Teaching skull photograph by Jesse Orrico.

Aedgar's voice is written this way.

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We’ve seen a lot of cruelty recently in the hospital — the place that’s supposed to care for people when they’re sick.


Would you like to say something about those institutions and the way they operate in our society?

These places are quite useful for quick learning experiences.

It’s an institution to gain knowledge. I know it might sound strange, but the main things that are taught there are compassion and forgiveness. These are the main things. So, because it’s an institution where these are the main things taught, it’s a situation where many of the spirits there have failed to learn those things before.
So they have to attend again.

We’re talking about patients and the people who care for them?

'Some are volunteers to teach' Pic by  Rawpixel .

'Some are volunteers to teach' Pic by Rawpixel.

Yes. Some them are volunteers to teach — to teach the ones that work there or the other ones — that are there to learn. To learn patience for example, in those they call patients.
People now say that these places are about healing.
It’s far from that. It has nothing, nothing to do with healing. It’s about compassion, forgiveness and patience.
Do you understand?

I do. I'm not sure that everyone else would.

Ah, that could be quite a challenge. I, especially, and we, do understand that.
Some of them have been there countless times, to learn.
They think, ‘I am the most fortunate magician with my hands. I can look at pretty photos of body parts, or lines on paper. I can have great imagination about what I might see there. I give it a funny sounding name. And I will be a hero.’
They are so caught up in this idea that they, a lot of them, again, don’t get to learn forgiveness, compassion and patience.
They think they are there to do something else. They still did not understand.
Well, some of them are really cruel, for example. Some of them are really dumb. It serves to teach forgiveness.

'The main things that are taught there are compassion & forgiveness.' Photo by  Ben White .

'The main things that are taught there are compassion & forgiveness.' Photo by Ben White.

‘I am cruel. But you have to learn to forgive me.’
‘I am dumb.’ (They would not say that, of course). But ‘You really have to learn to respect and accept me, on a human level’, (not for being dumb, but in general).
This person might be a dumb person in what they do, the professional aspect.
If that person does not really know what they’re doing, it does not mean, at the same time, that this is a really bad human being. Maybe that person, if they learn, could come back and work in a different field. And it would be a totally different experience for everyone.

But the less they learn and the longer it takes them, the more obsessed they become with a certain idea, in order to get the response that’s strong enough for them to evolve.

I know it’s a foreign concept. But do you understand?

Yeah, I do. I think it flows on from what M’Hoq Toq said when I spoke to him last.

He said that if we have a lot of experiences that reinforce something that we’re learning, then that gives us a kind of spiritual strength that helps the people around us to learn, as well. Like a silk string that bounces learning back towards them.

I couldn’t have said it any better.
Yes, it’s very difficult in these places because people are not there to do what they think they should do. And they are not open-minded — most of them are not. The ones that are open-minded will eventually learn and leave to do something different. Or, if they stay, have a different approach to the same challenge or question, yes.
It’s like, ‘I can cut that limb off. It will do a lot of damage. It will cause a lot of pain. But eventually it could get good.’
How on Earth should anyone think that this is a good idea?
You should learn to get more information — how to treat exactly what is causing the problem and keep that limb.
But then, there are individuals in that institution who decide to choose what some of us call an exit point. They choose this because then someone else will make their decision and they just tag along with it.

And they’ll be asleep when they go.

Gentian. Photograph by  Manfred Richter.

Gentian. Photograph by Manfred Richter.

Yes. That’s what they think. That’s why they agree in the first place. But sometimes, because time does not really exist, the timing does not work so well.
Might still wake up, might still have a lot of pain, might still have a lot of trouble.
And then have to stay another season or two because the intention and the events just did not match. Things does didn’t come together to make it happen.
One time, one thing missing? It’s not gonna happen.

Because we want to learn things in this lifetime.


And maybe there’s one thing that hasn’t been learned yet.


We have to stay for another semester.

And sometimes it’s the opposite. People go to these places having fulfilled all the requirements for that exit point. They go there. As soon as they get there, there is that tiny requirement happening and off they go.
The people around would say, ‘Oh, wow. That person did not have a problem. What happened?’ Well, that person might have been preparing for quite a while, see?