Bartgrinn's voice is indicated like this

Nerida's voice is indicated like this

Different place. Not a bad place at all. Some tiny disturbances in the energy. Nothing noteworthy. Well, it’s not your normal choice of places, I think. It would be too boring for you. No real challenges for you.

Marie used to live here.

I wouldn’t call it a perfect match.

She didn’t love it.

We can sense that. Not too bad a place, at all. Just no match. She could have gotten more out of it, if there weren't these tiny disturbances of the energy. She’s very sensitive to any kind of disturbances around, even the tiniest, which causes it not to be a perfect match. Could have been.

But then she might never have left.

True. It’s all too true.

I would have missed her.

You were supposed to be together. You would have found your way over here ‘accidentally’.

We are here, partly, because there are some people for us to look after.

Hmm, these people. They are a source of disturbance — always have been.

Probably beyond ‘looking after’. I think you would call them ‘tough nuts’ — each in their own way.

It is not easy. It’s never easy, looking after hopeless cases.

They have strong attitudes. It’s about refusing to learn what’s offered. There have been lots of offers lately — met with a strong refusal to learn and an even stronger refusal to try to understand what is required in the bigger picture.

There is still, what could be called, hope. We don’t agree with that term but there is still some degree of a learning ability available. But they are defending their status quo fiercely, refusing to change attitudes. The tiniest of changes could be of help.

They thought it would be easier to try it another time. As, I can tell you, they did last time. It’s not the first lifetime they are trying.

They’ve just chosen the path or the course of least resistance, which is never the path of gaining new knowledge and insights. If you don’t gain knowledge through whatever insights are thrown at you, there is not much chance of growing energy.

They are stuck in patterns! Very densely woven patterns, acquired over the years, which don’t help with a solution or making it an easier pattern. They repeatedly added a new layer of difficulty in an attempt to grow and then decided not to go for it. So they are stuck in a difficult pattern they’ve chosen themselves.

Trapped in a densely woven pattern of their own creation. Pic by  Henry Lo.

Trapped in a densely woven pattern of their own creation. Pic by Henry Lo.

They're not able, or better to say, willing, to handle it. You could say they’ve taken up too much. If you take on too much, it can be a great source of learning through experience and can grow energy. It can be. But it wasn’t used that way. They could have overcome some of their problems.

One of them here has learned a bit. Another one starts -- now as the spirit is fading that one is starting to gain a little bit of insight. That’s why there is still hope, as they say. Not sure it will be enough for this lifetime

It is never too late to gain wisdom and grow the energy.

Sometimes it might be too late for the body.

The body is a secondary thing. They don’t understand it. They put the body as the primary thing they have to combat. And they do, as I say, they do combat it! They fight it with everything that’s available. You’re not supposed to be fighting it, it’s about usage. You use it to go from A to B. You use it to express yourself, you don’t combat it.

We try to use the word ‘combat’ only as a bad example. It’s not supposed to be that you combat the body, or combat or conquer other people. It’s a bad example if we use this word. It’s the same as ‘hope’. We don’t like ‘hope’ either.

‘Hope’ and ‘combat’ are about missed chances and missed opportunities.

You’re not in the path you’re supposed to be on. You’re not in contact with your self — which is not the shell you live in. The shell is supposed to be used, or better to say, utilised.

We’ve got lots to tell you about things. But we, as you would say, would need to be on the same page to talk about things. Sometimes it seems you can’t follow very well if we talk about things that you haven’t asked for. That’s why we prefer if you ask about things you want to know, so we know where you are at.

A fundamental question then: is it possible for matter to move faster than the speed of light?

Speed is something that you calculate using something that doesn’t exist, which is time. Of course, matter can travel at the speed of light or faster. Just because your way of calculating is very limited, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

It’s transporting energy. It is not about travel in your sense. It’s moving one body to a different place.

Gulf of Mexico from Space. Photo by  NASA via Unsplash

Gulf of Mexico from Space. Photo by NASA via Unsplash

Is this about the idea that consciousness leads energy?


To be able to get there, humans need to be able to —  

Understand the whole concept. Try to be able to learn and don’t ignore a thing because you can’t measure it and therefore it doesn’t exist. Takes a whole different level of understanding — currently this level is not around.

They have the wrong approach, because they use time. How can you try to understand something, if you use some thing as a tool that doesn’t exist?

Time doesn’t exist in the place where they would like to be, on that level. So they’re on a very basic level, trying to do it. Can’t work, it’s that simple. Sad, at the same time. (Using that word 'time' again, because that’s how you understand).

You need to understand that it’s a grid-like thing, with plenty of levels.

Reality is a grid-like thing?

Yes. The thing that you call reality — you only have a glimpse of it because you can only see a little of it. There is plenty more, which you can’t experience, because you don’t know how to.

Everything is based on time. It is not working. Not the way they think it’s working.

For example, you use your mathematics. If you want to have a result and you use the wrong formula, you won’t get it. Same thing. (Not exactly the same of course, but it’s very similar. It’s about a poor approach).

There are some children coming. The children will know. As I said previously, the others will say: "Oh they’re only children. What do they know?"

Well, if they were able to talk to those guys on that level, the children would say: "More than you could ever dream of." This is how it works.

It will take a while for the children to come. And once these children grow older, the ones that are on the level where they make decisions will try to keep them down. So they have to try different approaches to put their kind of knowledge out there.

One will recognise them because they refuse to use the things that they call ‘technology’. They have their own ways of acquiring knowledge. And a different way of understanding how things work. They don’t use this common misunderstanding that’s called technology.

