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Do you believe that it is possible for physical matter to move faster than the speed of light? Or be moved?

Yes. It is something the people at this time, the humans, have to change their thoughts about.

They are searching and looking in the wrong direction. For them it is about achieving speed -- staying in the shape they are and moving really fast.

It is actually about transporting this being or the person or whatever it is from one place to another place by moving the energy, not the body itself.

So energy can move faster than light?

"Light is a different form of energy" Pic by  Daniela Avila

"Light is a different form of energy" Pic by Daniela Avila


Light is a different form of energy and there are energies that can move faster than what you say is light.

How about teleportation when something just disappears and then reappears?

In a different place? This is done by moving the energy from here to there. It is not to be thought of as solid matter.

It disappears from this place.

The energy goes, the molecules follow.

But is it necessary, in teleportation, for anything to actually move through space or does it simply disappear and reappear? I will give you an example —

It is about: the energy goes from here to there. You are talking about the only form of transportation they think of in this place, which is moving the whole thing from here to there.

For example, they’ve already been able to take a subatomic particle, make it disappear — not travel through space — make it disappear and then reappear several metres or even a mile away.

The example I like to use is like a movie. In a movie you can have something disappear in one part of the movie and reappear in another part of the movie and it doesn’t have to travel through all of the frames. It just disappears and reappears. I’m just thinking that that’s probably possible.

For instance: You could probably instantly, like if there was another channel in another galaxy, disappear here and be in that other galaxy (clicks his fingers), with no time and not having to move through all that space —

Because there is no time. This is how we move.

Our friends have to use this poor technology they call airplanes. We don’t need airplanes to move. We want to have this experience, just to know and understand how it feels to our friends, but we wouldn’t need it.

People here, they are thinking about traveling to space. We will all make sure there is always this little last piece of information missing, so they won’t be able to do it.

When you say we?

All of us. We all aim for the same result in the bigger picture.

People here use things, which don’t take much intelligence, and shoot them up into the sky.

It takes a lot of resources and they just leave it all there.

Until they have found a way to remove it from there, bring it back down and use it in a different way, we all make sure that last piece of information will be missing.

But they’re already orbiting satellites, they’re going to the moon — what piece of information are you talking about?

About humans going up, traveling there frequently and on a regular basis. If you can’t take care of the space you’re living in right now, you won’t be able to take care of a different space.

They are in for the experience of learning and taking care of it. Once they learn to take care of what they have, we’ll be happy to release that last piece of information.

Now you say ‘we’ which implies a group. Are you part of a group?

We are all part of a group.

Imaginative image 'Brasile' by  Gioia Fabbri

Imaginative image 'Brasile' by Gioia Fabbri

Who’s in the group?

We live in different places. Some have been living on this planet.

Some have never lived here on this planet.

And I have been living on other planets, as you would call it, far away.

Not just in Bristol. Bristol was a very pleasant experience. And we lived there twice.

You lived more than two existences in physical life?

Yes. Not that many. I am not, as you would say, very fond of this place.

About ten, fifteen times on this place, but I had other lifetimes, as you call it, out there in what you call a universe.

Were they more technologically advanced, same or less?


Did they have politics?

Some of them had, which wasn’t to their advantage.

Did any of them get involved in conflict, like wars?

They did. Every, what you call civilisation, at some stage, has conflicts to solve.

Some of them have been better at it. Some did very poorly. And disappeared.

They had very advanced technology, even in very powerful things that you might call weapons -- to eliminate beings that had different thoughts or needs.

We have groups that can manipulate climate, as you would call it, to reduce the particles of what they need to breath. I can’t say air because not every different planet has what you understand as air.

So were some of them like, pirates, that just took things, because it was easier to take it than to acquire it in some other manner. 'The strong survive’?

It’s about envy and greed. Seeing something that someone else has and wanting to own it.

If you get it off them, you realise it’s much easier than to acquire it yourself.

And having these things gave them power, so they had the wish to acquire more or it. And of course they went for the easier way. You call it greed.

Why have they not attacked or taken this earth?

They do know you’re here.

It’s about (if I say you are here, I don’t mean you personally), it is about — they are keeping an eye on you, about how is your knowledge going to grow?

Do you learn from what you’re doing? Do you have better results if you put more thought into it? Or are you continuing in a way that this planet has seen before?

So. they are keeping an eye on this planet.

In relative terms, are there good guys and bad guys?

We would call them more or less advanced. Or of higher or lower levels of intelligence.

Are there some that are more predatory and others that are more caring?

There are.

And is there a higher level of awareness and consciousness that keeps the predators in check a little bit?

Or is it just total free will?

If they come and wipe this planet out, then they come and wipe this planet out?

They could if they wanted to, but why should they? Everybody tries, in the long term, to gain wisdom and grow and expand energy.

"Everybody tries to gain wisdom and grow and expand energy." Image from  NASA

"Everybody tries to gain wisdom and grow and expand energy." Image from NASA

But how about the greedy?

The greedy ones are part of a different species, that we would consider as having lower intelligence.

But are they interfered with or are they allowed to do whatever they want?

Unfortunately, you have these individuals of lower intelligence and a lot of greed, for especially power, in what you call the higher levels.

On earth, you mean?

Yes. They choose to put all their energy into taking an easier way, without learning.

Sometimes they hurt others. They always do damage to other people’s lives.

That’s how they end up further up there. There’s going to be something, (you might say something, we might say someone) who’s going to take care of it if it gets too far out.

Given the other civilisations in the universe that are far more technologically advanced, some of which are predatory, isn’t what we do here secondary to the entire galaxy?

Nothing is secondary because it’s all one. It is all one.

It’s all in relationship to other places.

As I said before, I think, if you have some itching spots somewhere… so for some other places, this planet is a very itchy spot at the moment.

But is this planet something that other planets would like to possess and own and conquer?

They do have advanced technology, but they do have a higher level of intelligence.

So they know that if they destroy some part, it will affect themselves at some point, not in a positive way.

You do have different groups of people here that are envious of what the other group has and you did have big fights about it here.

In the bigger picture, we don’t have these big fights. There is no envy of what you have because they have seen it before.

You think you are the first population on this planet. This is not true.