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Bartgrinn's voice is written this way.

Nerida's voice is written like this.


I wonder if I might ask some advice for our friend? She is feeling a bit stuck.

It is a bit difficult for her at the moment. There is some kind of protein circulating — a very small amount — not a good kind.

A poisonous protein?

Centipede -- not the culprit. Photo by  Yash Raina .

Centipede -- not the culprit. Photo by Yash Raina.

It could take a while to get rid of it. Usually, maybe, two full circles of the moon.

It has attached itself to some other protein circling around the body, taking a ride. So the body is fighting it, which takes quite a bit of energy — the fuel-like energy. It’s a stubborn one to get rid of.

Where did it come from?

Animal of some sort. Well, it’s not an insect bite.

But it is insect-like?

I wouldn’t call it insect-like. It didn’t release the full amount of poison, which was lucky.

Was it a centipede?

No. [Pause] No legs, my dear.

A snake?

We don’t wanna scare you.

I was scared!

We were around.

Thank you.

What was the lesson of that experience?

Wrong place, wrong time. It is good to go out and do things but you should always keep an eye on nature, every part of it. Don’t get distracted too much. You might not realise it, but this is a very unforgiving place.

So what did you learn? Pay attention at every, as you would say, given moment. Don’t get too distracted, no matter how exciting things are around you.

So she was bitten through her trousers?

Yes. That’s why it was painful but not itchy. You get itchy from insects. These trousers were a good protection — stopped that thing from using the full amount of poison.

Can you tell me what kind of snake it was?

It was a common one around here. Not very big, but not too small either. Light colour. Can get much bigger, but not really a juvenile.

That was lucky.

Yes. It was a mistake.

By the snake or by us?

We would say by the snake. It was aimed at the ones that were too noisy but got distracted. You just got in the way.

Poor old snake. Poor Claudia.

Everybody learned from this occasion, we could say.

Anything she can specially eat to help recovery?

Some enzymes in fruit might be helpful…yes, yellow. The yellow-fleshed fruits do have good enzymes for this kind of thing. Anything that has bright yellow flesh.

Beautiful yellow-fleshed Alphonso mango. Photo by  Asit K. Ghosh Thaumaturgist .

Beautiful yellow-fleshed Alphonso mango. Photo by Asit K. Ghosh Thaumaturgist.

Keep the protein intake up because it does damage the body’s proteins. Weakens it because this other protein is taking some sort of a ride on it. The main thing it does is slow the body down. It slows the metabolism down. It wasn’t enough to do more damage.

The main thing it does is slow everything down, which they use if they bite something else. It can’t get away as fast the next time. They prepare to come back at a later stage.

It makes it easier for them to hunt if they bite lizards and little marsupials, as you have in this area.

We didn’t have them up in the north of Europe — it was too cold.

Was it especially cold in the north of Europe when you were there? I’ve been told there was a kind of an ice age.

If you talk about an ‘ice age’ you mean something very different. In a real ice age, warm-blooded living beings would not survive. That’s what we would call an ice age.

Well, how about ‘an exceptionally cold period in human history’?

It was colder, but humans and animals who were born into it didn’t know the difference. I would still go around and collect herbs. We did have cold but there were still plants and animals. The were some issues when the sun wasn’t as bright, so it wasn’t hot.

Was it a time of volcanic explosions?

There were some particles diminishing the strength of the sun and the strength of the light. It wasn’t as warm as it could have been. These were very likely from activities within the planet, or even activities of the next planet.

You mean Venus?

Not quite.

The Moon?


Maybe a planet we don’t know about yet?

You might find traces of it. It was moving past in part of what you might call a different Universe. Because it was alive and moving it was coming round and then it moved away again. It had a bad influence.

It upset the centre of the Earth. The centre of this planet is not solid so it upset some of the planet. The Earth had to use these vents and valves quite a bit; because at first it became much hotter by being pushed much closer to the Sun.

Our sun, showing a solar prominence. Photo by NASA.

Our sun, showing a solar prominence. Photo by NASA.

Once that other planet had moved away and this kind of different Universe had moved away, it expanded. It had to go somewhere.

The light of the Sun was darkened by these particles in the atmosphere around this planet. Then this planet moved further from the Sun again. It was cooler. But it was not an Ice Age.

Was it an asteroid?

It was a planet. Asteroids are something different, my dear. It will come around again in many, many, many human lifetimes.

If we last that long.

If you give this planet a chance to last that long. The planet can always outlive you — just shake you off and start again.

This was a visit from a different Universe?

Yes. Your Universe is not the only Universe. Just because you can’t find a way to see it, to measure it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You have something you could call a Universe that is quite small, quite close. ‘Universe’ does not only describe something very big. There are actually quite a few that could fit into a human hand. So much smaller, so much more powerful. They are on a tiny, tiny block, little planets the size of ‘particles’ surrounded by different gases.

But being able, because they are very powerful, to move around fairly quickly, it could go past you like that [flashes Marie’s hands like a magician]!

No human would know it was there. Your body and brain can not sense this. You are not really up to speed. You have no idea what we would call speed. It is beyond human imagination. Which, at the moment, is good because there is less chance to do more damage more quickly.

We will talk to you another time. We are always glad to talk and to come back to talk, even if we are never far away.

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