Photo of sword dancers by Scott Mixer.


Aedgar's words are written this way.

Nerida & Shada's words are written like this.

Nerida: Do you have any advice for our friend, finally?

Our friend?

N: Yes. Dear Marie has had a hard time.

Hmm. We can see that. We can feel it. The level of energy is a bit difficult to get into, yes.

Learning about forgiveness is never easy. It all should have been enough by now.

It’s about other people’s thoughts — trying to accommodate the understanding that they might be on a different level, that there are things they have not learned.

But we agree it’s a bit — versatile, you could call it. It comes in all shapes, from all sides -- and it’s all about forgiveness.

N: Very hard for me to tell her that, you understand.

Hmm. Yes.

N: [Laughing] Somebody else might have to tell her.

It’s not easy. A lot of things could be cleared up and finished very quickly, but we understand; some lessons come in huge volume and in all forms. Sometimes it’s very hard to see what it’s about.

There are quite a few others that need to learn that.

For our friend it’s that one thing she has to learn. For the others there are plenty of other things that they have to learn. So it goes back and forth, because of all that they have to learn.

They don’t attempt that one lesson, that would be needed. Like: If you can forgive this, then I can start forgiving. Or if they would forgive, finally, then our friend could forgive, too.


Or, at least, let’s say, think about it.

They laugh.

N: Consider the possibility.

Yes. Our friend likes the challenges, the fights.
She's like: ‘I’ll make you so small! You walk on the lawn, you’ll feel like you’re in the jungle.’

Small one in the grass. Photo by  Joy Stamp .

Small one in the grass. Photo by Joy Stamp.


Shada: What a nice picture!

It works for some of them. And some of those she teaches should be really, really grateful because they learnt things very quickly. There is a lot of teaching involved here.

But you can only get what you want out of it, you know, if the other side agrees, as well. That’s the problem we have here. A whole bunch of what you might call hardliners.

Nerida: Yes.

So it sounds a bit and feels a bit like an endless night coming up. It could just be like, ‘Enjoy your life. I’m out of here.’

N: Mhmm.

And, 'I might forgive you. In a hundred years from now.’

N: Yeah, that sounds like Claudia.

We can feel that.
Is there anything else, my friend?

N: I just need her to be all right.

Well, she actually likes to fight. It just got to be a bit too much, quite a bit too much, lately. And in fact it comes from all sides at the same time — that does not help.

There are all these things coming at her. And there are all the things the others have to learn, additionally. It’s so hard to be that tiny part that’s needed.

N: She’s been teaching these souls a long time.


N: And trying to teach.


N: And perhaps part of it is letting them learn what they need to learn without her teaching.

Yes. For example.

N: Mmm. Anything else you would like to add about this situation?

I know it’s an old, silly thing to say, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if you can’t see it right now because that’s how far there still is to go.

N: I can kind of see it. I don’t think Marie can, yet.

Well, if you have to turn around all the time, fighting on every single side… Teaching, teaching, teaching — so they are finally ready to give you that tiny part that you need… You have to teach them twenty-five things to get that little tiny bit that you would need to finish that one and finish this one and it’s the same no matter which way you turn.

'If you would look up, you'd see the light'. Photo by  Simon Acquaroli .

'If you would look up, you'd see the light'. Photo by Simon Acquaroli.

It’s as if you are in a vertical tunnel. You go round and round. If you would look up, you’d see the light. But if you are fighting all around you like that, as if you’re in a pipe — there is no way you can see that light.

Do you understand?

N: I do. Thank you.

Is there anything else, my friend?

N: Just love and appreciation.

Shada: Thank you so much.

Oh! It’s sounds a bit like you don’t wanna talk to me anymore.

N: You’re kidding!

Is that right?

N: No. Please don’t get that impression.

Mm. Okay. So be it, then.

It was a pleasure to talk to you my friends.