Lone man at the fire photo by Joris Voeten.


Aedgar's words are written like this.

Willa's words are written this way.

Sound of heavy rain on the roof.

Aedgar: Is there anything we can do for you?

Willa: My life changed.

It happens all the time. You would be surprised.

I was very surprised. My soul left.

You are sitting here and talking to me, my dear friend, so I don’t think it’s quite right that your soul has left.

Is that right?

You’ve still got your soul.

Okay, I’ve still got my soul.

That’s right. Very strongly.

'But I lost my friendship' photo by  Xavier Sotomayor .

'But I lost my friendship' photo by Xavier Sotomayor.

But I lost my friendship.

You lost a friendship.


Well you might have lost part of it. The genuine part you have not lost.

What do you mean the genuine part?

A connection that you had from a previous life.

You had some little work to do, my friend. You finished some of it. You might finish more of it another time.

Sometimes you have soulmates that you have an (almost) appointment with in a lifetime, when you decide to meet again. And if you do so, you have (as people say) to finish some business. It depends what the circumstances are, how much of this open business you are able to finish.

Sometimes there is too much distraction.

Then it’s like, ‘Oh, while I’m here, I might go off and get that other experience, as well.’ Which is sometimes not quite something both sides agree on. Do you understand?

You did finish some things. You did educate him about the world being a bigger place. It was not as much appreciated as you wished. But it opened some doors for your soul mate. He has smashed some of them here and there. But some of them are still open.

He realised that he is a very small part in a very big Universe (or Multiverse, as we call it).

There is, in some respects, still some work to do. It could be done during this lifetime. We are not very good with time. It could be at a much later stage or it could be in a different lifetime, that you could meet up again.

'He realised that he is a very small part of a very big Universe,' photo by  NASA .

'He realised that he is a very small part of a very big Universe,' photo by NASA.

We’re not quite sure about the genders you will have in those lifetimes, but you will figure it out.

You understand?


He has learned some parts. But it was all a bit too fast, too much, too overwhelming.

Some people need more time.

We would call them a little bit slow. You were very patient at times.

Mostly impatient, we would say.

We have to deal quite a bit with impatience, don’t we?

[Raises an eyebrow to Nerida, who smiles and nods]

[To Willa] You understand?

You were quite ready to teach, to show more. He was not ready to take it. Too afraid. Too many new influences, too many new experiences. It’s all too much for some people. So they just shut down. Then they take off and look for something familiar — easy to handle, rather than having big experiences. They suddenly, these people, settle for much less than anyone else would do.

Thunder rolls, heavy rain persists.

It was a challenge. He was not up for this kind of challenge. It was one, probably three, numbers too big. You understand?


It could have been a little bit less of a challenge if you would not have pushed so hard at times -- because some people are a bit slow.

Is he happy to get a baby with the other woman?

[Sigh] This is not about him.

There is a spirit coming, or we should say, there is a spirit hanging around. That spirit is not quite sure if it should come or not. The other thing is that this spirit has a lot of potential as a teacher.

'The spirit is not quite sure if it should come or not.' Photo by  Jose Murillo .

'The spirit is not quite sure if it should come or not.' Photo by Jose Murillo.

There might be some of what we call ‘quick learning experience’ ahead.

People are here to gain knowledge and grow energy out of it.

So we tend to say there are quick learning experiences if the experience is not so pleasant.

What do you mean, not so pleasant?

If there is a child that puts their hand in the fire, it’s very unpleasant for the child. But it had a quick learning experience. It won’t do it again because it hurt.

Pain does not always come, as you might know, in a physical way.

Thunder rolls.

Pain has got many faces.


Cheeky ones, too.

This was the way he wants to go? To get a baby for quick learning experiences?

I think you might have lost us somewhere along the way.

This learning experience was not chosen by him. It’s offered to him -- because this experience is meant to be for someone else -- but he’s part of it. He’s chosen to be part of it, to get some little experience on the way. But it might turn out to be a quick learning experience.

He will have to do a lot of learning in the upcoming time — something he has not expected.

'He was not up for this kind of challenge.' Photo by  HolgersFotografie .

'He was not up for this kind of challenge.' Photo by HolgersFotografie.

People will tell him ‘It’s not easy. Why would you?’

He still thinks it all happened for a reason. Of course, it did. But it was not for him, that experience. He’s just a tool to get there.

So he still thinks somewhere in the back of his mind, ‘Oh, it will be fine. You just want to hurt me. That’s why you say, ‘It’s not gonna be pleasant. You should have opted out when you had the chance to.’’

He’s a bit blue-eyed, going into it — lack of experience, lack of knowledge, lack of feelings, even.

Do you understand, my friend?

Mhmm. So this is a part of his life he must go through.

More or less, yes. He has chosen to do so. He has no idea what kind of dimension it will take. Could be quite remarkable and quite quick.

Is he thinking back to me in this new life of his?

There will be times of regret, surely. There is a lot of regret that you might not hear about because he does not want to grant you the victory. You might hear about some of the regrets further down the road. You understand? It’s not something that for you would be ‘instant gratification’. This is not how it works in this system of lies.

He has chosen to go on a little detour to get some other experience. ‘Oh, while I’m here, I could do this as well. Because this other part was too challenging.’

He does not know what he’s in for: the kind of level of learning that’s going to present itself to him. The main teaching activity is not for him. It’s not his own kind of learning experience. He was a tool that was used to get a learning experience by someone else. Do you understand?

Just wait and see.

You might get one or two little victories out of it, but not instantly.

What you could learn out of this is to be more patient.

Sometimes there are a lot of influences from the big world that are all too much for some people.

Sometimes to scale it all down a little bit would get you further. You understand?


'Something new on the horizon' pic by  Fernando Pereira .

'Something new on the horizon' pic by Fernando Pereira.

We can see something new on the horizon. Take it slowly, my friend. Not everybody is on the same level as you. Not even close, frankly speaking. Take it slowly. You would get more out of it.

We don’t quite like this expression, but some here might say, ‘Less is more.’

We just use it as a little description, because if you think about it, that makes no sense. If you have a really good wine, or really good mead, to drink, how can less be more?

So I go into a nice future. Alone in a lot of things, I go slowly and patiently.

Yes. That’s right.

Thunder rolls.

And I will be happy.

Yes. Because you have a different point of view.

You do things, you know, and you learn from them. Some people, they don’t learn as much as they could because they get scared, overwhelmed. It stops them from getting the whole learning experience.

Is there anything else we could do for you?