Light into the Cave photo by Joshua Sortino.

Aedgar's words are written like this.

Nerida's words are written this way.


Well, I’m here with Evdokia.


She doesn’t speak English, so we won’t be able to directly talk today.


But she interested to see what Marie does.

Who wouldn’t be?

Indeed, it’s very interesting.

And she is in an interesting situation herself.

Oh? Yeah, we can sense some things.

Very interesting.

[To Evdokia] Hello, my dear. Don’t be scared, it’s only me.

Pause. With a little smile:

I used to be a very handsome guy.

Nerida chuckles.

'I used to be a very handsome guy. We are not quite sure if you can still tell.' Photo by  Olichel .

'I used to be a very handsome guy. We are not quite sure if you can still tell.' Photo by Olichel.

We are not quite sure if you can still tell.

I can tell. But I’m biased, you know.

Yes. Quite a bit.

What can we help you with, my friends?

Perhaps you have some advice for Evdokia in her current situation — to make it a bit easier.

It’s a kind of a transition.

She has a struggle between wanting to know and not wanting to know. There’s a bit of a dispute going on in the mind.

It’s overrated but, you know, as your people say, you should open or empty your mind.

[Looking into Evdokia’s eyes] This is a time to empty the mind, to be open to new vibes coming in. Quite supportive vibes coming.


Very, very good, supportive vibes coming from Spirit.

We’ve sent some little guardians, already.

She’s seen the birds.

Evdokia saw a white bird in the house. Photo courtesy  Linda29 .

Evdokia saw a white bird in the house. Photo courtesy Linda29.

Yes. We are aware of that.

It’s about emptying the mind or being open minded.

There is still time to do things.

Evdokia starts to cry.

It’s not a one-day-to-the-next decision or transition.

It’s always up to the individual — how much you wanna know or how little you wanna know or be aware of.

Do you understand?

I do, thank you.


Pause. Looks deeply at Evdokia, who is still crying.

There is nothing to be afraid of, my friend.

I know you don’t understand the words, but I’m quite sure you know what you’re talking about. And what I’m talking about, because I can —
read your mind.

So it’s a very quiet talk for everybody else. Not for us, my dear.

Pause of a minute or so, as Aedgar and Evdokia look at each other.

[To Nerida] You seem to be in a more peaceful place.

We are in the northern hemisphere. It is a peaceful place.

We have been here before.
Must have been at a different time.
There are more little friends around, so to say.

Yes, I really understand now, why Spring and Summer are so precious to Northern hemisphere people.

You finally understand?

I think so.

Coming from a sunburnt island, you don’t have much of this transition time. Because this is a kind of transition too, in Nature. It’s always an interesting time because it’s an opportunity for change.

It’s the same thing in life.

You need to empty the mind of the ballast that’s in there which might be holding you back from a very exciting, new time coming up.

We told you before, nothing ever really comes to an end. It changes.

Like the change from Winter to Spring.

Yes, same thing.

Or from Summer to Autumn.


And the change is always as temporary or as permanent as you want it to be.
It can be quite permanent if you’re not open-minded.

And it’s going to be quite temporary if you go from one step, to the next step and the next. [Moving Marie’s hand from one point to another like a conductor].

It’s evolving. It’s evolution — a kind of transition.

Light captured by  Joshua Sortino .

Light captured by Joshua Sortino.

Mostly, this evolution is going forward, upward at the same time. Sometimes there are some little bumps, and then they go up again and go down again.

Sometimes you can get up like this [moves the hand smoothly and rapidly to a higher level]. It depends how open you are for these things.

[To Evdokia, gently] Nothing is ever lost. No one ever goes to a place that they don’t anticipate or want. There is always some sort of plan that has been tweaked this way or that way. If you mainly stay within that plan that you’ve created before, you evolve.

By transitioning, you evolve.

[To Nerida] It means different stages of life. It means different seasons on this planet.

It can even mean transitioning from this planet to a different one — quite close! (No one knows about it. It’s a good thing.)

Do you understand?

I do.

Yes. [Referring to Evdokia] There might be some understanding, too — from the mind, not the words.

[Pause. Looking directly at Evdokia] It’s all good, is it?

[To Nerida] Is there anything else we could help you with?

Evdokia’s husband, Vadim, has been through a transition as well.

Vadim, Vadim. Yeah, we’ve met this Vadim before. Quite interesting.

He’s having quite a lovely time, even now, in this challenging time. The mind is not quite as open as it should be. It’s not as empty as it should be for new vibes coming in.

It’s about new horizons.


There is a lot of ballast. He does not know what to do with it.

He does know, on a higher level. But he can’t quite translate it.

From our point of view, he does not have a problem. He knows exactly what he wants. But he’s in a kind of dilemma. He does not know how to translate this to the ones around.

He is working from a higher level.

There is one in this family here, this group, that could relate quite well — very, very strong. Very, very strong spirit.

You mean Vadim? Or the other one?

The one that can relate.

That’s Alex, yeah? [An autistic youth]


Hmm. Very strong, beautiful —

Very, very strong.

Beautiful spirit.

Original artwork by  Ortega Maila .

Original artwork by Ortega Maila.

Yes! That’s right.


Vadim’s coming home tomorrow.

Oh! Must be exciting.

It is. He’ll be so happy. Wonderful to be home.

Yes. He might get little reminders here and there of what his original ideas were. The new ideas, the original ideas he had lately about expansion of knowledge and how to store it.

His main question is: How and where to store the knowledge?
To be able to access it again?

This concern is not really necessary, because the wisdom, the knowledge is within. If the knowledge is your own, you don’t need to put it on a paper, let alone store it on one of your poor technology things. It’s always there. You only need to do these kinds of things if you try to educate others with your knowledge.

The One, the Self knows. It’s always accessible at any stage.

Some people have difficulties accessing it — which does not mean it is not there.

It is there. You could take it from there and build up the energy of the knowledge. You don’t need to start from the beginning again. But, for them, it’s very difficult to access it.

Human beings, when they are young (we are talking in years. We’re not talking about maturity) — have the ability to access it.

'They get distracted by cute and tiny, funny little things' Photo by  Steiner Engeland .

'They get distracted by cute and tiny, funny little things' Photo by Steiner Engeland.

Then they get distracted by cute and tiny, funny little things. They forget about the access route to their knowledge.

Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

Some of them don’t quite forget. They are a bit different. Stronger spirits, mainly.

There is one of those within this group of people.

Are you talking about Alex again?

Yes. He’s on a different level.

He is. He’s a totally different being, very unique.