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M'Hoq Toq's voice is written this way

Nelridas voice is like this.


You should stay away from spirits, the liquid spirits. These strong ones — don’t use them. Tiny amount here and there, but don’t try to open your mind with something like that. It’s a very strong poison. It does more damage than it helps if you don’t know about the right amount and the right time to use it.

In principle, you know, it is the same as it is with adding herbs to the tobacco. Same thing.

It’s not that more of it will give you more insight, give you more knowledge. More and more and more of everything — this is not how it works. Small amounts at the right time in the right place. It should be used for special occasions, not continuously.

You need only tiny amounts to reach the right level at a certain time. If you use it too much, too long, too often, your body gets used to it.

And the harder you try to reach that same fine line again, the worse it gets. The more you take of it to get to that certain level again, the worse it gets — you won’t get back there.

Photo of Hemp Flower by    Ravenshurst    via Wiki Commons

Photo of Hemp Flower by Ravenshurst via Wiki Commons

And you begin to damage the body.

Yes. You damage the mind first, the body follows afterwards. You understand?

Yes, very well.

First it destroys the way you think, you feel, you act. If you don’t understand that part, it will then do damage to the body. Things do have consciousness.

If you try to get back to health you have to decrease the amount gradually.

If you, hmm, if you take it away like this, [sudden chopping motion of the hand] cut it off, you’ll damage the mind even more.

You will have the experience—and you’ll see: "Wow, the body parts, the organs, they recover quite well.”

But if you cut off the supply suddenly like this [repeating a chopping motion with the hand], the problem is that the mind works with it in a different way. The damage in the head is still there. Stopping suddenly will make the damage in the head worse. People go crazy.

"Three Drunken Women" by  Torii Kinonaga  via Wiki Commons.

"Three Drunken Women" by Torii Kinonaga via Wiki Commons.

Are we talking about alcohol now or marijuana?

Liquids and herbs. So you have to decrease it in a — you can’t say slowly — you can’t do it too slowly either. But don’t take it all away at once. You have to decrease it in a straight line that goes like this: out of it. [Indicates a steady slope with the hand]. Do you understand?

I do.

A lot of this is done wrong in your culture.

They tell them they have to get rid of it like this [making the abrupt cutting motion], right now, because the organs seem to recover better if you do that. The problem is you remove the mind further from the body, because the mind doesn’t recover the same way. So the mind will get worse.

You then have a very crazy and sick mind in a healthier body. The violence that comes from there is much more powerful. The muscles and organs and bones, this whole physical body gets stronger with a very weak mind. This is a very explosive mixture.

It’s like, they have the ability to do very bad things after very poor decisions.

Yes. So we need to educate and strengthen the mind while we’re reducing the amount of alcohol, but not completely cutting it off.

Well, cut it out after a certain amount of time. This time is not the same for every individual. It depends how much they have been using things and for how long. That’s how you should consider getting rid of the dependency.

If someone smokes or drinks or inhales or eats amounts of things that are not good for them, like someone eats — we just use colours to express ourselves — a blue amount of something [indicates an amount with the right hand] and someone eats for example a yellow amount of something [indicates with the left hand], then this one [the blue on the right] has to get rid of it in a blue line [indicates a declining path] and this one has to get rid of it in the yellow line [similar gesture with the left hand].

"A blue amount...a yellow amount of something," pic by  Zoshua Colah

"A blue amount...a yellow amount of something," pic by Zoshua Colah

I can’t put litres, kilograms or pounds or ounces on it. Because it’s different, that’s why I was trying to use colour-coding.

It’s the overall image of something. You get an image from that being, that individual after you figure out how much, how long, how frequently the substance was taken. And you give that individual a special plan to get to zero. So this one needs the blue plan, this one needs the yellow plan.

It has to do with their energy.

People say now that it’s the mind over the body. There is quite a lot to that. If a weak and sick mind reigns over a strong body, it’s no good. If there is a strong mind with a weak body, the mind can help heal the body. But if the mind is damaged already it can’t heal the body. It will always make the wrong decision. Do you understand?

I do, I think. We need to start the healing from the mind. There’s no point letting the body go ahead of the mind because that will have a harmful result.

Yes. We are talking about dependencies now.

If you have a healthy person: healthy mind, healthy body and there is a sudden impact, like a knife, a blade, an arrow goes through a limb or part of the body, you have, of course, you have to treat the body first because the mind was fine before it happened.

So this would work the other way around. You have to heal the body first to stop the mind deteriorating.

Hippopotamus tooth and flint 'Gebel el-Arak' knife.  The Louvre  via Wikicommons.

Hippopotamus tooth and flint 'Gebel el-Arak' knife. The Louvre via Wikicommons.

The longer you delay healing the body, trying to (you would say) fix it — we don’t like ‘fix it’ because motion is life and fixing it means it’s not moving, it’s fixed (not a good word) — but if you, in your words, try to fix the body first, the mind won’t get weak because of the injury.

People having injuries that last a long time, giving them a hard time, that will damage their minds. It can damage the mind quite significantly. Do you understand?

I do.

So if a healthy person has an impact on their physical body, you need to fix that body first, otherwise it will turn into very, very long suffering because the mind deteriorates over it.

Fear and pain over a long time cause damage to the mind.