Abstract Painting by Devalei Love.


Aedgar's words are written this way.

Nerida's words are written like this.

Learning can be easy. It comes naturally, normally, so people can develop and expand their energy. But if it’s getting ‘blocked out’ there is no learning experience. It is getting substituted, blocked out by this technology, which is a one-way thing.
You lose the variety of the skills you originally had by relying on something that’s appealing because it seems to be so easy and quick. It deprives people of having the whole experience. People don’t realise because it, because it’s so convenient.
People in remote areas are able to pick up vibrations of energy. But even people here in this area, but also in other places in the world, can’t pick up these natural vibrations anymore because there is too much disturbance in between — you have radio waves, you have magnetic waves — it’s all interfering. It’s all stopping people getting these energy vibrations that they’re supposed to have.

Energy from our natural environment stimulates us to learn and grow. Pic by  Brandon Green

Energy from our natural environment stimulates us to learn and grow. Pic by Brandon Green

That’s why some people don’t respond to anything anymore, because they get overwhelmed with what’s going on.
Unfortunately, it even touches the people that don’t use the technology at all. They just live in the area. It’s a kind of pollution by technology. All this radiation is being produced.
Those that make these things are thoughtless in putting it all out there. They affect more things than anyone could think of.
I am not asking anyone to go back to the times when humans lived in caves. They should just put some more thought into the kinds of energy and radiation they put out there. There is a lot of damage that will reveal itself in the long term.
You’ll have a huge rise in people with psychological problems: brains that do not work normally anymore react, creating strange actions in affected people.
It’s on an emotional level. People get disturbed on emotional levels. You’ll have this huge rise in — you could call it — brain damage. This will show in a rise in criminal acts, in violence, in all these things. Many people don’t know why they are acting that way. Some them actually don’t have an idea that they are doing it. Some of their brain waves are kind of erased. It’s as if the vibration of that brain, you know, and the vibrations of some of those manufactured waves, eliminate each other.

Protesters at Women's March on Washington January 21, 2017. Photo by  Jerry Kiesewetter.

Protesters at Women's March on Washington January 21, 2017. Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter.

People have these 'waves' that create their emotional level -- as they are supposed to be and where they should be. Sometimes now they don’t have these kinds of brain waves in this area anymore, which makes them crippled emotionally.
So they hurt people, even kill them without realising it.
If you would talk to them afterwards they would say, ‘That’s not me. I haven’t done that.’

It’s a kind of psychosis — what they call a break from reality.

Yeah, whatever you call it down here. But that’s what happens.
Also, people tend to carry these devices around with them all the time. There’s a big number of people doing it. And — I haven’t got the words to describe it. I have to think of an example.
Well, if you have a big crowd of ants. They all go about their business, so to say, these ants and then someone goes there and puts kind of a grid of fine lines of sugar syrup there. The ants all start to do something else. They follow the lines of sugar syrup. And they don’t realise anymore what they were supposed to do.

Sugar-addicted ants that forgot what they were supposed to do. Photo by  TRAPHITHO.

Sugar-addicted ants that forgot what they were supposed to do. Photo by TRAPHITHO.

That’s a population of ants that’s doomed. Because they follow these sugar lines all the time (or as long as you put them there) and once they’re gone, the ants will be gone too, when they don’t find anymore what they’ve become addicted to.
They’re gonna start to kill each other because they don’t remember the business they were about to go on before the sugar grid came.
Does that make any sense to you?

Yes. It’s very clear.

I’m just trying to find easy, understandable examples for severe problems.

Scratches Marie’s nose.

Yes. I like it when you do that.


When you find easily understandable examples for severe problems.

I thought you meant scratching the nose of my friend.

[Laughs] I quite like it when you do that, too.

It was a necessity.
So, people develop this kind of technology. Because they have this one-way thinking ability, they try to make sure that the tool or device or transportation or thing works. That’s all they do. They never think about interference or consequences in the long term.

If you work, or people in these remote places, work with the vibration of the energy of the place, they are able to get the part of the energy that’s supposed to expand their energy, that makes them grow.
Not in a biological way — I mean, they don’t get taller.

[Laughs] Yeah.

But they grow.
Because they are able to make a distinct choice.
When there is all this radiation and vibration and things around you put out by other peoples’ technology, you don’t get to pick the ones that are important for your growth. You get other people’s important energy waves. They were never supposed to end up with you in the first place. So you might go on a wrong path.
I shouldn’t say you might because people actually do.

