M'hoq Toq's voice is indicated like this

The interviewer's voice is indicated like this

Old country we passed through made me think of you.

I am very wise. Some people would call it old. It can be the same. It is not necessarily the same. Be aware of that. There are a lot of old fools around.

There are some wise young ones.


We came across an accident where a young one had left this life. He was only 11 years old. I spent some time with his brothers and sisters.

He had chosen to go. He has something more important to do in a very different place. It was very urgent. He felt very sorry to leave siblings behind. He felt he had to teach them. He felt responsibility. But there was a bigger responsibility waiting for him. He decided to come for a brief stop on this planet in the first place. He already stayed a bit longer, because he felt the responsibility, especially for the little one.

The youngest or the second from youngest?

Second. Second one was very close. Spirit wanted to follow.

Yes, he was very shocked.

They were supposed to work together at a later point. The one that left decided he’d taught enough about inner strength so the one left behind could do it later with the help of someone else. he had to make sure that will work out. He had to go to a very different place, this other one. Important work to do.

It’s a big universe.

You shouldn’t use the singular version.

Can we call it a Multiverse?

Almost. Still not enough.

So sometimes, if we’re having multiple lifetimes concurrently, we need to concentrate our attention or energy in one particular lifetime or way of being, in these multiple realities?

Sometimes you have to leave one of the places, because it is too intense in other places.
He had to go to do some very important work. The responsibility grew exponentially in a different place so he went where he was needed most. He knows now that it was the right time. The moment when it happened he thought about his other one [his brother] and thought it was too early.


He made the woman aware that she has to take more care, give more support. She will be a better person now.

She had a few flaws, as you could call it. Some lack of knowledge. He made her focus more.

We saw lots of boab trees. Marie really likes them.

It’s a reminder of a former life. Different continent, to the west.



Horticultural work. Not the trees. The trees gave shelter to medicinal plants.

It needed animals — birds — for the other plants to grow. The trees gave shelter to these birds. These birds are not around anymore. What you call extinction.

Did people kill the birds?

They ate them.

Did those birds bring the boabs to this continent? It’s a mystery how those trees got to be on this continent. Or is it because this continent was connected?

It was connected.

So they date back to the time of Lemuria?

Yes. Earlier than that.

They’re very individual trees.


They live a long life.

They've got a spirit. They have consciousness.

The birds couldn’t fly.

Were they dodos? Like a big chicken, a sea bird.

Very big, very big.

Bigger than dodos?

Compared to a chicken, ‘s very big. Not able to fly.

The dodos were hunted out by English sailors I think, who came to the island and killed them all

They ate them.

Was only about a hundred years ago.

First they started eating the eggs only. It was easier.

The birds have limited time for their reproduction.

They had a few old birds left, but not many young ones. Because they ate the eggs.
After the eggs were gone or rare to find they started to eat the birds as well. It made it a bit quicker, the disappearance. They weren’t able to reproduce anymore anyway, because their reproductive time had expired.

One of the last paintings of a living dodo by  Cornelis Saftleven  (1607-1681)

One of the last paintings of a living dodo by Cornelis Saftleven (1607-1681)

They interrupted their circle of life.

If there is no reproduction, everyone ages and everything ages. Nothing new grows and then everything dies.

Yes. Aedgar has told us that the reproductive abilities of the young ones who work in the mining places are going to be diminished or are already damaged.


I’ve tried to tell them.

It won’t help much. It is gone too far already for some. They leave, as it’s called by you now, too late. (Even if time doesn’t exist). And they will have new ones coming in, receiving the same damage.

So it is obvious how it is going to end.

Stupidity, greed, hunger for power.

And because they choose convenience to get power, they stopped thinking about alternatives. There are a lot of alternatives around, they can’t see them.

They feel they don’t need to, as they feel that what they do right now will continue for a long, long period.

This is not entirely true. More than a little bit false.

They destroy the balance of the planet. They have already done a lot of it.

A lot of things will change.

They won’t be able to reverse it if they don’t start very, very soon. There are already areas where it can’t be reversed.

Mine site in the Austrian Alps. Photo by  Sebastien Pichler .

Mine site in the Austrian Alps. Photo by Sebastien Pichler.

All they do is add new areas to further disrupt the balance. I am talking physical balance. The other balance, of course, is destroyed too (and will continue to be destroyed).

But they don’t even understand the destruction of the physical balance. They don’t see it.

They had a lot of warning. They ignored it. It’s the greed.

They had some warnings of a climate that will become unbearable—of the planet trying to shake things off. And they had some, or quite a lot, of warnings, from wise people.

They don’t consider them wise, because these people didn’t go through the educational system they use.

So they don’t have a paper from one of the institutions, or more than one. Some of them can’t even write. They are considered stupid.

The only ones that are stupid are the ones that think that they know it all and they know better all the time and they won’t listen. Because it’s all about greed.

They think they’re only going to live one lifetime.

Bad mistake.

The ones that do the very bad damage and the thoughtless actions consider everybody else around them as stupid. They are the ones that won’t have a choice about where to come back to.

They have to learn through bad experience.

They have to live with the damage they’ve done.


They won’t get what you would call old. They’ll come back several times for many quick learning experiences.

Some of them are already there; the ones that started with shovel and hands, being greedy. They’re already back, having bad experiences with what they call new technology and machines. And then they just go like this [gestures as if to express a realisation with Marie’s hands]: What did we start back then?

But they haven’t leaned enough, so they come back: to the next stage of quick learning experiences (as one of our team members would call it — we like that thought — very true).

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