Fire front near Santa Monica, California in 2007. Photo by John Newman.


Aedgar's words are written this way.

Nerida's voice is written like this.

What have you been up to?

Plenty of things. Shifting energy around. The imbalance is bigger at the moment.

It always is, when the moon is at its closest to this planet.

The moon has always had an effect on the tides, as you know. But when it’s closer, these effects are stronger. So it can create floods.

If you have an imbalance in one place, there will be an imbalance on the opposing side of the planet. [He uses the hands to describe the globe]

Let’s say you have a very bad imbalance here [in Australia].

Western Australian gold mine -- the 'Superpit' at Kalgoorlie. Photo courtesy  Yewenyi .

Western Australian gold mine -- the 'Superpit' at Kalgoorlie. Photo courtesy Yewenyi.

If you would travel right through this planet from here you would end up in Europe — so you would have an imbalance there, as well. This planet is almost round, that’s why the effect is always on the opposite side.

It can be in different areas of other objects in the Universe, if they are not shaped almost round.

So the floods in Europe may have been partly caused by the mining in Australia?

Yeah, you could say so.

[Thoughtfully] That’s interesting. Gives the people in Europe some motivation to care about what happens here.

They don’t know.

But they might know, one day.

They will learn one day.

They will have to learn the hard way.

When something dramatic happens there, some people you call scientists try to find out where it comes from.

On some occasions, they look too far away for the cause of a problem. In this case, they don’t look far enough.

Relief map of flooding in Central Europe, 2013. Courtesy  Austrian Press Agency .

Relief map of flooding in Central Europe, 2013. Courtesy Austrian Press Agency.

They think it’s caused by the dams they built there, which do aggravate the situation.

But, the actual reason comes from the other side of the planet.

Having cyclones in the Pacific can cause big fires in the area they call America. Like where our other friends live, that area —


Yes. You have cyclones in the Pacific, you’ll have fires over there.

Fires in the wine-making country of Northern California, October 2017. Satellite picture by  NASA .

Fires in the wine-making country of Northern California, October 2017. Satellite picture by NASA.

It comes from the energy that’s created in the atmosphere.

Sometimes, of course, they are started by tiny fires that humans make. But that incident wouldn’t be big enough to cause these huge fires — it’s the whole environment.

It’s the atmosphere, the energy around it that makes it all burn -- and everything catches fire.

Mostly fires start at many places at the same time. So if they say, 'This person caused that huge fire,' -- that’s not entirely true.

It’s part of it. But the fire that person made is only a small part of it.

There is a lot of energy shifted around in what you call the atmosphere of this planet. We say it’s different levels of energy: different strengths, different densities. So things get moved around in certain patterns or reflected.

For example, if you put bad things up in the air there, [moves the hand straight up and down] they’re coming straight back at you — if it all goes up in a direct vertical way.

If the disturbance is going up at an angle, it bounces back and hits a different area.

Sometimes a disturbance creates waves in the atmosphere, so it hits back in different areas — in a circular motion, mostly.

This could mean floods on the eastern side of your island, fires in Asia, storms in the northern Americas, more floods in Europe and drafts in Africa.


Droughts, is what you say?



I must have been thinking of ale.

I was told it’s called 'draft'.

That’s right. It’s a good thought to have when you’re describing a drought.

Deep sigh.

You know our planet so well.

Everybody should know.

You don’t know how to protect something, how to strengthen it, if you don’t understand things.

The more people know about it, the more information they get to protect things — to create energy, good energy in areas where it’s needed — to counterbalance the lack of energy from other areas.

We’re talking about places where the lack of energy has been created by, for example, depriving the planet, taking all these things out and sending them all to a different place – including what you call large-scale mining and stripping the forests. It creates imbalance — can’t say it often enough.