Gratitude photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


Aedgar’s words are written like this.

Lea and Nerida’s words are written this way.

[Addressing Lea] Open yourself up to more and better opportunities than you already have because you are powerful beyond your own imagination.

We are telling you because we can feel it.

N: [To Lea] He doesn’t say that to everybody.


N: I said that you don’t say that to everybody, do you?

We rarely have to because we do tell only what we feel.

N: Yes.

As we said before, you are so powerful, if you forgive yourself—for all these things that keep your mind busy—you could rule the whole place.

L: [Tearful] Why don’t I see that?

You are blinded by all these little things.

‘I should have,’ ‘I could have—.’ But you didn’t. And there was a reason for it.

You’ve got guides.

Guided tour in Iceland. Photo by  Tom Grimbert .

Guided tour in Iceland. Photo by Tom Grimbert.

L: I do?

Yes, you do.

We think about seven. You have seven different ones. They’re not always around, all of them. But they’re nearby to support.

L: [Whispering to Nerida] Are my guides relatives who’ve passed?

N: No.

No. A relative becoming a guide happens only sometimes: if there is a very powerful soul that says, ‘I’m going to be that guide. There is some work to do.’


Respect yourself. Forgive yourself.

Then, this will be what everybody else can see.

It will be as if you radiate: ‘You owe me all the respect that you are able to give. I don’t have to forgive any of you, until I have forgiven myself.’

Just try to clear it all out. Do you understand?

L: I think so.

Do you mean just in this life or in all the lives?

[Pause] We would say in the last three.

L: I don’t know what I did in the last three, except the one you told me about earlier. But I must be carrying it with me.

N: [Softly, to Lea] I have an idea. Let’s see what he says.

You used to torture people during the Spanish Inquisition.

N: [Smiling] That’s where I know you from.

Burning witches at the stake.


You saw it as an opportunity. But then, you thought, ‘How can I avoid ever doing this again? I wanted, I asked for this experience. But I didn’t like it.’

So some of this feeling is still there in you, hidden.

N: Do we know each other from that time, Aedgar? Lea and I?

[Sigh. Pause]

South of the Americas —child, no parents.

N: Oh, she was one of Marie and my children, yes? In the orphanage lifetime?


L: [Whispers to Nerida] You were my mum?

N: Yes.

L: That’s why I love you so much.

Number three.

N: Number three. Oh, you were an important one. We had about thirty? Forty?

Well, not at the same time.

[To Lea] You learned a lot—’specially from her [Nerida].

L: I still am.

That other friend of ours was more into organising, than sharing the love around—

N: So that’s what Marie did: got the food and the clothing and shelter.

Yeah. [Indicating Nerida to Lea] This one was the one with the love and the care. And the big heart.

Other one had a big heart, too, but on a different level. Different department, so to say.

N: Where was that?

[Deep breath] Peruvian. That was Peruvian life.

Peruvian scene courtesy  Martín Espinoza .

Peruvian scene courtesy Martín Espinoza.

N: Little girl then, too?



L: Does it feel like I’m on a good path right now? With my work, with my heart?

You are. You are.

But you could get a lot more out of it if you could learn to forgive yourself.

[L sniffs]

Put yourself first. Get to the understanding: ‘Whatever I have, whatever I want, I deserve it.’

[L sobs]

You have to breathe it: ‘I deserve it’.


‘It belongs to me. I deserve it.’

L: That’s not being selfish?


You have a misunderstanding, we think, between being selfish and trying to please. Trying to please is—well, you could see where it got your mother.

L: Yes.

You could call it ‘selfish’ if you want to—if that means you put yourself first.

If you don’t have things for yourself, if you give it all away, and you have nothing left for yourself, then everybody is expecting you to be still giving things away.

But you can’t because there’s nothing left.

We are talking, not about toys or papers with numbers on them, we are talking energy.

Thoughts, feelings, support—on an energetic level.

You need to keep things to yourself.

You are very powerful so you can grow this energy. You get more knowledge about things, you grow all the energy you have. And then, you will be able to give it freely—

L: [Sobs]

— without ever running out of it yourself.

We know it sounds very easy—

L: [Laughs]

—and we know too, it is quite difficult.

L: Yes. Sometimes it takes a lifetime or more.

Yes, indeed. That’s why some decide—the stronger ones—to come back over and over again, trying to get it to perfection.

You can never get to perfection, you know.

L: [Laughs]

We’ll tell you that little secret. Because there wouldn’t be anything left that you’d need to learn. You wouldn’t need or want to learn about anything anymore.

There’s always more.

You can’t see it because people on this planet think, ‘Oh, we’ve achieved it. We create some more of it.’

You can strive and learn and try to understand a bit more, all of you.

We are not talking about ourselves.

I come through as an ‘Aedgar’. But we can communicate with all the others. We can’t be everywhere—we can almost be everywhere. And we know all the others; we can communicate.

That’s how we actually do get to be everywhere. It’s a different way of understanding, of connecting, which is really missing on the place you live in now.

People try to connect over the whole planet, with all these stupid little things. And then they run out of energy and they’re all by themselves.

It will happen at some stage—all these little devices will just stop.

And then everybody would wish they could have the form of communication that we have.

We’ll keep it to ourselves for a bit longer because it might get misused. It will all come out at the right time.

N: Yes.


Is there anything else you’d like to ask?

N: Is there anything you’d like to say to the people who read the stories I put out?

To convey to—who?

N: Our readers. You know, I have the newsletter and people read your words on their electronic devices.

Oh, your little entertainment game.

N: There are people who learn from it.

You wish.


Well, go out there and experience life—with your physical body, in a physical world.

There is no substitute for that.

You need to see things for yourself. You need to feel things for yourself.

And then you’ll feel better because you had a real experience. Rather than having something in your hand that eventually runs of out of power—makes you sit there in the dark, in any way of understanding that.

You can’t be connected to the whole world, if you’re not somehow connected to the person right next to you. Or the rock right next to you. You just can’t.

It’s a big misunderstanding at the moment.

Ah, it will change at some stage—abruptly.


We wouldn’t consider it scary—it will just take everything to a higher level. Nature is on a much higher level. The Earth is on a much higher level than anything this humankind is able to emit, produce.

After all, they try to copy Nature somehow—but there are always these mistakes in there.

They can’t see it. So they have to experience those mistakes. They will have quick learning experiences (which are more powerful). It makes for better understanding.

N: You mean when all the electronic devices stop working?

We did not say that.

It might happen. But we did not say it.

We can see a few things coming.


You should all go out and enjoy this beautiful planet.

Is there anything else, my dear?