Portrait of a man with Blues by Joshua Fuller.


Aedgar’s words are written this way.

Nerida and Lyndal’s words are written this way.

Hello, my dear. What can we do for you?

L: I’m just, sort of, very curious.

We like curious people.

L: Well, I’m wondering about my living situation in the near future. It’s been a bit of an issue lately.

Your living situation. Are you talking about the locality?

L: Yes, I am.


Hmm. We’re having a look.

We think you might have some interesting choices coming up.

Very likely you are going to a new place.

It’s not going to happen very quickly, but it won’t take too long, either. There will be at least two choices. You might move somewhere else—maybe away from this island.

You know, it could be beneficial. We can feel that you’re opposed to it. But the outcome will be much better than you think. Better opportunities, less challenges.


There is someone close to you, very close—moving away would mean moving into a different circle. It would be easier to get help. And there are not as many ‘teases’ around.

You understand?

L: Yes, I do. How do my family feel, like my parents, in particular, feel about this?

They are not amused, my dear. I can tell you that. This is quite obvious. Sometimes you have to take a step towards your own path, your own life. They have reasons—they do think it’s gonna be more difficult for you—which is not true, we can tell you that.

But on the other hand there’s a bit of selfishness involved in it.

It’s too hard to let go. But it’s not the end of the world. It won’t be too far away. Some people, you know, move away and it’s several days of travelling. You won’t do this.

You might at a much later stage.

Portrait of thoughtful woman by  Kyle Broad.

Portrait of thoughtful woman by Kyle Broad.

L: And what about the children?

We think they will enjoy quite a lot of freedom. An easier environment. It’s less populated. It’s a less populated area. It’s a good place for adventurous children—and one that likes to read.

One is going to grow into a lover of literature.

L: Do you see all three children with us?


It won’t happen immediately.

Some resistance from one child. That child has a closer connection to friends and a closer circle of people. We would call it reluctance.

N: You mean one child resists the move?

That’s right.

L: Should we pursue bringing them along?

You will try. It’s not going to work out right from the start. But once the thoughts have cleared, it will be like, you would call it a ’no brainer’ in these times.

L: Chuckles.

We don’t like it much. Where there is no brain, there are no thoughts.

Four children all together. A fifth in question. Photo by  Samuel Zeller .

Four children all together. A fifth in question. Photo by Samuel Zeller.

L: Do you see any other children?

We can see another child. Four all together—a fifth one in question.

L: If there is a move, do you see a return back to where we started?

Might be. But it would take a long time. There might be, even, a move further away. Could even be across a big ocean. Or to the northern part of the planet.

There will be an opportunity at some stage. And you might have thoughts like, ‘I’ve moved away. I’m quite happy here. But, I’ve got a better opportunity there. I might as well try it.’

It will be like a professional task. There is a monetary moment to it, as well.

N: A monetary moment is a good thing.

L: All right.

Kookaburras laughing in the distance outside.

L: Do you see us happy as a family, though?

Well, we can see there is a bit of a game of blaming going on. ‘You did something and now I have to do this.’ You need to try to sort it out.

You should it see it, not as, ‘I have to do this because of you.’ Or, ‘You have to do this because of me.’ But, see it as a new opportunity.

Someone completely lost the path and now this shows itself as a new chance to get back on their original path—which will bring more peace and happiness. Not from day one, but in the longer term. It will work out fine.

But it will take a little bit of stamina on your part.

‘Someone completely lost the path’. Photo by  Lubo Minar.

‘Someone completely lost the path’. Photo by Lubo Minar.

L: [Quietly] Okay.

It’s a good match. It’s worth working for it, putting some effort into it. We can see good things coming on the horizon. Don’t worry.

L: I’ll try not to.

It will be a move, literally, towards the better.