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Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Verena and Neddi's voices are written like this.

Some other spirit here that we’ve met before?

Verena: A really good old friend of yours.

What can I do for you, my dear?

V: Mmm, I want to speak to Aedgar.

Nerida: This is Aedgar.

[Whispers] Yes.

[They laugh]

V: You’re such a great person.

There were greater persons around in my time.

N: I don’t believe that for a moment.

I wouldn’t say more handsome.

[They laugh]

But, greater, maybe.

N: I don’t think so.

V: Yeah, Aedgar, I’m still smoking. But not the old tobacco, as you advised, because I have no time for that. I love my cigarettes.

That’s a shame, my dear.

V: No, no.

Pure tobacco would be so much better.

"Pure tobacco would be so much better". Pic by  Andrew Welch .

"Pure tobacco would be so much better". Pic by Andrew Welch.

V: Yeah, I know. I know. The day will come.

I would say you don’t know, because if you truly knew, you would not touch the other ones again.

V: Mmm.

I’d say you got a glimpse. I would not say you know.

V: Okay.

I have done a lot of work on my house. I love it. Day by day, I love it more, but it costs, day by day, more money. And my question is: Can I solve this problem?

We don’t believe in money. As we call it, it’s just paper with numbers on it. It is about how you feel about a place. If you say you feel good and you feel better every day, it was a good choice. Don’t make it dependent on the paper with the numbers on it, my dear.

V: Okay.

The less you think about it, the less complicated it will get.

V: And the people I want to live in there. Over days and months I get clearer about who is compatible for me and for my house, to live in it, yeah? And I thought there were some —

What do you mean by compatibility, my dear?

V: Compatible in that they have the same feelings as me, living with me in those surroundings.

And I got the feeling that some people only want to share it because it’s easy for them — they save money and have not the right intention to live right. I think about it.

Well, this is about you, my dear. They are reading the signals you are sending out. You are that beacon of light out there that attracts people who, well, I’d say, they are in need.

They feel attracted to you because they are seeking support. You are quite generous with support. And you do things without thinking too much about it. Which is not a bad thing to do. You should not get me wrong about this.

But — hmm — it’s a wrong intention. You’re looking for spirits that are seeking support because you are looking for support yourself.

They can sense that you’re looking for support yourself. So they come and they expect to be supported by you. Some of them seek more support than you do. They can’t differentiate.

They see that signal, that light beacon out there somewhere, that you send out. It’s like, “I am looking for support”.

Light house, Phare du Petit Minou, Brittany, France. Pic by  William Bout .

Light house, Phare du Petit Minou, Brittany, France. Pic by William Bout.

“I’m not looking for that much support,” is the part they don’t see, because it’s not clear enough, what you’re sending out there. They see you are seeking support and that you can give support in an exchange. This is not a bad thing. Support should be an exchange, in general.

You are looking for — how should I put it? Someone likes to eat, the other one likes to cook.

The one who wants to eat is seeking support from the cook. In exchange, the cook supports the hungry person, but expects at the same time this person will wash the dishes.

That’s the part they don’t get.

They think you offer them support. For example, (this is just an example, my dear) you cook for them and they eat. They think the exchange they give to you is eating what you cook.

They don’t understand that they would have to wash the dishes as well. Do you understand?

Washing the Dishes at Phu Quoc, Viet Nam. Photo by  Geoffrey Arduini .

Washing the Dishes at Phu Quoc, Viet Nam. Photo by Geoffrey Arduini.

Verena: Yes.


V: It happened. I’m just beginning to find this out. It’s clearer. I’m getting a better understanding of the people surrounding me. This applies to my future in the house and also to my work — same thing happened there. They expect all the time that I’m doing work for them.

And I didn’t get anything back. I’m on my way now to stop all of this.

I can’t understand the function of this. I’m not willing to do it anymore. It takes too much of my energy.

The problem, my dear, is — if I might interrupt here? May I?

V: Yes.

You have to work on the way you think, the signals you might send out, dear. I am convinced that these spirits will not like what you’re going to tell them. You have to keep in mind that you can’t please them all. You can’t please all of them at the same time. You have to look after yourself.

If you try to please them all you are —

People would say you lose yourself doing it. We think that’s not quite right, because you can’t actually lose yourself. But you might lose a path that you’re on. You have to send out very clear messages of what you want.

Send out a message, “I want company. I want company who is seeking the same spiritual path that I am seeking.”

You send out, “I want happiness. I want an easy life. I want support in a different way and I am willing to give support, (which is not exactly the paper with the numbers on it).

You think clearly — you have to learn, my dear, to think clearly — “This is what I’m looking for”. Thinking about it very clearly so that other people don’t see you as this beacon that says to them, “I can get support here”. “She’s cooking. I am eating the food. That’s what she gets back.” That’s not what you’re looking for, my dear.

You’re looking for companions. It’s about companionship. Not about business deals. If you look for companions, for people seeking the same path as you do, if they get a clear message, you will get what you’re looking for.

If you send out a message of mixed feelings, they can’t differentiate. You’ll always end up with the same type of spirits if you keep thinking the same thoughts.

Do you understand?

V: Yes.

