Blue net photo by Pietro Jeng.


Aedgar's words are written like this.

Nerida's voice is written this way.

I’ve been reading an excellent book about channeling —


 — in human history, through the ages. And also in the current period, particularly in the dominant cultures. It’s been a wonderful thing to understand a bit better the context of what we do.


[Chuckles] Yes, I've been a bit slow.

And yet impatient —

I know! What a frustrating combination.

It’s a creation of unnecessary work.

You can trust your feelings and your intentions, too.

It’s not about ‘I go there. I do it because everybody else does’.

That’s right.

So, the book raised a few questions in my mind about our relationship and the work that we do: questions other people have asked that I thought of a long time ago (but maybe wasn’t ready for the answers).

Questions and answers?

Well, for example, some people who are channels, as our friend Marie is, channel an aspect of their own greater being -- like, their higher self or a sub-personality.

I wondered if the relationship between you and Marie was that you come from the same entity or what your relationship is with Marie? Perhaps you’ve known her many times before and me, as well.

We observed.

We watched.

We observed.

We were hoping for a perfect match.

It is not easy to find a perfect match.

Perfect match. Photo by  Roegger .

Perfect match. Photo by Roegger.

We would not call it her higher self.

This is us.

We are very, very fond of our friend, very supportive and very, very grateful, but we are different, my dear.

Our friend has different abilities to us, that can be mixed up a little bit with the kind of work — giving of information — that we do. But it comes from a different source.

Similar entity, but not the same.

How wonderful that we have access to wisdom from more than one entity.

Yes, you can.

We know that towards our friend, this might sound a bit bad, but you know what we mean when we say, we need a mind that’s open and empty, you know?

Temporarily — so we can access.

It’s quite special what she can do.

Another kind of perfect shell. Photo by  Biel Morro .

Another kind of perfect shell. Photo by Biel Morro.

Yes. We like to use a shell that’s a perfect match.

We could, if wanted to, use all the facilities of the shell. We don’t.

Yes. Thank you. Out of respect for her privacy?

Yes. It was negotiated.

Wonderful relationships need some sort of (you might call it) boundary. We call it respect. We have to respect each other, to have a beautiful relationship.

If people here called it a boundary, that would be the wrong word. Because this would mean you don’t respect each other, you limit each other.

You understand?

Yes, I think it’s an important distinction.


Some of you people get mixed up with words: ‘Oh yeah, we just use this one. We use that one. Sounds similar. Doesn’t matter.’

To us it does. Words are there to express meaning. If you don’t care about the words — no matter which language — you disrespect that meaning as well.


Yeah. Is there anything else we can do for you, my friend?

I think we’ll have the chance to speak again in coming days.

Oh! Looking forward to it — always.

Me too.

So, talk to you another time.

Yes, please. Thank you Aedgar.

You’re very welcome. Thank you, my dear friends.

Pause. Marie returns as if waking up.

Nerida: Hey Mar.

Marie: Hey.

Nerida: Hey beautiful girl!

Marie: Did it work?

Nerida: It worked very well.

Marie: Okay. Let's eat. I'm hungry.