Picture by Daiga Ellaby.


Aedgar's voice is written like this.

Nerida and Kalini's voices are written like this.

[To Kalini] Your spirit will understand. Your new spirit [her new baby] will. We always said there are big things ahead, coming, making people understand, And we’ve said it’s very likely to be done by a child because they are unspoiled. They haven’t been taught the wrong ways.

We always said that school should be something where you have at least a handful of teachers for one student. That’s the part you get wrong. So the student can make up their own mind about things. They can hear different ideas, and go from there.

Now they are put in one room or two rooms and there is one person who’s telling them things that that person was studying and learning by heart, and with years and years of ‘education’, it’s still all the same idea. Then it gets coloured as well by the person teaching it. And then they end up with what we say is a load of rubbish.

'Because that One was exactly made for that mathematical formula' . Pic by  Roman Mager .

'Because that One was exactly made for that mathematical formula' . Pic by Roman Mager.

We know that you are trying to make a difference. But it will be really hard. Because the way that system is set up, it does not work.

If you ever think that things are not working out it is not your fault. You’ve been put in that system. It’s like a rat race. Everybody has to do a certain thing -- but there is no one who thinks about the whole thing and puts it all together as it should be.

And many spirits that come there are not privileged enough to have the ability to add their own thoughts and make up their own mind about things. So they have to go with what they are told. And no one will ever tell them it’s wrong, there is a different way to it. Because that’s the easiest way to go.

What we call, the ‘you’ is not personal, don’t forget.

The way to get many little spirits through what they call education, is, you give them all the same material. But they are all different. Every one of them has special abilities. One needs to find them and support them in this ability.

They could be much more useful to what you call society, if you don’t force some of them into something they have no idea about, so they have to pretend. Just to be exact, this is something that’s not acceptable for us. We’re just watching what you might call this belief. It is still happening.

Kalini:    How do I help those children? All the children?

'It's about trying to find what they are good at.' Pic by  RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist .

'It's about trying to find what they are good at.' Pic by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist.

It’s about… It can’t be done by one person. But it’s about trying to find out what they are good at, what they do best.

K:    Yep.

You know, someone who always wanted to be and was good at gardening doesn’t need mathematical formulas. It’s a distraction and it doesn’t work because they don’t understand it in the first place. Their brain is not made to understand. So if you want to have a gardener, which you would need in this society, don’t try to hammer information into their brain that they will never need in their whole life.

K:    Is there anything I can do to help the children’s journey?

Try to plant this idea in some of your colleague’s heads.

K:    [Laughing]. I think I might have to hammer it into their heads.

It would be very hard. It’s very difficult. But you would have much less trouble, ('you' is not the personal version), keeping little spirits’ attention. Because they know they’re still not that spoiled.

They came back, they wanted to do something. They already know, ‘I will never understand this. This is not my world’. It is literally not their world, so they try to entertain themselves with other things; which is distracting to the one next to them.

Because that one was exactly made for that mathematical formula. He or she’s got a different, you would call it a wiring of the brain, but the brain has not much to do with it. It’s the spirit.

The spirit will think, ‘Oh, that’s exactly what I want to know! I want to know how the universe works’.

He would not or she would not care about the one next, that thinks, ‘How can I make these vegetables grow better in that kind of soil?’ That one who will never need the mathematical formulas.

'How can I make these vegetables grow better in that soil?'. Photo by  Markus Spiske .

'How can I make these vegetables grow better in that soil?'. Photo by Markus Spiske.

K:    Okay, so just having those all areas of life accessible to the kids.

Yes. And then, there is something that you might call social intelligence. It doesn’t really exist in your education system.

If you don’t get this formula right, they act as if you can’t have social intelligence either, because you’re considered dumb. Which is wrong. This so-called dumb person could teach others a lot.

K:    Yep.

Nerida:   Aedgar?

Yes, my dear?

N:    I think Kalini was asking specifically about her son, Advik, if there’s anything she can do to help him, any insights you can give. He’s a lovely soul.

He’s a wonderful spirit. There’s nothing wrong.

N:    I think she’s doing everything she needs to really, to support him.

Yes. He is of very high intellect. He -- it will come. It will come through more at a later stage.

Kalini:    Mmm, okay.

People can’t understand, he is so far ahead of them they can’t understand. He could teach them a lot, because he has the ability to think. It’s not only that he is ahead, he can think ahead. And because his spirit is so strong he can see things that other people don’t see. And he can hear things that other people can’t hear. People might think, what is this word they use here -- ?

N:    Psychic?

He’s different. People around him might think he’s -- he has something that you could call a little bit psychic. We think that sounds like a disease.

We think he’s ahead of time.

‘Weird’ is the word I was looking for. People might think he’s weird. It’s just they don’t understand that he knows so much more than they do on a different level. He will be able to use it one day. He will do well, don’t worry. It’s the system that’s wrong. It’s not you.

K:    Thank you Aedgar.

You’re welcome my dear.