We like the word technology. Unfortunately it’s used very poorly. We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen it fail before. It’s used by these people, or beings, that think they know it all. It’s always been that way.

You have to be prepared there will be quite a bit of resistance. The world is not ready — or the beings that think that they own this world — are not ready to understand the ideas that we’re talking about. If people, or beings, don’t understand something and they think they are superior to that, what do you think they tend to do? Combat it, fight it.

It’s Autumn here. People are preparing, putting apples away, making juice.

Yes. They’ve done it for centuries. These basic, some call them very basic, poor little jobs — they are quite important.

Fall harvest. Simple jobs that help people stay on their path. Pic by  Aaron Burden .

Fall harvest. Simple jobs that help people stay on their path. Pic by Aaron Burden.

It helps to keep that body or vehicle going, to keep the soul on the path where it needs to go, from A to B. Using the body and the work to find the way, not literally of course, to find a way to stay on a path to gain knowledge and grow energy.

If everybody would aim to go on that path, as they should because that’s what it’s all about — gain wisdom and knowledge to grow energy — all of them would make the energy grow in a positive way on this planet — which would make it a much better place.

They are not ready for it.

But we will tell them anyway. 

Yes. yes. You should try it, tirelessly, to spread the idea that the path is about gaining knowledge and wisdom in the most positive ways, to grow energy.

And sometimes it can be a painful for the soul itself or for the physical vehicle they use.

Sometimes a bad experience is a quicker way to gain some sort of knowledge, which in return can grow energy that doesn’t have to be particularly bad.

It means the experience can be bad, but if you use it to grow — instead of combating it — if you use it to grow and gain wisdom, you’ll grow energy, which is a positive energy.

It makes the world, as you have it here in this planet, you know, makes it a better place. Not just for an individual, for everyone, which includes animals and plants and rocks as well. It’s about positive energy.

That’s the key to healing the earth.

Yes. But, as I told you, there are some areas that are beyond healing.

It is like that with some individuals: they are beyond healing.

Some of these things have a lot to do with, mainly, greed.

Sometimes (it can be a bit more forgiven) it’s because of not knowing or mistakes.

Doing these damaging things out of greed, which is one of the worst things you could think of, should never be forgiven by nothing, no-one, forever.

Tell me more about forgiveness, as it is used by the church. 

They try to use these things in their man-made religions, but, as I said, they use it. They don’t practice things as they’re supposed to. They say they practice to be: of better intentions; of better beliefs — but they don’t practice it.

They preach, they don’t practice.

And the ones that do practice it, they get punished by the ones that preach.

Because, on your leading levels, you’ve got the greedy ones. Low intelligence, big greed and the fools have the feeling they are superior to everybody else.

They put rules in place, because they actually talk about a system of controlling, not the feeling of believing in something.

They would like for people to think that they do believe in something that’s higher.

That’s what the people think. But the ones that gave them the rules, they want them to believe in their system.

"You don’t agree with my system, or with our system? You have a different system than we do? We’re gonna combat you! To make you believe in our system."

They might, in the first place, all believe in the same higher being, more pure being, idea, whatever is there for them to believe in. But then they reduce it to their system:
"You don’t agree with my system? I’m going to kill you!"
"I am superior to you. You have no idea, you’ve got no right to live. You leave this planet right now. You don’t believe in my system. There is nothing to do here in this place for you, you just go away."

And then they think it’s much better if they go away forever. Which means they have to kill them.

The thing they don’t know is: they never go away.

They actually never leave. They make the physical vehicle go away. The being itself, the soul, is still here.

So some of these souls think: "Yeah, I’m still here. Do I want to come back in a physical vehicle? Do I want to teach you a lesson?" Sometimes in these villagers’ ideas, you have generations where they still have the idea to fight back, or in other ways to teach them a lesson.

Like: "You haven’t learned anything. You killed my physical vehicle. I am still here. You thought you were superior because your physical vehicle stayed. But you’re not. You can’t be superior: you haven’t learnt anything. You still have the same ideas. You made your system even stronger. You added more and stricter rules to it. It just made it worse".

So they don’t understand. That’s why they combat each other. A lot of the time it’s the greed for materials, but mainly it’s for power. You gain power through money, as you call it, the papers with the numbers on it, because that helps to keep you in power in these lifetimes. Earlier on it was precious metals.

Before that, the ones that were able to keep the fire going were in power.

The things that change are what’s used to keep someone in power. What persists is mainly the greed for power. People have thoughts like: "Oh, I can see these people over there. They have all these wonderful things. I wanna have the same things."

So you call it greed for materialistic things, but that’s not the main culprit. Because they think if they own these things as well, they’ve got power.

At present it’s about oil and gas and coal.

These things change. They had other things before. They took them out of this planet, they took them out of other planets.

They’re still not at the point where they have been before. They take it out and then it has to change, because it’s all gone. So they look for something else that they take to gain power.

Currently they are pumping water and chemicals under the earth to extract gas from beneath the earth. 

Isn’t that a poor idea? And where will it get them? Literally nowhere.

Because this planet, to some point, has the ability to defend itself. It’s supported by the universe,

The things that you don’t understand so far (and some things that you might understand, such as gravity and other things) — are a support given by the whole universe. Because it’s all one. Each little part is needed. But it’s needed in a proper way, not as little wrecks.

So, that’s what they do. They take it out. They do different things. The planet defends itself. Shakes it all off — humans, plants, animals, minerals, everything. Just goes like this.

[Flicks Marie’s hands open like a magician].

And nothing is left that could search for power. Nothing’s left to be greedy about.