Portrait of young man in the neon glow by Chester Wade.


M'Hoq Toq's words are written this way

Nerida's words are written like this.

There seems to be a push for war in the greater world at present. A lot of people are anxious about the trade wars and arguments of the ones of low intelligence at the top of our societies.

Well, you should never be too fearful, because people dominated by fear make bad decisions. But there are grounds for fear. We can feel the vibrations.
Some things have to be stopped.
There will be some surprises. Surprising turns; not always for the better.

You should not be fearful.
Fear causes bad decisions, wrong decisions. If you’re dominated by fear, clear thoughts are not possible.
It has been done before: You create a lot of fear amongst tribes or populations. They can’t think clearly. So they make decisions that are surprising to other tribes, or, for that matter, to the rest of the population of the planet.


Fear is always a bad thing. Respect is a good thing.
You don’t have to be fearful. You have to be respectful.
Some people mix it up. They make the mistake.
They think fear and respect are the same thing.
It’s not the same thing, if you say, ‘I fear the grizzly bear’ or ‘I respect the grizzly bear.’
If you fear it, and you face it, you can’t think of a solution.
If you respect it, the difference is, you still know what to do. And the respect will be from both sides.
Do you understand?

Respect for the grizzly keeps your brain functioning when you meet her. Photo by  Arthur Topham .

Respect for the grizzly keeps your brain functioning when you meet her. Photo by Arthur Topham.

Yes, I do.
It will give people strength to hear that and think about it.


Every stupid, crazy, confused individual still has some tiny thing within them that you can learn to respect.
If one says, this is a crazy individual, they might overlook the tiny bit they could learn to respect.
If they don’t learn to respect that tiny little speck in there, the opposition will never learn to respect that tiny, or even a bit bigger, part of the other one. Respect creates respect.


Fear creates stupidity because the thought process will be eliminated.
It’s like an action and reaction: you hit that one, the one you just hit doesn’t think, just hits back. No respect—on any side.
Do you understand?

Yes, I think it’s an important thing to think about.

I’ve been reading some channeled material, in which the beings who came said that we need to be all about love. We need to bring love through us and operate through love, in the world.

We would say, call it respect.
If you have some generally crazy individual that has that tiny speck in them that you could learn to respect, they will think—How should we put it?—that love is for sissies and little girls.
Love is one of the most important things in life. But people, at the moment, have a wrong understanding or definition of it.
‘I am a decision maker. I am an important person. How can I use love? Love is for the simple individuals who' --they might say-- 'spend all their lives in a honeymoon.’
It is not about physical activity.
That’s a reproduction thing. Love goes much further.
People think that painting or drawing love words everywhere, the hearts, you know, is what represents love. They think love is for dumb little girls who will learn the truth soon. It’s got romantic thought attached to it, which does not work with individuals who think they are the real decision makers.

The photographer calls this 'My Mum and Her Protector'. Love includes respect on every level. Photo by  Eberhard Grossgasteiger.

The photographer calls this 'My Mum and Her Protector'. Love includes respect on every level. Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger.


So, it would be, at this given time, better to talk about respect. It’s just, in the given moment, well they use the word love. But they don’t understand what true love means. You could basically say it’s a misunderstanding.
Love will always be the greatest thing because true love includes respect on every level. It’s just not the right word at the moment.
If you love someone, you respect someone.
If you love someone, you can forgive someone.
If you don’t have that level of understanding about what true love means, you can’t understand.
So at the moment that you’re in, respect might be the better description. For now, it’s just a word that describes a situation in a better way.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

That’s very clarifying.