Lion-woman in the foreground, Bird-man in the background. Wat-Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Manfred Werner.


Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Isla's voice is written this way.


I can feel there is another question.

There is. Brianna, my 7-year-old daughter, had a visit from someone. Do you know about this?


Umm, yeah. She started speaking like you at the dinner table.

Like me?


I feel quite flattered by that.

And I know that Nerida talked to her friend about it and they said it was okay. I just wanted to make sure that she was okay.

It is someone (unfortunately not me) but, it would be someone that she’s known for a very long time.

She could go and astral travel, because she would feel perfectly safe.

She talks about —

There are actually two more.

Two more?


She talks about them as if they’re perfectly normal and her friends.

Portrait of child Brianna's age. Photo by  Partridge , Boston around 1900.

Portrait of child Brianna's age. Photo by Partridge, Boston around 1900.

Well, if they make you feel safe, what’s wrong about it?
She can talk to them about things you’ve got no idea about, my dear.

Oh [Laughs a little nervously].

And I’m pretty sure, you would not want to know.

She is perfectly safe.


But, yes, unfortunately, it was not me. We go for (what we call) a perfect match. It has to do with the amount of energy, the amount of power that we have. You would need to be strong to be able to handle the energy.

So, her friends are adjusted to her energy. She’s got more energy than you think, but in a small frame.

She seems to have just come out of a bit of a mental spurt, if you understand me.

We wouldn’t call it that.

What would you call it?

An experience.


It was a quite exciting experience for her. It made her quite happy, my dear.

She has known them for a very long time: all three of them. It’s mainly one coming through at the moment. But there are two others — similar energy. One of them is a bit — spontaneous. It’s a bit like, ‘You need to get rid of that energy right now!' [snaps Marie’s fingers].

It makes you feel as if, that one might kind of jump at you. It’s just to settle some things down a bit. They do help a lot — in an entertaining way for her. Do you understand?

Yes. It’s good.

She would never accept anything like it from you or anyone else — it helps her grow. It’s a kind of advice that she would not be open to accepting from anyone else, not even from you, my dear.

So it it quite good that these friends are around.

Will they stay around? She’s known them for a long time. Will they stay through this life?

They will always been around. They have been around in previous lifetimes, too. They’re guardians. But it will be less frequent that they are around. She will still feel them at some stages, even as a grown-up person, in some (as you might say) situations that could end up in a quick learning experience.

They will make her feel safe. She won’t remember why. But, they are around to make her feel safe.

Some people might call them ‘guardian angels’. We don’t talk this way. But, whichever idea makes you familiar with the concept or give you a better understanding of it, whichever terms you use, you will be fine.

We don’t have a dispute with you about ‘guardian angels’ you know.

We call them guides; call them spirit guides.

Humans have this funny idea of these creatures: same size or smaller and cuter with little wings on their backs.

It’s because humans think you would need wings to fly around or to go for astral travel. It makes it easier to think about that, to imagine, you know, some living being. Even if it’s ethereal — that it’s got wings to get around.

They actually don’t (that was just a little hint). Some of them are not as pretty as you might think.

The Wounded Angel, by Hugo Simberg. Courtesy  Helsinki Museum .

The Wounded Angel, by Hugo Simberg. Courtesy Helsinki Museum.

Because they have a purpose. They have, you could say, a job to do. And it’s not about physical expression on their face or a strong body or a pretty face. Or, of course, these wings.

You might consider some of them — from physical experience, looking at them — almost ugly, because they don’t match with the time you’re in now.

But they have, of course, what you’d call a good heart.


You know that ‘heart’ is not where spirit and soul lives.

It’s just how it’s used in the time you live in now — that someone has a good heart. For us, it’s just a device to get the liquids through your body.

Do you understand?

[Smiling] Yeah. Thanks Aedgar.