Mhmm. We’re talking about energy waves that are generated by the earth or from Source or from other people —

— the whole Universe. That’s where they originally picked this up, from the Source they should learn from. But now, with people putting all the rubbish out in the Universe that’s just left there and with all the radiation and vibration and everything that’s going on here now from the so-called technology — it’s — people don’t know where to go anymore.

It’s hard to find Source.

And it’s still, as always, fueled by greed. Someone puts something out there, they make sure (this person or group makes sure) this specific part works and they get the maximum out of it. The maximum out of it means the paper with the numbers on it — or power.
So, that’s what they do. And they don’t think about what they actually put out there and they don’t think about interference with other things and they don’t think about longterm damage. If they were really intelligent — in the way we talk about intelligence — they would think about interference and long-term problems that might arise from that.

Tai Chi on the roof, gaining perspective, looking for the bigger picture. Photo by  53804 .

Tai Chi on the roof, gaining perspective, looking for the bigger picture. Photo by 53804.

It would require them — not to stop exploring and not to stop evolving, that would be wrong — but they should think about things in a broader way, so to say. They shouldn’t lose sight of the whole thing.
People focus on one thing only, on one small area. That’s how a lot of damage is done. You have the imbalance in the earth that occurs from mining: taking things out, not putting things back. And then, putting all these waves and radiation all over it.
That’s not how it’s supposed to be.
That’s not how it works. It takes more intelligence to work on a different level, to evolve and expand without doing all the damage they are doing. There are more intelligent ways.
I have to think about it, further along, how to explain this.

Do you know about television, Aedgar? Do you know what television is?

It’s about bundling colours and building pictures.
It’s good to be able to get some information quickly if it’s needed to evolve and survive. But if you get it all very quickly, you can’t make a distinction anymore between what’s important and what’s not. And you don’t have the time to reflect on the important things.
Firstly, you don’t know anymore what is important; secondly, it keeps coming. It keeps coming without stopping.

Yes, information overload.

Yes. Some humans just shut up their brain, close it down, sit somewhere trying not to think about things and trying to protect themselves from this overload. Some people are very sensitive to it.
You know, you have two types of people that other people on this planet tend to lock up in places because they don’t seem to function.
You have the ones that can’t seem to differentiate between the radiation and vibrations they get from energy anymore: the emotionally crippled ones. And then you have the very sensitive ones who just close themselves up, shut everything down around them. Those are the two main groups you lock up.

Prison Cells at Alcatraz, San Francisco. Photo by  Marcello Rabozzi .

Prison Cells at Alcatraz, San Francisco. Photo by Marcello Rabozzi.

The ones that shut themselves down are less dangerous because if you take them out somewhere to a quiet place, they will be able, over time, to open up again. Along with the sensitivity, they do have the emotional background, so to say.
The others can’t figure things out anymore and have eliminated some of the energy vibrations in their brain — they are on a path where they can’t get it back.

It’s a wasted life.

So to say. Indeed. It’s very hard for us to watch that.

Cities must be particularly bad for this sort of thing.

You wouldn’t want to stay too long in these places.
But it’s spreading. There are some areas where you’d think you’re in the middle of nowhere, but this big grid or net is spanning the globe.
You [out in the desert] will still be influenced by it. It will be less, but the influence is still there.
People develop these devices and they wanna make sure they work. But, the devices make these vibrations and radiation. They put it out there — they think that’s what it takes and that’s what, you know, puts them apart from their peers. It’s actually not how it works.
They put more danger out there. And with all the rubbish and these other things they put up in the Universe, the problem is spreading.
But there are still areas where you have less of that problem. Sitting in a place you would consider the middle of nowhere on this planet, doesn’t mean there is no interference at all. There is just less.
There is a level of interference you could cope with in one or the other way. But there is no place anymore where you can get away from it, on this planet.
They should work on this. It’s a problem.

We need a technology that has less —

— side effects.
It doesn’t mean you have to put a shell up to your ear to talk to someone. And it doesn’t mean you have to go back and live in caves. It means you have to identify the right source of energy for the device you’re using.
And not using the wrong energy for it and make it work by using more of it.
Find the right one, use the right amount, that’s the way to go.

And minimise the harm.

That would minimise the harm.
And, as I mentioned before, as long as there are still beings and humans even thinking about it, it’s not too late. There will be a way out of it, but you have to attract the right people who can work on these projects to make it a better place, safer to live.