An Oasis in the Valley of the Draa River, Morocco by Sergey Pesterev.


Aedgar's words are written this way.

Nerida's voice is written like this.


In the larger picture of this little planet, I was grateful to see that plenty of water was coming to this planet, as you and our friends told us would be the case, over past years.


But in this part of the world, well, not far from here over the mountains, there’s a significant drought. And north of us, in Japan, many people have died from flooding.

There is a shift going on. We told you before.

The drought here is a way of the earth showing that something is not quite right. We can tell you now that there will be lots of water in this area, as well. The problem is that there will be too much at a time. So it will go from one extreme to another. It has been building up for a long time.

Drought-affected Lake Hume, Upper Murray River, Australia. Pic  suburbanbloke

Drought-affected Lake Hume, Upper Murray River, Australia. Pic suburbanbloke

People who are able to feel the Country, or if they can’t feel, to observe, would be needed to find out what to change.

Starting off, planting some trees would be helpful.

Yes. And taking away some of the animals.

Oh, they will go away by themselves. Some of them will literally dry up. The rest will be washed away.

This is going to be some sort of a drama. But, we would not call it a drama because it’s the planet trying to make humanity understand that something is deeply wrong.

The water can’t catch up with the water that’s in the ground already, because now that groundwater is too deep down. The levels have changed dramatically. Some humans in this area know about it. But they won’t talk about it.

Do you understand?

I do. The mining companies have been taking bore water from the Great Artesian Basin, ancient water, and just throwing it on the ground.

Map showing the Great Artesian Basin in Australia. Map compiled by  Tentotwo .

Map showing the Great Artesian Basin in Australia. Map compiled by Tentotwo.

Well, you can’t replenish that. And they’ve put some other stuff in there, that’s now all mixed.


It’s a very big area affected, already.

People, humanity, will be forced to find other sources of water: removing salt from some of the ocean water, getting a bit out of rivers—filtering it thoroughly because there’s a lot of stuff in there that’s not supposed to be in there. The problem with that is, that stuff’s too concentrated if you take the water out. They will find out that these areas have been poisoned.

As mentioned, some beings here know already. They tried to warn others. They have been categorised as 'not good enough', and told that they don’t understand. They were said to be talking in a way some other people didn’t like. The best thing they could come up with was telling others they are ‘undereducated’. Mad. Dumb, literally.

What would the larger communities of humans to do, if they knew this was the case? They could come and fight. This could start a war within a single country—wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s about—again—we have to get back to the greed. It’s about more, more, more—whatever. 'The more the better.'

The problem is that the ‘more, more, more’ goes to a handful of individuals who decide what to make out of it. It’s the same with everything.

You take out more, you get papers with numbers on it. You send the materials somewhere else, and, as ancient people have said before, you can’t live on the paper with numbers on it.

You can’t hydrate. You can’t eat it. You can’t do anything.

In some areas, there will be places left that have big stacks, in ‘safes’, of these tokens and the shiny yellow stuff and the shiny silver stuff. Nowadays, they would be considered rich.

Stacks of inedible, shiny, yellow stuff. Illustration by  Stevebidmead .

Stacks of inedible, shiny, yellow stuff. Illustration by Stevebidmead.

If you wait some more years—we are not so good at time—those will be regarded as very, very poor areas. Because you can’t survive on these things.

Other areas will have resources but they will need them for themselves. They might say to them, ‘Why did you sell it off? Why did you give it all away? We need it ourselves. Go and eat your paper. Or your shiny metals.’


Do you understand?

I do.


I wondered about Japan.

Ja-pan. What was that about?

The people there have had devastating floods, that swept away a lot of houses and have taken many lives. Previously they’ve faced poisoning—

They did not pay enough attention to it.

The poisoning?

Yes. It’s still going on.

The poisoning is?



There is clear water coming down from the sky, in the form of rain, which is watering down the poison. The planet tries to help itself.

While the planet is trying to help itself, there might be some—could you call it?—collateral damage, I think.

But then, those beings, they know what they have been getting into. Some of them did not think it would be that bad, but they came into this life knowing it would not be an easy one. It would be a life of ‘quick learning experiences.’

Young ones working on the clean-up. Photo courtesy  enews1023 .

Young ones working on the clean-up. Photo courtesy enews1023.

And then, they might come back. Even to the same place. And for all that’s happening now, it will be a better place.

Mmm. So the water is diluting the poison?

Trying to. And shaking things off. Washing things out.

So, the Earth responds in a similar way to our human bodies? If the body is trying to get rid of toxins, it might come out on the skin or the body might try to get rid of it another way.

Well, there are several opportunities to get rid of these things. You should know that, my friend.



The planet tries to repair itself, the same way our bodies do.

There are fires in California, again. Is that caused by the deforestation in Canada?


And the misuse of the water that was in the ground—


—too much taken out.


Yes. So it dries up from the ground up. It's not dry because the Sun is shining on it, so hot. It’s drying up from under the ground. If a fire starts, it will keep going for a longer time, because everything is so dry from within the ground.

It makes sense.

You know, the carbon—once the big floods come, massive rains in the other season—

After the fires?

Yes. The carbon goes back into the earth. There will be new forests growing; if they don’t cut them down again.

There will be water that’s getting filtered through the carbon, down in the bottom. But it will take a long time to regenerate, to re-grow, refill, all these things.

I appreciate very much the holistic view of the Earth that you and our friends teach us.

Well, it’s a bit different, we think.


Some would call these disasters all over the world. All over this planet. We call it the planet trying to regenerate.

Cenote, underground fresh water in the Yucatan, Mexico. Photo by  jhovani_serralta

Cenote, underground fresh water in the Yucatan, Mexico. Photo by jhovani_serralta

But a lot of things, if you take them out and put them somewhere else, can’t be regenerated.

Like the water from the Great Artesian Basin?

Yes. It’s from ancient times. It will take the same amount of time again to get the things in it broken down and cleared.

We’re talking millions of years?

We’re not good with time, but—

Thousands, at least.

Yeah. So the ones that choose to come to this place, thousands of years from now, will experience a better place.

We have seen things destroyed over and over again, some of us.

And given how slow some beings are in learning from experience, to get the knowledge to make their energy, to lift it up, to take them to a better place… Sometimes it takes them hundreds of visits back to the same place, to finally learn to not do the same things over and over again.

Well, I guess I’m one of them. I’ve been told I’ve had a couple of hundred lifetimes on Earth.

Try to be open to learning. Try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Try to raise your energy, because you will raise the energy of your environment, as well.

If you have enough, you are able to share it. If you don’t have enough, you can’t share it.

Anything else, my dear?