Portrait of distressed woman by Claudia.


Bartgrinn’s words are written like this.

Nerida’s words are written this way.

My friend is unwell. Is there a herb that would help her?

Mmm. We would have to think quite a while. It would be—it would have to be something quite strong.

Years ago, she talked about going to an Ayahuasca ceremony. I think that would be too strong.

Oh well, she could handle it. We would not call it too strong. We would just call it the wrong thing in this case.

Ayahuasca vision. Jewel in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Photo by  Benjamín Gremler .

Ayahuasca vision. Jewel in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Photo by Benjamín Gremler.

Ayahuasca is helpful if a lot of things are caused by old injuries—what you would call ‘trauma’—


—from many years ago. Even from a different generation, like inherited. This is where it can help.

Because you can see. You have an out-of-body experience, if you do it right. And you can see for yourself where the problems are. But it’s good for these problems that comes from other things. You call it, what—psych—


That come from the mind.


Psychological problems can cause bodily harm, too.


So for these issues, originating from a problem that comes from there, this would be the right herb. If it’s biological, mechanical and if it’s many small things that could lead to a major problem in the future, this won’t work.

Ayahuasca works through the brain.

I see.

It’s shifting—nowadays you might say—shifting the chemicals around.

Uhuh, changing the connections, the electricity?

Yes, the connections. And the chemistry. Electricity, my dear, would be physical.

Aah, don’t the chemicals create the electricity?

Rarely. There are other issues.

You have to look at a small particle level, like atomic. The electricity at that level has nothing to do with the chemistry. It’s physics. You call it physics.

Ah. The chemicals in the brain that we call neurotransmitters—


— noradrenaline, serotonin and so on.


People say that’s what constitutes thought, that thought is made from these chemicals.

Yeah, partly.

You would disagree?

Thoughts are partly made of experiences, as well. Experiences get stored in the brain, sometimes brought from different lifetimes.

Well, you always bring experiences from different lifetimes. But it doesn’t always show.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) image of a man’s brain by  Jens Maus .

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) image of a man’s brain by Jens Maus.

You might have had a past life where you had experience that you would not need in the current life.

It’s still stored. But you don’t need it in the current lifetime. So it might come in handy in a different lifetime.

Hmm. When Marie was learning to control her channeling and you were learning to use the body, sometimes you said that you were metaphorically going through ‘dusty old drawers’.

Does that mean that you were accessing past life experiences or skills that she had in other lifetimes that she hasn’t needed in this lifetime?


Aah. Fascinating.

They are not really drawers, my friend.

I understand. That was a metaphor.

Yes. It’s there.

The knowledge is there?

Yes, but there was no need for her to access some of those things in this lifetime.

So, that’s sitting in the corner unused by her. We can still use it.

Yes. It’s a wonderful thing.

Yes. Takes a bit of effort, at times, to get to it. But, once we find it, to explain things to you, then it’s wonderful.

Marie was very angry before this session started—frustrated and angry. She was concerned that these feelings might mean that there was danger in our path. One of the other times that happened—

There could be. It’s always an issue.


It’s an attack, or something like it, that’s caused by vibrations in other areas.


Yes. You might not see it in your surroundings, but she can feel it.

She can feel it happening?


You might hear about it in a few days. We won’t tell you.

Is there anything she can do to manage those feelings, so that they don’t cause her such distress?

Well, she has something that other people would call a gift, on many levels.

Can be a curse for some people. It’s not very easy to blend it out, block it out, smooth it out—that’s not possible. It’s there as it happens.

It’s like—hmm—if you think about animals—


Stampeding wildebeest in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Photo by  Shripal Daphtary .

Stampeding wildebeest in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Photo by Shripal Daphtary.

—they can feel the vibes. And they might run in a direction they never did before. They actually don’t know. They feel.

If you would try to suppress it—there are some drugs around that could do that.

And, if you like to drink things that have gone off, you might be able to calm it down it a bit.

But that would calm everything else down as well.

You understand? You dampen feelings.

It would act on all levels.

She is a bit luckier than some, because it’s only bigger issues that she feels. So, it would not be worth it, to dampen all the feelings.

It would not be fair, my friend.

People handle it differently.

Some people go and sit in a dark corner and don’t come out.

Some people get angry.

And there are even people that start laughing and don’t know why. Sometimes in very inappropriate situations. It’s a way the body reacts, expressing things that are felt and can’t be explained.

It’s not going to hurt her?

[Confidently] We don’t think so.


People handle it differently. There are quite a few things that get handled with outbursts, different kinds of outbursts, by our friend.

It’s a much better way to deal with it, than going quiet and sitting in a corner. Because the energy of it all might just explode one day, in those people, and then no one will know where that came from.