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M'Hoq Toq's words are written like this.

Nerida and Abi's words are written this way.

Abi:    How many spirits do I have around me?


A:    Mmm, or people who, like how we call it, are guardian angels, because I feel --

Well, first, you should not imagine them as angels because this is not how they look. It’s someone’s idea: handsome little women and men -- with wings.

A:    No, no, that’s not how I see them. I just see them.

S’not quite right.

A:    People. Like not like -- I don’t know.

They are spirits. These spirits can take a form for their work.

They could go into an animal that you have a relationship with. They could be in a plant that you’re sitting next to.

They could sit right next to you without taking the shape of anything. You would feel them but you would never be able to see them.

I can see four. Four of them. You have chosen them at some stage and they have chosen you.

They have been with you for several lifetimes.

They support you when you need more patience. They support you if you feel alone.

They try to point you in the right direction to be on your path. But it’s still you that makes the decision to go down that path.

Hydrangea path in the hills in Viet Nam. Photo by  Warren Wong .

Hydrangea path in the hills in Viet Nam. Photo by Warren Wong.

You might think ‘Oh, I might try something else’, and then you’ll have an additional skill that you learned. And then you’ll go back to your path again.

And then you’ll have another distraction and you go off and you try to learn something else.

Not all of the learning is pleasant.

As we all say, sometimes a bad learning experience is much quicker than a pleasant one.

So they try to point you in the right direction.

They are there to give you support. But you are still the one that makes the decision to take it.

It is a bit strange because people think of these spirits as human beings, and they need to have a name tag on them, because that’s what human beings have. But they don’t have names.

They are there for you: to teach you how to handle emotion, how to slow down or speed up passion for something, how to learn to be not so impatient, how to protect you from things that might be too dangerous.

They have all the abilities you would wish them to have -- and all these things will be offered to you, sometimes in very small gestures.

You’ll walk somewhere and suddenly there is this brightly coloured feather in front of you. It just makes you think, ‘That’s beautiful, I’m going to pick it up and look at it’.

So that moment kind of stopped you walking right through and reaching the corner at a moment when someone might have waited to attack you, for example.

They’re always there. You can always ask for help.

But sometimes, I’m just trying to say, you need to look more closely because there is not that human being with big wings guiding you somewhere. It could be a bug walking around, or a feather falling down or leaves from a tree.

Do you understand?

Abi:    Mmm.

So you’ve got four of them.

A:    That’s good. I know for example of going somewhere and something’s happened in front of me that it does, it stops you from --

Nerida:    Being involved in something that could endanger you?

A:    Yep.

Yes. It’s the little signs that you’re shown. If you pay attention you will not miss them.

A:    There was another question I wanted to ask and I forgot and I didn’t write it down.

N:    You’ve been wondering about your purpose … Abi has been feeling some despair about finding her purpose for being here in the world. She doesn’t know yet why she’s here. Still young.

Yes. Well, we don’t try to interfere with your life because it is still your life. You are still the one that makes the decisions.

But you will see it very clearly. And then you will think it was so close all the time. 'I’ve seen it all the time. How could I miss it?'

Portrait of unrelated (relatable) young woman by  Timothy Paul Smith .

Portrait of unrelated (relatable) young woman by Timothy Paul Smith.

You still need to get some obstacles out of your way.

You still give a few more lessons in how to be impatient or not to be impatient. You could be the impatient one trying to teach the little one patience.

Abi:   Sounds about right. [Laughing].

We call it learning. We don’t call it revenge.

A:    You keep mentioning that. [Laughing] Learning. I’m learning!

We can see you trying several options already. Thinking, ‘This is nice’.

Then life sent you a distraction.

Then you go back and think about your purpose again and you get another distraction. So it’s this back and forth. It happens a lot.

It happens to almost every human being, even animals. We can see you might start something new. A new experience that was always there, you just could not see it: a combination of arts and crafts. Teaching.

There is a branch of healing with herbs that you’ve done in a previous life. There is still an interest but it’s not important at the moment. That’s how you feel about it.

You will see much more clearly in a while. You’ll get some insight and some sort of background stories that will tell you about things you had no idea about, things that were going on around you. It will help you to choose your direction.

But you can be, for now, a good teacher of patience. You’re surrounded by quite a bit of impatience.

Nerida:    I have a question.


N:    Is Abi a healer?

Has been several times previously, yes.

N:    Mmm. So if she can develop her own harmonising energy and give herself more of it, it’s helpful, yes?

Yeah. You could try to be subtle, maybe. Because it could become a point for more jealousy. If you might like to take that hint as well.

Abi:    Yep.

Healers don’t take part in competition. They know what they are capable of. They don’t need competition. And you know that, my friend. You always knew this.

N:    So she’s a mature soul or an old soul?


N:    Ah, that’s why she gets a bit weary sometimes.

Yes. Seen it all before. Attitude, feeling.

N:    Yes I understand.

A:    That’s quite funny because I do [Laughing] feel that way. So maybe I could do that. Try healing. Miss the jealousy.

N:    We need to begin healing ourselves first.

It is a good start. It can be a good start as well if you start with someone close to you because that could give healing to both.

Do something that starts the whole movement of energy — without talking about it; or without talking too much about it.

It’s like ‘Oh, I’ve got this pain here’. ‘Oh, where is it?’ You might just touch it. The pain will go away. You don’t have to talk. It could happen over and over again.

N:   This is a good beginning here, good training.