.

This approach to education would create an expansion of global and general knowledge about things, because everybody could add something from their special path.

Instead of someone giving you a path -- and then everyone is learning the same thing because they are told to learn the same thing.

That’s why humankind is stuck.

Some people would have different knowledge that they’d be able to add to the whole experience — making the whole wealth of knowledge bigger — which means expanding.

Learning & growing on your own path. Photo Niklas' Ice Cave, Germany  Julian Paul

Learning & growing on your own path. Photo Niklas' Ice Cave, Germany Julian Paul

Expanding knowledge and expanding energy, that’s all it is about. But there’s not much expansion if everybody is learning to go on the same path, have the same view on things.

There are many great (you call them) scientists. You know, they found out about things because they followed their own path. They had a different view on things, they approached it from a different angle.

Education systems tend to stop that way of thinking, because it is more convenient and easier to control if everybody is following the same path.

Yes. Whether they want to or not.


I think our precious host had trouble with this.

Yes, she did. This whole lifetime.

Actually, in the lifetimes before, as well.

It’s about being pushed into a direction and having to struggle with the thought that you’re actually meant to be on a different path. Meanwhile, everybody else is telling you, “No, no, you should keep on following the path you’re on, that’s the only right path to follow”.

'That's the only right path to follow'. Photo of soldiers training by  Skeeze .

'That's the only right path to follow'. Photo of soldiers training by Skeeze.

Which is exactly the wrong idea. You don’t follow a path just because everybody else does. This has led to very bad experiences in the past, of course. History is full of bad examples.

Soldiers going to war, for example.

Yeah, because one, or a handful, of persons tell them, “That’s the path you have to follow. That’s the only right thing to do”. And they don’t have another choice after that, because many of them die. And many of them die not knowing what their real path would have been.

Yes, but we need more of that wisdom —

Yes, indeed.

— that understanding.


We need it to come forward.

Some people are meant to be on a scientific path. Some people are meant to be on a creative path. There are all these different pathways.

All these people have to find their own path. You can’t follow someone else’s path. That’s wrong. Because then you have to find a way out of it, to re-start again, which delays the gaining of wisdom and expanding the energy.

There are easier ways to do it.

All these little humans, you know, they need guidance, they need examples, so they they can each make up their own mind about which path to follow. It’s not about telling them, “Yes, go off and do whatever you like”. They need some basic, very basic actually, knowledge, to start building up their own knowledge.

Then they can more easily follow their path and go in the direction they are supposed to go. You have to give them some examples.

Tell them, “If you go in this way, there might some results that could go in this and this other direction. If you do it the other way, you know, there might still be parts you don’t like, but that’s the kind of pathways others have gone to from that one.”

You have to show them a variety of pathways. That’s the kind of knowledge they should be given in the educational system, so they can choose a way or a base they can build on.