[Forty five minutes of discussion of other people in Verena’s life follows -- omitted here]

V: I tell you, Aedgar, you told me, that I have to be clear and straight with James and I’ve done it.

And James understands me now. After two years he has a really good understanding of my person, of my values, of my thinking and my actions. And every day —

The thing is —

V: We are more than happy to work together.

He has had an ability to learn. He learned. He progressed. That made it easier. The other one has limitations that stop him from learning. He is stuck.

V: Yes. So James makes me crazy sometimes. He goes away. I know he comes back. He needs my strength, he needs the work, he needs his home. He loves the home. And I let him work and he loves his work.

He is better and better from day to day. And I was asking him, “What kind of plans do you have for the future?” And he says, “No plans”.

I waited for four weeks and then I said, “I have a plan for you”.

Nerida: Can I interrupt you?

V: Yeah.

N: I’m going to interrupt you. I’m sorry Aedgar.

You’re talking about other people a lot. Do you know that? Out of your hour here, probably about forty-five minutes or fifty minutes of it is about other people. Which reflects how lovely you are.

And how considerate you are of other people.

V: Okay.

N: But where’s Verena?

V: Where is me? I’m in the middle. I’m the middle of all these people around me. I’m in the circle.

Circle of Life, Dazu, China. Pic by  Bgabel , Wikicommons.

Circle of Life, Dazu, China. Pic by Bgabel, Wikicommons.

N: You’re the centre of the circle?

V: I am the centre of the circle. And er, all around me, I get in the last weeks another few, another few coming around me. And that’s where I stay. Now I know that!

My dear, you should not be at the centre of the circle.

You should be outside the circle, which would give you more control and a better overview of what’s happening around you.

If you are in the centre of the circle, you will never be able to see what is going on behind you.

You need to be outside the circle, so you can see clearly what’s going on in every direction. Then you don’t have to think, “What’s going on behind me? Because I can’t see.”

V: I want to look always in the future and I want to see my way in the future — where I could go, whether the people around me could come with me or not. So I select more people. I have a better view of all that than I had all the years before.

You need to be on the lookout for people who want to be beside you. They would love to be beside you.

You would want to have them beside you, for equal and balanced support.

You don’t want to have people that follow you.

V: No. Not any longer.

And you don’t want to follow.

You need to look for the ones that are beside you, that have equal values, equal intelligence —

V: Right.

— equal knowledge. Because that’s how you are going to balance your energy. If you give and give and give and give your energy away you’re flat like a tyre.

V: [Laughs] Okay.

There needs to be an exchange. There needs to be balance in this exchange.

V I got the balance with James and I got a good balance with Sam.

That’s because you have rules.

V: Yep.

It’s about, as some people say now, you know? They say, “Love me or leave me,” which is not quite right. It’s more like, “Accept me or leave me.” It’s about acceptance — balanced energy exchange. You don’t want these people to love you.

You need to have an exchange of energy, as well as ideas, knowledge, all these things that are so important. You don’t need anymore to fight about these tiny little agreements or disagreements that like the waves in the wind get bigger and bigger and bigger — every time someone talks about it.

One says, “Oh, I did this. And then, he said that.” They talk to someone else and it’s just like in that game when you whisper in someone’s ear, you know. Things, like the waves, get bigger and bigger and bigger, every time they’re moved.

Waves at Coolangatta, Australia. Pic by  Jordan Donaldson .

Waves at Coolangatta, Australia. Pic by Jordan Donaldson.

You don’t need this. You never needed it.

But some people thought you might like that, because you have an ability to problem-solve that they don’t have.

You should invest your energy into problem-solving, not into these tiny things that have never been important in the first place. They just got bigger and bigger and bigger because everyone told a story in a different way.

You have no energy to waste, my dear.

V: Exactly.

You are a very strong person. You are very dedicated. You are doing well with learning. But sometimes you need to make sure that you really learn something.

You have to go back and do it again in a milder version. So you have learned something, you grew your energy. Then you think, “I need to make sure it happened.” And then you go back and do it again. Not exactly the same, but similarly.

You don’t need to do that, my dear.

You have more important things to do. Don’t go back and try things over and over again, because either it didn’t work out or you solved it already. There is no need to go back and do it again. Do you understand?

V: Yes.

Good. Is there anything else I can do?

V: No. I’m happy.

I’m not quite sure about that. The vibe is more, kind of pleased, rather than happy.

V: No, I have some small problems about me, but I will solve these problems. I go my way and I am totally happy with my life and what I am doing.

Good, because we had to tell you quite clearly a few things to make sure you don’t go back and do it all again.

V: No, I don’t want to go back. Not with my sister, not with James —

Good. There is no need for that, because you are on your path. So don’t go in circles and go back and “make sure that it’s the way I left it,” I’d say.

You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to say, “Oh yeah, I left from there. And I’m here now and it’s all good. But maybe I have a little look and go back again.” Don’t do it.

V: Okay.

Nerida: Thank you Aedgar.

You are welcome.

N: It’s always a pleasure and delight to see you.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to nice people. Glad I came.

N: We’re glad you came, too.

There is just one more thing —

N: Hmm?

[To Verena] Think about the tobacco again.

V: [Laughs] Okay.

Talk to you another time.