Photo of deer in Washington state, USA by Pete Wright.


M'Hoq Toq's words are written this way.

Nerida's words are written like this.



How have you been, my friend?

Well, [pause] I’m learning.


Our friend is learning.

Good. It’s always advantageous if you learn out of circumstances.
Some people do not learn.

Yes. That’s our consolation.

So, what can we do for you, my friend?

Ah, I’ve been reading a book by a psychologist who collects stories from peoples’ experience between lifetimes. He’s putting together the consistent things between their stories, to be able to begin to describe the reality of spirit between lifetimes.

Stories are similar. I would not call them persistent.

In the bigger picture: you can say there are quite a few similarities. But individually these experiences are very different.

You can say, what you just said, only if you look at the bigger picture—a very big picture.

Rainbow around the Sun. Photographed in Malaysia by  Jin Hyeong Kim .

Rainbow around the Sun. Photographed in Malaysia by Jin Hyeong Kim.


There are nuances, in these individual experiences, as well.

There are similarities with all forms of life. You can’t just pick humans. There are plants and animals. They’re all living beings. They all go through similar experiences.

Sometimes they swap around, between forms of life, just to have another similar experience.

For example, a human being leaves this lifetime, this form of life, and crosses paths with a deer, coming back from a near-death.


The human could already swap the experience on the way out. This would be a foreign concept to human beings.

It’s just like changing a horse on a trip. You go out with this one, not all the way, almost. You continue on another one.

Uhuh. Is that something that some of your people at various times, understood?


So, if a deer came to visit people after an elder had died, perhaps one or two people could perceive that person’s spirit?


Oh, wow.

They could understand that this is the spirit coming back of the one that’s just left.

It was, kind of, scary, to some. They did not expect that one coming back so quickly.
Sometimes it happens when—as people say in your area of time—there was unfinished business.

It did not mean that a deer could finish what the other one has left. But it would serve as a reminder: ‘I am still here. I am watching you.’ Do you understand?

I do.

If you work as some shamans do, or medicine people, you would have the ability to ‘convince’ them, to swap. This was a very powerful thing.

It made some of us an even more scary, as an individual, to some. They thought, ‘Oh, he kind of accompanied that individual part of the way and then decided to bring them back.’
Not as a punishment, but as a reminder: ‘I am watching you. I am back already.’

If they came back, for example, as a human being, it would take more time. Humans are dependent for quite a few years, so you would not swap with a human. Except if that human had a near-death experience. But they might not be from the same area.

So, you could choose whatever comes back to the area, whatever is going back to the area you just left. That’s why you could choose a deer, a horse, or a bird.

'I am still here. I am watching you.' Photo by  Linnea Sandbakk.

'I am still here. I am watching you.' Photo by Linnea Sandbakk.

As a shaman and a medicine person of a particularly high level of power—broad experience—you could help a soul that was perhaps leaving the body and was distressed. Perhaps they didn’t really want to leave yet. You could help to convince the animal to allow them to use their body?

Have I understood?


Ah, it’s a wonderful thing.

Very powerful.


Very consoling to one that just had to leave at that moment—couldn’t have another day, another week (as you might say).

We would not put the time-tag on it. We would just say ‘the time to finish what needed to be finished’.


Some things are problems that can be solved in another lifetime. Some things, you just can’t.

And if someone has to leave, for example, very abruptly, could not make any plans, something like this could happen.

There are many possibilities for other pathways in this bigger picture.

It’s just that the people wouldn’t have been able to talk to a deer or a horse. It’s kind of a ‘one-sided’ view because you talk to human beings only. This illustrates only a small area of that bigger picture. Do you understand?

A small part of the bigger picture. Indigenous people in Africa photographed by  Chrissie Kremer .

A small part of the bigger picture. Indigenous people in Africa photographed by Chrissie Kremer.

I think so. I think you’re saying that this is just a small example of the infinite possibilities for Spirit to express itself between different realities.

Yes. Yes.

Thank you.

You are welcome, my friend.

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