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Nerida’s words are written this way

Bartgrinn’s words are like this.

Marie and I went to one of the world’s biggest mines. There’s a massive hole in the ground, as big as a city.

Yes. Not the way it should be done.

Marie was furious.

That is because we were furious.

It is just that we’ve seen these kinds of things before.

The material that was taken was different. They had the ability to take things out of the ocean. There was an abundance—on the ocean floor. What’s left now is mainly sand and rocks. And big cracks where these things are missing: causing huge, huge quakes.

So that’s a consequence of mining in another civilisation?

Yeah, in another civilisation.

It was caused by other beings, from places they call different names that have disappeared.

They had far more advanced technology. It was still poor technology compared to what would be available—if you were on the right path, doing the right things.

It’s asking a bit too much, to be on the right path, all the time, all of you. We know that.

That’s an ideal.

You will always have some renegades, doing some other things.

But there’ve been civilisations before that were doomed because of the things they did. Things like: fighting others for having wrong rules that they obeyed or a wrong ‘belief system’. Or chasing the wrong things.

At that time it was very popular to use things they found on the ocean floor. They had technology to do so. They thought they were very superior. They could use very high energy rays that were produced from minerals that they got from the ocean floor.

So what’s left of them? Myth! Stories. Vague stories. Nothing else.

All gone like that!

You wanna end up like this?

You can all turn into one of these myths that someone might or might not talk about in what you call the future.

You’ve got a choice.

The ones that have the low intelligence and rule the place and have nothing but greed for some sort of thing in their head: they’ve made the choice already. Which is not the right choice — not from any perspective. They think, ‘I can have it all.’

As they say, ‘I’ve got one life to live, I might as well use it all up.’

The thing that they don’t get is that they will come back. Their own soul will come back and have to experience the aftermath of what they’ve done. So they will be in for a big surprise and a not-so-good experience.

If you’ll tell them that, they’re going to laugh their heads off. About this ‘stupidity’. It’s the fear that’s talking. Just the thought that there might be something like that gives them a huge amount of fear.

Some of them don’t even understand that what they are doing is wrong.

Their level of intelligence is actually lower than low. Can you blame them? Sure.

They’ve done something bad. If they would’ve tried to gain knowledge to grow energy, they could have expanded their intelligence a little bit. Experience could have given them some insight, but they’ve chosen not to.

No one wants to have the insight about all the bad things they’ve done. They live like: ‘I don’t know what I have done wrong, so I’m not guilty of anything.’

Which is not how it works.

They will have the insight, some of them, at some stage.

Others will be just shaken off the grid. It’s kind of a breed that eliminates itself.

So, they won’t come back to grow energy and to make better things, but they won’t come back to do more of the bad things, either. Because they’ll just disappear.

A lot of them are the ones that say: ‘You’ve got only one life, use it’.

Some others adopt this thought and this idea, because they like the idea that, ‘I can do whatever I like to, because I’m not coming back’.

But actually they have a different level of intelligence. So they’re trying to copy. They try to copy the ones that they think have more fun and more power.


But, actually they do have have more intelligence and they do come back and they do have to live with the consequences of what they’ve done.

You’re talking about young souls learning?

Photograph of smoke during ritual, by  Sebadelval .

Photograph of smoke during ritual, by Sebadelval.


The others are older souls that have never learned, that got stuck.

They got stuck and at some point they don’t come back, because the universe can’t use them. They’re useless, because they don’t grow energy, they don’t add to the better course, to the bigger picture, because they don’t understand it. There is no need for them. They’re kind of, rubbish, you would call it, rubbish, waste. They wasted their chance, so they turn into waste themselves.